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That would be such a fun job! #3
I need this in my life! #36
Honestly I don't get all the hype for this game so I don't really care if it comes to PS4, maybe it's because i'm not that into multiplayer games. #6
I want that on my wall #1
I'm gonna go watch them now because you got me all hyped :P #6.1.1
I really enjoyed the CG Resident Evil movies do those count? I can't think of any other video game movie I've watched all the way through. #6
BlackBible probably isn't the best choice of a name all I can think about is that Bible Black PC game….. #1
Alien life you say? Okay now I'm interested in this game #5
I would be so tempted to climb in that baby #6
That's actually pretty cool #3.1
Hope this comes to the US I've wanted to get into Ace Attorney for so long now #1
I thought the same thing. #2.1
Okay here goes, good luck everyone! #33
I used to love this game….I need to find it now! #4
I would love to see more stuff like this being able to explore fictional places is pretty cool, I hope he does Kramers apartment next :) #1.1
I'm not sure if I should get it on PS3 or Vita :/ #4
Please come to Canada I've been waiting for a bundle like this! #3
I also want to know how Joel and Tess met she was one my favourite characters and I want to see more of her. #3.1
I'm hoping we get to play as her maybe a DLC side story or something she seems pretty cool :) #1.1
I need to stop watching these I hope it comes here :( #4
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