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I heard about that leak! God I hope its true! #5.1
Yeah I thought that was weird I'm really looking forward to that game. #3.1
Hasn't Squeenix confirmed it will be coming out for PS4 and PC at a later date? #1
I thought The Evil Within had a good mix of RE and Silent Hill in it. #1.1.1
I hope they show some gameplay of Persona 5 soon, in the meantime back to Persona Q :) #2
All I want is Smash Bros and Far Cry 4 :) #3
That should be in an art museum it's beautiful! #7
Assassin's Creed in first person would probably make me really dizzy. #1
BioWare! #21
@MrSwankSinatra you can also play it with a controller. #1.1.3
A 1 really? I'm still getting an Xbone because of this game :P #5
Happy Birthday Cat! #74
Actually there's a Iron Maiden 5 Pack that released in November. #2.2
Yes and yes that would look awesome, I really hope they announce more colours I would be super happy if they released a purple PS4 :) #1.1
I'm buying that blue Xbox that is a great looking system love the colour! #3
Duck Hunt Dog looks like a ton of fun to play, definitely gonna be my main guy to play as. #2
The only game on that list I've played is Persona 4 Golden and that's one of my favourite games :) #11
Such an underrated system so many good games and it was so ahead of it's time, I think I'm gonna go play some Skies of Arcadia now. #7
That is one sexy statue but damn why does Snake look so pissed off and insane? #3
I'm surprised that Ps4 didn't already have this I guess better late than never. #4
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