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Everything about Vanille is awful. The nonsensical attempts to sexualize her (in a bizarrely non sequitur kind of way) is just another piece of the crap sandwich. As far as I'm concerned, she's the friggin' reincarnation of Jar Jar Binks. Possibly worse. #12
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Oh gosh, I hated that thing SO MUCH!!! And when I finally figured out how to get past it, I felt so dumb lol #9.1
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Definitely one of my all time favorites, especially Sonic 3 & Knuckles. I played Sonic 1 & 2 back on the Genesis but didn't get the chance to play 3 until years later when I got the Sonic collection on PC. And holy cheese, when I finally did play S3&K it blew my friggin' mind! :) #2
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Out of curiosity, do you not consider Human After All to be a proper album? To me, I guess it technically counts as a studio album and as such, it seems extremely weak when stacked up against Homework, Discovery and Random Access Memories. I really prefer to think of it as a quick experimental project / warm up for Alive 2007. #3.1.1
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I'd have to say my personal favorite is Zidane and Dagger from Final Fantasy IX :) #1
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A sequel to Red Dead Redemption would actualy be Red Dead 3... Red Dead Redemption was a sequel to Red Dead Revolver. But I'm sure they'd come with come up with a name like "Red Dead Revolution" or something awesome.
Here's hoping they do make another, Redemption was amazing :) #20
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Interesting choice of words considering the fact that the computers used to land on the moon were considerably less powerful than a ti-83... #16
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lol @ TMNT being a "great game". #38
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Any company that puts sexy girls in a game/movie when doing so doesn't enhance the story or the characters is already on thin ice in my book. Of course, characters' looks affect the atmosphere of a game and I do like having characters who are aesthetically pleasing, but 90% of the time it's just a shameless marketing gimmick. Is it too much to ask for female characters who look like girls I might run into on the street? Watching the hitman trailer, I already know there's no wa... #16
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This might kill the processor, but it would be cool if some games used images taken from the camera as env maps, so if you walk up to a car or maybe if you were using a gun with shiny metal parts you could see reflections of your real face and surroundings rendered into the game. #4
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"...thanking his maker he brought the whole arsenal this time" Weapon wheel :D #33
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For that very reason I excluded it from my list. I guess since it's inevitably going to be released, people count it as a game they are going to be playing in the future but wish they could play right now. #14.1
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My top 5
1. Resistance 3
2. Gran Turismo 5
3. LittleBigPlanet 2
4. Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One
5. Killzone 3

I'm also hoping that the PSP2 launches with a portable Uncharted and a sequel to Resistance Retribution. (Naughty Dog + Insomniac FTW) #15
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Good review
If the PS3 version of this game is good, it might be enough to make me update my firmware. I haven't been on PSN in months (my internet isn't fast enough), so if I do I'll have to take my PS3 somewhere and leech somebody else's. If it's a good Sonic game though, it would be worth it for me. #1
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Spyro 1-3 on the PS1 are some of my favorite games ever. I really wish Insomniac would get the rights back and make more, all these other devs doing their own thing with the franchise really messed it up :\ As far as I'm concerned, the only true Spyro games were the ones made by IG. #2
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I want this soo bad! #12
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Oh my gosh
I want a 360 more than ever now, too bad all my funds are currently allocated :/ #38
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From my point of view
I live too far out in the country to get high speed internet so Xbox live and DLC aren't a concern for me, I don't have a lot of money and I already use my PS3 for all my multimedia. So while a 360 4GB may be an unbearable thought to most, it would be a pretty good deal for me in my situation. The only reason I haven't got a 360 yet is every time I have the money I end up spending it on PS3 games. #21
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(In theory) 3D doesn't equal a 50% drop in overall performance because for each stereo frame there is lots of data (AI and physics, for example) that can be shared between the two ingame cameras (And possibly some of the graphics calculation, I'm not really sure). A lot of it depends on how creative the tech is, but there are a lot of cool ways to save performance when rendering stereo 3d. So I have no doubt that the 2D version will have some performance advantage over the 3D version,... #16
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True that Insomniac's PS3 games have been pretty large, but they've all had HD pre rendered cut scenes. I would imagine their new game will have in game cutscenes (like Spyro 1-3), that would probably shave a few gigs off the total size. But still, they'll probably have to make some cuts (unless they just go with two discs on the 360 version). #18.2
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