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Can someone clarify if this'll work anywhere in the world? Don't think this'll work where I live (Pakistan).

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When this was announced for Japan, I was pretty interested in it. But I thought it'd never make it to NA. Anyone know whether it's any good?

EDIT: I love JRPGs, especially Persona so if this can hold me off until P5, that'd be ideal.

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Really hope the next game has the complete Shippuden story experience. Maybe including pre-time skip is wishful thinking but a complete Shippuden game is definitely due.

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I started watching TWD when it started but then I stopped around season 3. A few months ago, I watched it from where I left and I wondered why I ever even stopped watching. The season 6 hype led me to read the comics, and I finished all 150 chapters in 3 days. Needless to say, I'm a big TWD fan now. So so so hyped for this.

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Pretty sure Uncharted 4 will take that title.

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Probably will be an unpopular opinion, but it'd be awesome if this went free on PS+ in February.

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Personally, I found Drake's Fortune the most difficult Uncharted platinum. The fights in chapter 4 and 5 were horrible. I'd give it a 5/10 for difficulty. UC2 and UC3 were much easier, imo!

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Week 1 and Week 3 have both been great. I think I'll finally give Borderlands 2 another go on the PS4, it froze a lot on my PS3 so I stopped playing it.

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May the Force be with you.

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Niiice. Here's to hoping we get P3: FES and P4 on PS4 too.

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I think NA already got Thief for PS3. Might be PS4 this time?

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Pokemon VR. System seller right there.

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Not surprised, but I still kept hope that P5 would release this year. :(

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While I'm loving the idea of this game, I'm still a bit confused. Can we get all the Pokemon in our area or will I actually have to travel to Times Square for a Mewtwo?

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They confirmed some time ago the game's still set to be released this year. This TGS show has got to be the platform for announcing the release date

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I've been so hooked to this game lately. I wish it didn't have to limit you with the hearts and jewels though.

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PT. I cry every time.

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Is this is the beta that's open to everyone they're talking about?

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The only issue I have with the Batmobile is how it handles at top speed. Pretty hard to drive smoothly when you're going at a good pace. A bit slippery, if you get what I mean. Otherwise, I've had a blast playing this game. Story, the side missions, everything was fun. Doing the AR Challenges now.

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Haven't bought a single COD since the first BO but woah, those classes sound fun. And the 4 player coop campaign is really great too.

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