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Well maybe saying it was the most embarrassing scene I've ever witnessed was over stating it. Still, it was pretty bad. :P #5.1.1
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Have to say this is a good move, I wandered into a room with like 800 viewers. Girl wasn't actually playing, just sat there yapping i'm guessing she was hosting a game of Counter Strike or something.

Regardless, it was the most embarrassing scene I've ever witnessed. Comments section was flooded with what looked like an IRC channel from over 10 years ago 'omg, she so hawt' 'A/S/L' etc etc.

I left a comment as I was leaving, it was... #5
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I'll summarise what to expect:

- Something being over powered and 99% of the online community abusing it until it is nerfed.
- People leaping out of danger as soon as anyone fires at them
- Killstreaks that mean you have to hide indoors for at least 2 mins or die

For the purposes of familiarity:

- Someone sat in a corner with claymores clinging onto the thought of a reduced cost care package. #3
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"I think a lot of people reviewing Driveclub forgot that it's a racing game"

I think you'll find that lots of people realised the main function of the game that was the primary selling point was completely broken at launch and it still hasn't been fixed.

On top of that, it's an average racer. Some people seem to think that when dynamic weather is patched in this will somehow make everything better.

I don't own a... #2.1.1
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In GAME this was £54.99, the supermarkets had it for around £45.

PSN vanilla edition is £54.99 and the Digital Guardian release weighs in at a hefty £84.99, for ya'll mericans that's a whopping $136. #1.4.3
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A fair score, game wasn't bad but done nothing to hold my attention for long enough to complete it.

Think I prefer the original as it was an end to end blast minus the adventure element. #2
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Everyone, journalists for posting the news and fanboys for screaming 'OMFGZZzzzzz!, GRAFIX, DAY ONE PURCHASE FOR ME!'

In the run up to a release, anyone stating they are wary about a game gets shot down by 99% of the people posting on that article because it... oh wait for it, omfg graphixzzz

Industry is currently a joke, not a very funny one either. #2.1.1
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Shadowrun was the bomb, completely forgot about that. #8.1
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I don't believe the SNES had Super Street Fighter II Turbo.

It had SF2 Hyper Fighting/Turbo and SSF but that was it. #7.1
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I'm surprised they've not added a few of the DOA cast to the Dynasty Warriors games. #7.2
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Maybe it has something to do with:

1. Final releases being complete downgrades to what has been shown off at various shows etc

2. A lengthy delay to 'polish' a game only for it to be missing content - see point 1

3. Touting the social aspects of a game, only for them to still be broken over a week after release - see point 2

I don't want new IPs to fail, it's just a fact that for the most part...they have. #7.1
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“It’s not likely that we’d add a third character or stage, but you never know if we might release something in the form of DLC.”

Roughly translated as: We were going to add a third character/stage in the retail release but will release it as DLC instead. #1
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Real question I would be that price point what happens when a component fails and it's out of warranty? Average PC you can pull the part, thinking that won't be the case with one of these. #6.1
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Not been around for the past few weeks/months huh? :) #4.1
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"when we run into strangers we have epic dance parties"

That's about the sum of it. Meet random person, do you:

A: Send a party invite
B: Hope they send you an invite
C: Contemplate accepting a random invite
D: Dance

99% of the time, it's D.

Social features are a big fail. #5.2.3
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Sorry dude, you've taken that wiki quote out of context. By that definition, every single game that has online capabilities is effectively an MMO as there are most likely a large number of people playing a game online at any time. #1.10.1
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Don't know if everyone sees different translations but power consumption is pretty much the same in both states (On/standby).

It's +/- 1~2w
Rated output has changed. #1.1.3
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It's barely coherent which probably means it's been translated. #2.1
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Honestly, why have they bothered porting this game? No one really believed the horse crap being spouted with the attempted hype the fist time around let alone a second time around. #1
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