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I can't wait for this game! I hope that first print edition is available in the US that thing is gorgeous and would look great on my shelf. #8
It's so weird seeing Link in a kart #5
No way Grand Theft Auto VI is coming in 2015 there's just no way it would come out that early. I do hope GTA VI is set in Vice City though, Vice City was one of my favourite Grand Theft Auto's so of course I would love to return there. #17
I can't wait! Still wish it was coming to Vita though loved playing Persona 4 Golden on Vita :) #22
I saw a guy wearing a TerraSave shirt that could mean Claire is back since she happens to be one of the prominent members of TerraSave. #1
Isn't Sunset Overdrive coming to PC? #2
Now that's a Pika I would chu. #1
Imagine a female B.J." Blazkowicz.. #10
Really? That kind of sucks nothing against Matthew Mercer I'm a fan of his work but Troy Baker was amazing as Kanji but oh well these things happen I'm sure Mercer will do a great job. #1
I saw Mark from CGR review this game awhile back it looks pretty fun and that theme song is amazing #12
Bloodborne has my attention and all of my money! #2
Let’s Quip sounds interesting looking forward to playing it :) #21
I played this at someones house it was pretty fun and extremely addictive. #21
Well they all seem very different so I'm fine with it and I'm actually really excited for Dead Island 2 :) #1
I watched someone play Goat Simulator for 20 minutes that game is insane! #32
I couldn't help but think of Squid Girl when they showed off Splatoon maybe they could add a Squid Girl costume?
http://img1.ak.crunchyroll.... #4
Oh man did you guys see No Mans Sky? Holy shit I can't wait to play it goodbye life :P #1
Yeah I thought it was cancelled or something #1.1
Taboo: The Sixth Sense HD confirmed? :P #8
I am Canadian #16
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