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I want both :P #1.1
Lol this is hilarious but no Jill Valentine? #2
I just want a purple Vita :/ #4
The Persona series has some of the best music I have ever heard especially Persona 3 and 4 some of the catchiest songs I have ever heard. Metal Gear Rising's soundtrack was perfect for the game and the songs are kickass. Also The Last of Us soundtrack is just incredible it fit the mood of the game. #1
Every song is so damn catchy! #1.1
I would be shocked if it didn't come to America, hopefully soon Atlus announces the US release date. #1.1
Hopefully soon with some exciting announcements! #12.1
Yeah I liked the one with Kaz on it, I might just print it out and make it the cover :P #1.1
I just bought it on Amazon I was always interested in this game but never got a chance to play it. The art style alone is just incredible :) #1
I was hoping it would be released this month but Valentines day isn't that far away I guess I'll wait! So pumped for this if you haven't read the comics you should! #14
I'm never getting rid of my PS3 so many good games are still coming out can't miss any of those! #9
Hopefully it's more like Blood Money less like Absolution, I'm not saying Absolution was terrible I did enjoy it I just wish it was more like the previous games. #16
Stop spamming every article with that video. #1.1
I'm loving all the survival horror games coming out this year :) #3.1
I really hope the US get's this! #6
It's pretty crazy PSP games are still being made!
And Yeah those ads are incredibly annoying I hate seeing "10 Things You Don’t Know About All-Inclusive Cruises" every time I look at the comments section -_- #1.1
Seeing that Pokémon Red and Blue commercial brought back memories I loved that commercial as a kid :) #1
I figured Resident Evil Portable just turned into Revelations or it was scrapped who knows. #2.1
This site is pretty accurate

I think it took me 12 hours to beat just because I like to explore and read every note. #7.2.1
Yeah I've noticed that very strange wonder why someone would do that.. #7.1.1
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