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Sure, mistakes happen, orders go missing etc. That would be acceptable but for 4 days they have told customers their order is 100% sent, then emailed saying its not sent and then say it was sent. Thats the main issue with this story, the horrible communication Tesco have provided.

If they had come out on Saturday and said 'Whoops, we screwed up, we'll fix it asap' i think that would have been acceptable. Instead we got 4 days of random answers, being fobbed off an...

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Or they could deliver the order they promised these 50 customers would arrive on friday and provide the correct information. Their customer service only offers an 0845 number at 16p a minute. That adds up very quickly.

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Small update, Tesco are offering a whole £10 Gift card to say sorry for all of this. Bit insulting really. Also All the messed up orders will be dispatched tomorrow but won't arrive till the 10th of December for some reason.

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But the Miis are not a game. Same as Whu Hu island. You might as well list Pokemons if you're going to include Miis. Animal crossing was originally an N64 game.

Im not saying Nintendo should quit games, but it seems like half the people here agree with the article in that Nintendo need some new original characters and franchises instead of relying on the same 5 franchies over and over again.

I love the Mario Galaxy games and i wouldn't change them for...

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Its not hypocritical because whilst the other companies are probably just as bad they have released new characters. Microsoft (or projects they exclusively published) have created a whole bunch from Viva Pinata to Alan Wake, the same with Sony with Modnation Racers and Uncharted etc.

Whilst Nintendo may have new IPs you'd be hard pushed to name one brand new major character Nintendo have created since Pikmin. We certainly can't think of one.

I wouldn...

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I'll quote the 2nd line in the descriptiuon box above 'sometimes its great or necessary to buy games on launch day'. You are right, sometimes games get tiny print runs and if you don't buy on launch day you won't find it in the shops ever again. But most games, especially the big hitters you could save at least half the price by waiting days, not months.

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Someone didn't read the article properly. The reason its added in at the bottom is that by buying games a few weeks after launch you'll save enough cash to be able to buy a PSP Vita, as an example of how much you can save. Thats a lot of cash and in no way a dig at the system.

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Totally right there, casual isn't a market you can cater to as such. For casual gamers the games they are interested in are always changing. A few years back The Sims was the casual game of choice, now whilst still selling well The Sims 3 is not on the same level as the original game.

Same with WoW and countless other casual games, its very hard to make a casual game that will sell, it seems sometimes its down to luck if a game takes off for casual gamers.

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Totally agree, you can be into a few games hardcore but still be a casual gamer. Generally these games will be popular mass market games like COD or maybe something like World Of Warcraft or facebook games.

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You really should give it a play as its very unique. The amount of detail Sega went into is immense. They used data from the time and location it is set in so the weather matches it perfectly. Draws are not just fancy decoration, they can be opened and you'll find things inside you can take out. Some are useful to the story, most are not. You can knock on every door you see as well for example and you can buy stuff from the shops just because you can. Obviously none of that makes a game b...

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Great interview, looking forward to more!

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It sure is, the first track is a Rolling Start and has the song playing in the background.

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When it launched most gamers and even fans of the gta series were not interested. Put it down to poor screenshots, press previews and other games making the leap to PS2 being extremely under whelming. Lucky for everyone it went to sell millions and bring take2 out of near bankruptcy.

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Yeah Perfect Dark is the much better game, but for a game that came out in 97, Goldeneye still holds up brilliantly even if the framerate is dire.

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That is something we are going to look at in a future article. What working in the games industry is really like with quotes from developers in huge companies down to iPhone indie devs. Most articles point out how great making games are, and they can be but we want to give people a realistic experience of what to expect.

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