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The ink one has got to be one of the bests. I sometimes just leave my PS4 on to listen to that music.

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Really, you think so? I enjoyed P3's story more than P4's story, so I wouldn't say the next game beats the previous game. But P4 beats P3 in terms of social links and all the other stuff. But yeah, I do hope P5 manages to deliver an experience which is miles ahead of both of the previous games. The dungeons already look much better, so does the turn based combat.

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I don't think Deus Ex is a franchise that appeals to those who want to just shoot stuff. I think if someone were to buy a Deus Ex game, there's a 95% chance that person is a fan of good stories in video games. Deus Ex games have always had terrific stories. I don't think the developers should really care about the 5% who doesn't care about the Deus Ex story.

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Wow, I just remembered this game is ACTUALLY coming out this year. Never thought I'd make it this far, haha.

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*loud gasp* How dare you.

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Finished the game yesterday. Such an amazing ending to the series, and I feel a little empty thinking of how the series has ended. I'll miss Drake, Elena and Sully.

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Anyone finish the game under 6 hours? Seems pretty tough.

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My game arrived early yesterday. Unfortunately, I have the most important exams of my life going on these days so my date with UC4 was cut short. All I can say about the 2 hours I played: WOW.

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Can someone clarify if this'll work anywhere in the world? Don't think this'll work where I live (Pakistan).

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When this was announced for Japan, I was pretty interested in it. But I thought it'd never make it to NA. Anyone know whether it's any good?

EDIT: I love JRPGs, especially Persona so if this can hold me off until P5, that'd be ideal.

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Really hope the next game has the complete Shippuden story experience. Maybe including pre-time skip is wishful thinking but a complete Shippuden game is definitely due.

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I started watching TWD when it started but then I stopped around season 3. A few months ago, I watched it from where I left and I wondered why I ever even stopped watching. The season 6 hype led me to read the comics, and I finished all 150 chapters in 3 days. Needless to say, I'm a big TWD fan now. So so so hyped for this.

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Pretty sure Uncharted 4 will take that title.

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Probably will be an unpopular opinion, but it'd be awesome if this went free on PS+ in February.

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Personally, I found Drake's Fortune the most difficult Uncharted platinum. The fights in chapter 4 and 5 were horrible. I'd give it a 5/10 for difficulty. UC2 and UC3 were much easier, imo!

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Week 1 and Week 3 have both been great. I think I'll finally give Borderlands 2 another go on the PS4, it froze a lot on my PS3 so I stopped playing it.

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May the Force be with you.

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Niiice. Here's to hoping we get P3: FES and P4 on PS4 too.

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I think NA already got Thief for PS3. Might be PS4 this time?

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Pokemon VR. System seller right there.

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