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I was already pretty much sold on this game, but after giving the beta a try I gotta say I really can't wait for the full release.

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I think I'll definitely be giving this a download. Absolutely love FFIX, easily one of my top games of all time. If I could only present one argument for video games to be considered "high art", this game would be it. Better story and characters than at least 99% of Hollywood movies.

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I really can't imagine Troy Baker as Link. I'm sorry, I just can't. Nothing against him or his voice acting, but he's just not the guy for the role (if even there was any need to give Link a voice to begin with).

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I work at Target stocking electronics, and it's always frustrating for me because we have "buy one game get one half off" deals for PS4 & XB1 fairly often, but they never seem to apply to our PC games D:

Also, we've been getting massive quantities of Star Wars in for about two weeks now, our back room is stuffed with them lol.

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In my crazy head, my dream scenario would be for Disney to somehow leverage Crash, Spyro, and Spider-Man game rights from Acti and then say "Hey Sony, we'll trade you all three in exchange for the Spider-Man film license outright". I mean, could you imagine a PlayStation exclusive Spider-Man game developed by Naughty Dog? :0
Realistically though, I doubt Sony would accept that deal because PlayStation is doing great as it is, while Sony "we ruin everything" Pic...

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Yeah, the dreamer in me hopes Activision would consider starting a different Spyro series that would coexist alongside Skylanders (kinda like Sony is doing with Spider-man) but in a distinctly different continuity based more on the spirit of the originals. And as long as I'm dreaming, it'd be great if Insomniac were to develop it. But alas, this is Activision we're talking about. :/

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In my mind, I feel approximately 0% doubt that this game will come to PC... eventually. I just hope that myself and other PC gamers won't have to wait 5 years or some horrible timeframe like that. :/

I understand if SE are expecting Xone and (probably mostly) PS4 to be the biggest selling platforms, but if they release it within a reasonable window, this game could *easily* move 1+ million units on PC. It's just good business.

I suspect the decision t...

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Very nice! I wonder if they're actually modifying the original code to work with new APIs or if they're using the original binaries with emulation.
I was sort of hoping we'd see some of this:
but from the gameplay shown in the trailer it doesn't look like it :/
Still definitely picking it up!

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Well never say never I guess, but I just really don't see it happening though. I suppose it can probably be in the same league as iPhone / Android gaming, but I don't think it will likely be replacing my PlayStation anytime soon.

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I wonder if this project is related to the S2HD project on Sonic Retro back in the day. I drew a few mockup designs for that project back in 08-ish, haven't followed it much since. Seeing this now is like a dream come true.

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Everything about Vanille is awful. The nonsensical attempts to sexualize her (in a bizarrely non sequitur kind of way) is just another piece of the crap sandwich. As far as I'm concerned, she's the friggin' reincarnation of Jar Jar Binks. Possibly worse.

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Oh gosh, I hated that thing SO MUCH!!! And when I finally figured out how to get past it, I felt so dumb lol

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Definitely one of my all time favorites, especially Sonic 3 & Knuckles. I played Sonic 1 & 2 back on the Genesis but didn't get the chance to play 3 until years later when I got the Sonic collection on PC. And holy cheese, when I finally did play S3&K it blew my friggin' mind! :)

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Out of curiosity, do you not consider Human After All to be a proper album? To me, I guess it technically counts as a studio album and as such, it seems extremely weak when stacked up against Homework, Discovery and Random Access Memories. I really prefer to think of it as a quick experimental project / warm up for Alive 2007.

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I'd have to say my personal favorite is Zidane and Dagger from Final Fantasy IX :)

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A sequel to Red Dead Redemption would actualy be Red Dead 3... Red Dead Redemption was a sequel to Red Dead Revolver. But I'm sure they'd come with come up with a name like "Red Dead Revolution" or something awesome.
Here's hoping they do make another, Redemption was amazing :)

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Interesting choice of words considering the fact that the computers used to land on the moon were considerably less powerful than a ti-83...

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lol @ TMNT being a "great game".

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Any company that puts sexy girls in a game/movie when doing so doesn't enhance the story or the characters is already on thin ice in my book. Of course, characters' looks affect the atmosphere of a game and I do like having characters who are aesthetically pleasing, but 90% of the time it's just a shameless marketing gimmick. Is it too much to ask for female characters who look like girls I might run into on the street? Watching the hitman trailer, I already know there's no wa...

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This might kill the processor, but it would be cool if some games used images taken from the camera as env maps, so if you walk up to a car or maybe if you were using a gun with shiny metal parts you could see reflections of your real face and surroundings rendered into the game.

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