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"Although it will most likely need a beefy PC."

I heard it will run on an over-clocked Sega Saturn. :) #1.1
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Funny, points out the negative aspects of F2P games yet clearly states he has spent months playing Jurassic Park and not spent a penny.

You can't have your cake AND eat it bud! #1
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It's stereo only. :)

The detail is listed when you actually choose a game and it drops in bunch of "we've told you this may not be as expected so you can't complain" dislaimers.

PlayStation Now Games:

Only support stereo sound, surround sound is not supported. #1.2.2
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Personally I dislike the fact there is no online multiplayer in U2 or U3 in this collection. Once I was done with the story after a day or so on the originals, I spent around 6 months on the multiplayer.

That's the kind of longevity a collection like this is lacking and having played the originals, I would be hard pressed to play these through again just for improved visuals. #4
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MGO2 was stuffed during the beta and at launch, MGO3 will only be worse. Like about 99% of online components/games within the first 48 hours. #1.1
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They're actually talking about the fact that Kojima listened to the critics, and had no lengthy cut-scenes in MGS5 but in doing so, lost the story. #1.1.1
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"and her solution is to brutally kill them"

I think discussion over a nice cup of tea had gone out of the window by that point. #1.2
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I say Sony drop it, make the firmware open source and move on. Great piece of kit that has a load of wasted potential. #1.1
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What You said. :)

"Speaking to MCV, VP of marketing and communications Jeremy Dunham said that the firm is sharing sales figures so that other studios realise the power of making your game free for PS+ subscribers"

Fixed. #1.1.4
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That's already been confirmed we just gotta wait for it though. :/ #1.1.3
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Yakuza Zero first though! #1.1
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What, waiting 10 minutes for a Dr to tell you you're a bit stuffed and then crawling about with one arm for another 15. Hoho, yay! #3.1
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Should probably change the title to Assassins Creed deals... #1
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"Esp when 5k processed precious material tops you off at 5mil!"

This. I didn't even realise I could sell resources until I had already put quite a bit of time into the game. If you're playing the game right your materials should stack up very quickly, and everything other than unprocessed resources can be sold. #1.2.1
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The MB coins are also used in the FOB section of the main game for expanding the base and there are many people (can see them when scanning bases to infiltrate) who have bought enough to set up additional bases.

The MB coins are basically a no expense open-ended income for Konami. #1.3.2
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Don't forget the DLC as well and things like people purchasing MB coins will generate a load of income that wouldn't be tracked. #1.3
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"if people are saying a game is better coz it has licencing, they are wrong."

You missed the point and that isn't what I meant. If someone is a football fanatic, they want all the intricate details, accurate rosters, real players etc. This is why people will buy it every year, it isn't because it's a brand new game that's been completely overhauled, it's because it has the latest detail that accurately emulates the struc... #3.1.3
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PSP for me with custom firmware, it's stuck with me for years and there are loads of games I still haven't tried. #1.1
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How about the ones that offer pre-orders for DLC. :) Coz it's totally gonna sell out and you have to get dat order in before it's too late! #1.4.1
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That sadly doesn't mean anything without official licensing. Most people want to play as their favourite teams and players, sure you can probably edit on PES but FIFA has all that out of the box and that's what most people want. #3.1
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