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Well never say never I guess, but I just really don't see it happening though. I suppose it can probably be in the same league as iPhone / Android gaming, but I don't think it will likely be replacing my PlayStation anytime soon. #8
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I wonder if this project is related to the S2HD project on Sonic Retro back in the day. I drew a few mockup designs for that project back in 08-ish, haven't followed it much since. Seeing this now is like a dream come true. #7
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Everything about Vanille is awful. The nonsensical attempts to sexualize her (in a bizarrely non sequitur kind of way) is just another piece of the crap sandwich. As far as I'm concerned, she's the friggin' reincarnation of Jar Jar Binks. Possibly worse. #12
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Oh gosh, I hated that thing SO MUCH!!! And when I finally figured out how to get past it, I felt so dumb lol #9.1
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Definitely one of my all time favorites, especially Sonic 3 & Knuckles. I played Sonic 1 & 2 back on the Genesis but didn't get the chance to play 3 until years later when I got the Sonic collection on PC. And holy cheese, when I finally did play S3&K it blew my friggin' mind! :) #2
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Out of curiosity, do you not consider Human After All to be a proper album? To me, I guess it technically counts as a studio album and as such, it seems extremely weak when stacked up against Homework, Discovery and Random Access Memories. I really prefer to think of it as a quick experimental project / warm up for Alive 2007. #3.1.1
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I'd have to say my personal favorite is Zidane and Dagger from Final Fantasy IX :) #1
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A sequel to Red Dead Redemption would actualy be Red Dead 3... Red Dead Redemption was a sequel to Red Dead Revolver. But I'm sure they'd come with come up with a name like "Red Dead Revolution" or something awesome.
Here's hoping they do make another, Redemption was amazing :) #20
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Interesting choice of words considering the fact that the computers used to land on the moon were considerably less powerful than a ti-83... #16
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lol @ TMNT being a "great game". #38
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Any company that puts sexy girls in a game/movie when doing so doesn't enhance the story or the characters is already on thin ice in my book. Of course, characters' looks affect the atmosphere of a game and I do like having characters who are aesthetically pleasing, but 90% of the time it's just a shameless marketing gimmick. Is it too much to ask for female characters who look like girls I might run into on the street? Watching the hitman trailer, I already know there's no wa... #16
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This might kill the processor, but it would be cool if some games used images taken from the camera as env maps, so if you walk up to a car or maybe if you were using a gun with shiny metal parts you could see reflections of your real face and surroundings rendered into the game. #4
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"...thanking his maker he brought the whole arsenal this time" Weapon wheel :D #33
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For that very reason I excluded it from my list. I guess since it's inevitably going to be released, people count it as a game they are going to be playing in the future but wish they could play right now. #14.1
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My top 5
1. Resistance 3
2. Gran Turismo 5
3. LittleBigPlanet 2
4. Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One
5. Killzone 3

I'm also hoping that the PSP2 launches with a portable Uncharted and a sequel to Resistance Retribution. (Naughty Dog + Insomniac FTW) #15
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Good review
If the PS3 version of this game is good, it might be enough to make me update my firmware. I haven't been on PSN in months (my internet isn't fast enough), so if I do I'll have to take my PS3 somewhere and leech somebody else's. If it's a good Sonic game though, it would be worth it for me. #1
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Spyro 1-3 on the PS1 are some of my favorite games ever. I really wish Insomniac would get the rights back and make more, all these other devs doing their own thing with the franchise really messed it up :\ As far as I'm concerned, the only true Spyro games were the ones made by IG. #2
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I want this soo bad! #12
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Oh my gosh
I want a 360 more than ever now, too bad all my funds are currently allocated :/ #38
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From my point of view
I live too far out in the country to get high speed internet so Xbox live and DLC aren't a concern for me, I don't have a lot of money and I already use my PS3 for all my multimedia. So while a 360 4GB may be an unbearable thought to most, it would be a pretty good deal for me in my situation. The only reason I haven't got a 360 yet is every time I have the money I end up spending it on PS3 games. #21
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