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Yes and yes that would look awesome, I really hope they announce more colours I would be super happy if they released a purple PS4 :) #1.1
I'm buying that blue Xbox that is a great looking system love the colour! #3
Duck Hunt Dog looks like a ton of fun to play, definitely gonna be my main guy to play as. #2
The only game on that list I've played is Persona 4 Golden and that's one of my favourite games :) #11
Such an underrated system so many good games and it was so ahead of it's time, I think I'm gonna go play some Skies of Arcadia now. #7
That is one sexy statue but damn why does Snake look so pissed off and insane? #3
I'm surprised that Ps4 didn't already have this I guess better late than never. #4
Yeah it's not just you I didn't even get a chance to get it. #1.1.1
HAH! I hope they add different colours like red or blue I'm not a huge fan of white only because it gets super dirty. #1.1.1
The ending of Persona 4 was pretty sad I didn't wanna leave Inaba yet dammit! #4
I have the Sony Wireless Stereo Headset and I love it but after seeing this I'm gonna have to upgrade to this bad boy #1
That's hilarious maybe next time he can try beating it with a DDR pad :P #7
That Batmobile statue looks pretty badass! #1
I haven't seen any 16 gb cards and I've been on the lookout I've only seen 32 gb and those are kinda pricey :/ #6.1.1
Awesome little device :) #10
Sounds pretty cool! I would't mind owning one :) #10
If this is true I know some people that are just gonna go nuts! #34
Until Dawn looks incredible they made the right choice moving it to PS4 the character models look amazing. #1
Thanks! I totally forgot the rewards were changing today, I think I'm gonna get Kirby Super Star for Wii U :) #1
I have a 4 gb card for my Vita and it doesn't hold all the games I want and it really sucks, I would buy a new Vita if it meant I could use SD cards. #6
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