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Can't say I like the new layout, it's reminiscent of those sites that have articles like "OMG, you will freak OUT when you spot it..."

Kind of reminds me of the recent eBay mobile app update. It worked great before, then they update it and make things more difficult to read or navigate and the torrent of 1* reviews highlights it quite nicely.

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Yeah man, those massive saving that bring the prices of overpriced games down to a price where they are still more expensive to buy than online or in stores. *bravo*

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Why limit yourself to 5?

Crap characters
Crap story
Crap levelling system
Crap music
Online multiplayer
Micro transactions
Square Enix
Loading times
Crap graphics


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That made me laugh out loud. I did actually stop playing online shooters after AW!

The campaign was really good for a change but my god, the online was embarrassingly shite.

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@wannabe gamer

Hah indeed it would appear they are, I've not noticed that before.

Quite an incestuous relationship those lot have had really isn't it.

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"with the demise of Blockbusters and Gamestation completely ruined by game"

Game and Gamestation were the same company, acquired by Electronics Boutique back when more bits apparently meant better console. The pricing and marketing was just a clever way to create competition where there was none.

With Blockbuster gone and Game pricing their games way over what they should be retailed at, supermarkets have zero competition so no longer lower their pr...

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Add to that the yearly releases, once upon a time a game wouldn't really reach it's true potential until the community had filtered out it's casual user base and the hardcore had stayed faithful. That process took a few years and always brought a community together.

These days, the game has huge chunks of DLC that divide your community then they release another game a year later which divides it further, across multiple releases.

For me it's b...

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I wouldn't worry about it too much, much of gamings relics are safer than you may realise. For example theres a guy I work with who spends a load of his spare time creating perfect rips of CD based games for an archiving site. I feed him several games a week across multiple platforms to help him out.

Loads of people miss the fact that things like emulation came about to document archaic technology, it's part of the reason that MAME for example hasn't been optimis...

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December and maybe January will be good though, same as last year. Then the cycle of yawn begins again.

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It's a shame this wasn't the case at launch. My interest went from 'Don't care' to 'Must have!' after playing the beta. Then I bought the game at launch and within a few weeks it went from 'Must have!' to 'Why did I bother?'.

Bungie have basically burnt their bridges as far as i'm concerned. Some people may see that as a silly thin to say but I've been playing games since the mid-eighties and there is enough out there, past ...

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There's not much point beating around the bush with this one, MGO3 is crap.

Compared to MGO2 (sure it had the stupid Konami sign-in thing) it's missing about 10 games modes, tournaments, clans, training rooms, adequate matching/server hosting options, choices for weapons, tedious levelling system etc.

I could go on but there isn't much point.

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That already happened with Porsche a long time ago, i'm not sure if they still have that license though.

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"Although it will most likely need a beefy PC."

I heard it will run on an over-clocked Sega Saturn. :)

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Funny, points out the negative aspects of F2P games yet clearly states he has spent months playing Jurassic Park and not spent a penny.

You can't have your cake AND eat it bud!

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It's stereo only. :)

The detail is listed when you actually choose a game and it drops in bunch of "we've told you this may not be as expected so you can't complain" dislaimers.

PlayStation Now Games:

Only support stereo sound, surround sound is not supported.

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Personally I dislike the fact there is no online multiplayer in U2 or U3 in this collection. Once I was done with the story after a day or so on the originals, I spent around 6 months on the multiplayer.

That's the kind of longevity a collection like this is lacking and having played the originals, I would be hard pressed to play these through again just for improved visuals.

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MGO2 was stuffed during the beta and at launch, MGO3 will only be worse. Like about 99% of online components/games within the first 48 hours.

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They're actually talking about the fact that Kojima listened to the critics, and had no lengthy cut-scenes in MGS5 but in doing so, lost the story.

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"and her solution is to brutally kill them"

I think discussion over a nice cup of tea had gone out of the window by that point.

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I say Sony drop it, make the firmware open source and move on. Great piece of kit that has a load of wasted potential.

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