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Yah I've read that somewhere as well. Things like the laughing after a near-miss and the muttering to himself when nervous are Knoxville all over. #3.1.4
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Best game I've played on current gen of consoles to date. There's nothing 'disgusting' about it really. #5.1.1
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Agree with you completely but I think some people are missing what the author of that article was getting at.

There was nothing at E3 that said "go out and get a PS4 now" as most of the hype was for titles that are close to a year off being released. MS on the other hand had a few things in the pipeline that are a little more tangible.

Sony done it for me the moment they announced Shenmue 3 but even then, it will be on PC. *shrug* :) #3.1
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The GTR isn't a Skyline. The only thing it has in common is the chassis naming convention (R35) which makes it a spiritual successor. :) #3.1
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Unless they introduce a subscription for about £5.99 a month I can see this service going down the pan fairly rapidly.

People generally don't mind £5.99 as even if they are not using a service, it's available on tap for a minimal amount. As soon as that goes up by a couple of quid, people will only pay it if they are 100% going to use it, often.

As for the rental prices, complete joke. Until the abundance of physical PS3 games dries up how c... #1.5
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That factory they fall into looks like a Yodel delivery depot, to be fair they deserve a good kicking. #1.1.1
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Wii U can do surround sound, although it's limited to 5.1 Linear PCM. :) #9.1
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To be honest I've been of a 'i'm going to file that under...not interested' disposition for the past 6-12 months in regards to most games on the current generation of consoles. It's just a flood of remakes/sequels/reboots/remast ers/prequels and I haven't found those 'other' games to distract me from the genuine sense of monotony I currently have towards the new platforms.

It's now at a point where I've started rebuying games for the Sa... #1
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Expensive would be an understatement considering the capacity you ideally want. A hybrid is the smartest option with the PS4. #1.3.1
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Nah I don't think it is, just looked him up and his credits on games don't appear to precede anything that far back. Could be wrong though.

Edit: Nah the Jools you seek is this one - Julian 'Jools' Jameson #6.1
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Haha yeah I think it stems from the original EA hockey on the Megadrive, loved that. Same goes for the early Madden games.

I never buy them frequently, every couple of years maybe and the PS4 was so thin on the ground for sports games last year it was far more appealing than it would usually be for me. #3.1.1
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It's pretty bad, when NHL15 came out I ventured to 3 different supermarket chains (UK) and none of them had it in stock. When I asked about it in one of the stores they basically said that if it wasn't expected to place in the UK charts they simply wouldn't stock it in store.

It's a crap way to operate, why not buy a small amount of stock to please randoms like myself and if it sells get some more and if it doesn't then the outlay for 5 copies at trade pr... #3
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No Space Invaders... :/

Created a shortage of coins in Japan, that's how popular it was. :o #1.2
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"I find it really annoying changing the language of the system every time I want to play a Japanese game."

Create an AppLocale launcher, then you don't have to change anything. #2.3
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Naw, it's a clever way to keep the retail price high while the production costs drop. #1.3.1
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Tesco won't be far behind. It's been apparent for a while now, the shelf space assigned to Nintendo stuff has been dwindling over the past few years. The cull of Nintendo hardware over Christmas was a big push to shift stock.

The Vita has also suffered the same fate, looks like they are streamlining to give more space for the big sellers. #1.1
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Another for Atari 2600 here, my brothers to be exact but I still remember being quite hooked the Mario Bros. game. Led to me loving games like Bubble Bobble, Snow Bros. and Rodland as I was growing up. :) #1.8
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"Those of us in the “ensconced in the 80s” crowd get excited whenever one of our video game heroes gets a new release."

No, we genuinely don't. More often than not it's the exact opposite because we're old moaning gits and we don't like remakes that take a dump on our glowing childhood memories. #3
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"To your right, the Cryptarch ponders the contents of another glimmering reliquary, fascinated by the rage inducing results of exotic engram decryption."

Fixed. #4
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Problem with reviews like this as it's based on initial impressions rather than long term use. The FC4 has inherited the same issues it's predecessor had in that the d-pad contacts wear quite quickly. Worked great for about 3 months for me but now it's tendency to miss diagonal inputs means it's not far off being a paperweight. #5
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