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Under Cover of Darkness is on the first Rocksmith. #2.1
This is a great pack! #1
Love those triangles #5
Anyone else get a virus warning from this site? #8
The purple Yoshi has a place on my shelf and in my heart. #4
I have trouble playing any kind of shooter with remote play the Vita's sticks aren't the best for it. #6
Travis Touchdown! Come on who else? #10
Unfortunately it doesn't, that was the first thing I checked and there's no option for it. #4.1
The app is great, but it sucks I can't Scrobble my tracks to Last.Fm hopefully they add that in. #7
That's pretty cool! #14
There's so many I would pick but if I had to choose 1 it would be Persona 4, living in Inaba with the investigation team ;P #2
Here's the trailer with english subs #1
Here's the survey #1
That art style reminds me of Mad World. #1
I'm jealous you get to experience all those games for the first time! #2.1.1
I remember really wanting that Pikachu N64 but I could never find it :( #1
I heard about that leak! God I hope its true! #5.1
Yeah I thought that was weird I'm really looking forward to that game. #3.1
Hasn't Squeenix confirmed it will be coming out for PS4 and PC at a later date? #1
I thought The Evil Within had a good mix of RE and Silent Hill in it. #1.1.1
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