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I agree with iamsuperman on this.

Most people are missing the fact that streaming movies is perfectly acceptable, it buffers. Games on the other hand simply don't work like that. It will be somewhat competent and you can adapt to it but some games will simply be pointless due to the latency.

No matter how much core infrastructure is upgraded, the tech simply isn't there to improve on fibre. It can be touted as 'super fast' or whatever but the... #3.1.3
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I remember seeing home for the first time, looked like such an interesting concept...

Then it turned into a shopping mall full of adverts and crappy little side games, smh. #3
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I'm tempted to pick it up, is it a proper time sink? I need one as I don't have much else to play at moment. #1.1
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"Every time I was stuck on something I had to keep at it, or see if a friend could help me."

Or sift through the mountain of computer magazines you had accumulated since owning the console, vaguely remembering there was a guide or cheat in one of them. :D #7.1
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"I'm guessing it was the first "war"."

It's the first time I recall any buzz-words used to create hype, like BLAST PROCESSING on the Gensis. Pwoar, the awesomeness eh.

Sega openly targeted Nintendo, probably because they got mauled in the 8-bit race. #4.1.3
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When I saw the title for this, I almost believed it for a moment. Think that says something for the ridiculous number of these games that are being released if you ask me. #2
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At £60 you can stick your copies of FC4 up your arse GAME! #3
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Same here but Quake 2 for me. I still get wound up these days but more at myself for playing like a muppet rather than abusing other players. #2.1
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Shenmue, 1999
"I felt obligated to include this one. A Dreamcast list without its inclusion is liable to get me flogged"

Wise decision my man, wise decision... #1
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For anyone who doesn't know that's Google and OpenDNS servers. #5.2.1
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Agreed, I came in thinking it had gone free to play... #1.1
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erm, did I miss something? What about the other 7 generations of consoles that come before the PS4?

Article written by a 16 year old? #2
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Same here, used to love these games but it's been designed in a way that sequels/prequels can be dropped in absolutely anywhere in the timeline without any real 'end-game' in sight.

I played the standalone DLC for AC4, it crashed about an hour into it and I've not played it since and don't think ill play another AC game again. #2.2
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"And so far this gen feels like the top 3 manufacturers were unprepared."

Boom! I was saying that within 3 months of buying my PS4. I get the whole launch window isn't the greatest but by this point on PS3 I was balls deep in MGS4. My equivalent this time around was an extended MGS5 demo.

At the moment my PS4 has been shelved for a few months in favour of a modded Xbox360. #1.1
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-- Reported by the community --
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The story itself isn't actually that great, like incendy35 pointed out it's the characters, their development and interaction that make it a great experience.

I don't want to put any spoilers but honestly, you could have put any story behind the journey the characters take and it would still be a great game. #3
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Gamestation was only any good before it was bought out by GAME. After that the two stores painted a false illusion of competition yet they were practically identical except for the labelling used for prices. #1.1
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Probably because it's difficult to keep an audience engaged for that length of time #14.1
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You could be onto something there, there's nothing to say this movie won't be a trilogy... #2.2
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