2011 best year ever!


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other PS4 advantages :
- 178GB/s of 8GB pool instead of low performance DDR3 and high performance SRAM pool.. absolute advantage specialy for developers
- Low memory foot print for PS4 OS instead of heavy weight OS of ONE designed to be more secure! and do non-gaming stuff better(the purpose that never happend)
- a certain percentage of resources are dedicated to Kinect exclusively so another advantage for PS4

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this is by far the best review for those consoles I've ever seen.. anandtech is the best!

PS4 has a huge advantage in performance, not just in rendering pixels or more pixel rate output through 2x ROPs.. in Browser and CPU performance too..

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omg this FONT again!! ..

on topic : I think resistance 3 has one of the most EPIC atmosphere in the gaming history .. I really love the new direction ( lighting , physics , dark theme ...etc )

its definitely not the most realistic but its really make you feel the apocalypse ... and the gameplay seems polished (unlike Res2) , btw I love health bar, miss that feature for a long time (best decision ever made by insomniac)

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@ElementX ...ROFL xD ... nice one..

@ Pyscho_Mantis : its a game for god sake, its not a simulator .. and btw you cant aim when you are running or with less accuracy .. so its not unusual to run and shoot at the same time..

cant wait to more dynamic environment (may be like Dead rising) with EPIC story..

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thanks.. that design isnt even beautiful without all those constrains..

I think MS and SONY wont release PS4 or 720 very soon , and they wait to see the cloud computing progress.. may be we wont see a hardware with optical drive or HDD .. may be a little box with video output and some ports to use external devices... its a matter of time, making an innovative product like PS3 cost TOO much for sony, and they cant handle another 10 years of loss,and MS is losing ground in some...

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lol my thoughts exactly... what about AI? what about more random and non-scripted real-time stuff rather than scripted events? what about total destruction rather than fake destruction or no destructible objects at all ? .. etc all of them change the game play, replay value, fun .. everything.

I want a REAL GAME this time, not just improved shaders and resolution

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@Peaceful_Jelly thanks for the comment.. I wanted to say the same thing .. :)
thats exactly true.. in Uncharted2 the character model is almost perfect but the textures and method of rendering made her unrealistic , but in the U3 every thing look more real life ..

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it is possible.. but it will have awful color reproduction.. a LCD pixel has limitations (in changing color and brightness ) so with 4 pictures may be you see a lower quality picture..

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thats the EYE , if you see 2 frames so fast right after eachother, eye merge them together .. thats the reason we can see animation in the first place.. just look at the patent and you will see the instruction in picture..

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those PC-WORLD guys are THAT stupid !! . they dont know how it works!! is it that hard to understand?
in 3D each eye turn black other eye see its frame , so each eye see sth different and overall you can see 3D(if refresh rate is enough eyes cant detect the difference in time )

in this TV both eyes for Player one turn black and player too can see his/her picture, then player 2's eyes turn black and P1 see his/her picture... you must be a PHD in 3D to understand ...

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double post... sorry

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I said the same exact thing

(beside all those features like back touch panel or etc) the BIG difference is PSVITA has back camera and it will make a huge difference in AR accuracy ..

BTW PSvita is an actual console with same graphic level of HD consoles.. so you can actually go out with PSVI...

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is it me or this Wii U is exactly PS3 + PSVITA ?

omg I cant believe what Im seeing .. its a nice Idea to have a controler with screen in every console.. but its not new AT ALL .. PSVITA will do the exact same features for PS3.. I hate to say that but this E3 was the worst E3 ever.. because now we now all 3 of the major competitors dont have enough money to radically change the industry.. (may be PSVITA with 5 inch OLED and those super specs was a huge incremental innovation.....

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sorry if it bothers you to know more..

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I have no time to spare on games anymore, only my girl friend can play games (uncharted 1&2 right now) ..
my only connection to games is N4G, thanks to you guys its always entertaining to be in your community..

Im a marketing manager in a IT company , and Im currently starting my business in advertising with two of my friends.. so buying 360 is like GAME OVER for me right now..lol

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I am a PS3 fanboy , and I always complained about bull-shots used for promoting Gears3 ..

BUT this is a real deal, and it looks awesome(not bullshot good definitely..duh), and its even the Multiplayer part not the single player one.

its the best looking 360 third person game, and in some areas its the best looking 360 game to date.

hope you 360 guys enjoy this hardcore TPS

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then why are you here?

Im from Iran, and the reason Xbox is popular in this region is cheap software (illegal copies).

but its a small market and wont impact software sales in overall market anyway.

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people its april first in here and in many other regions.. plz dont believe such a BIG news in this date..lol

I cant believe people believe that... and it can be a best advertising method on this date, all people think omg Agency is gone , then BAM !! april fools!!

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one of the most fun series ever.. me and my girlfriend love this game (the second one I mean) and I will get this one for sure..

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if you count more carefully its sth like that :

0 + 0 > 12

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