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I would be so tempted to climb in that baby #6
That's actually pretty cool #3.1
Hope this comes to the US I've wanted to get into Ace Attorney for so long now #1
I thought the same thing. #2.1
Okay here goes, good luck everyone! #33
I used to love this gameā€¦.I need to find it now! #4
I would love to see more stuff like this being able to explore fictional places is pretty cool, I hope he does Kramers apartment next :) #1.1
I'm not sure if I should get it on PS3 or Vita :/ #4
Please come to Canada I've been waiting for a bundle like this! #3
I also want to know how Joel and Tess met she was one my favourite characters and I want to see more of her. #3.1
I'm hoping we get to play as her maybe a DLC side story or something she seems pretty cool :) #1.1
I need to stop watching these I hope it comes here :( #4
Is there supposed to be an update for racing wheels? #1.1
*She'd #9.1
I want both :P #1.1
Lol this is hilarious but no Jill Valentine? #2
I just want a purple Vita :/ #4
The Persona series has some of the best music I have ever heard especially Persona 3 and 4 some of the catchiest songs I have ever heard. Metal Gear Rising's soundtrack was perfect for the game and the songs are kickass. Also The Last of Us soundtrack is just incredible it fit the mood of the game. #1
Every song is so damn catchy! #1.1
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