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Looks small

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I tried and tried but couldnt master , how long did it take you to just feel comfortable with it? Its just annoying at this point

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@rebeljoe14 You win some, you lose some :)

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This guy made CoD Mw and MW2 possible , without him we wouldnt have had them. He literally changed the game industry. He can talk as much as he want, CoD 4 was his baby.

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Still not a fair comparison , pics used for the old MW are not HD they look like a potato ... Atleast be reasonable and use PC Max settings and compare to the Remaster.
Or ps3 vs ps4.

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Looks amazing !!

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nah , looks fine to me. Sure graphics aint the best but who cares its the gameplay that matters and it looks fun.

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They cant since its free, if we had to pay then they have the rights to shut it down and probably sue

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He is right, GT Sport wont have weather effects, just plain enviornment. Graphics wise its early too judge but still disapointing. Game should be delayed a year or two, and enhance graphics and add weather effects and "campaign"

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They have a full dedicated team for each game mode, its like having 3 studios developing one game... plus i enjoy it :)

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And people who dont know how to talk/spell :)

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And not on PC ... They must really hate us

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If this was call of duty , people would be on a rampage and ready to kill. But its Kojima thats cool :)

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Not really bad if you think about it, they are spreading it around the world and making a focus internationally and not locally just in one place.
It would mean you can see people from all around the world competeting to know who the best is. Do you really believe Optic are the worlds best players? HAHA i can assure you they are not. Sure they may be the best in the US as they proved but they cant be called the best in the world.

For one or a team to be called the...

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CoD set in a Civil War ? You are kidding right ?

CoD is loved and Well Known for it being fast paced and having small to medium sized maps with 12 players MAX 18. A Civil War setting means players will have to reload for 20 seconds after each shot, large maps, and depend on other players to stick with them to survive. CoD playerbase are sadly we all know this lone wold run and gun people, everyone wants to be the number 1 and best. They somewhat support the team but its no...

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Imagine he gets permanently banned because he got reported for supposedly aimbotting where as he is actually an amazing sniper...

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Its slow in mu opinion, they should keep it as it is. I've been in many situations where i wreck the other team but then i have to reload and ALWAYS get killed because of the slow reload...

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Thank god the beta ended, my final exams start in 3 days! and ends in next week.
If the beta was still on i would fail all of them 100% 2 weeks is fine with me :)

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Yes, but when it comes to consoles its another case. Mobile games for example, you dont see them having amazing console quality graphics because its not worth the time for the developer as another and more powerful phone will come out next month.
What makes Playstation or Xbox games rich in quality ? Its because devs take their time crafting the game for 2 consoles which is cheaper. However have 4 consoles it starts to become more expensive to make.
Every 6 years should be ...

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