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I think what your trying to say is that it gets better and better every time. Kids these days use crazy as something amazing! im guessing that's what your implying here ;) #3.1
easy , use cheatengine worked for me :) #2.1
Not really ... Its was first playable on PC with the Alpha :P

Jokes aside, i really wish Sony reconsiders EA access but i see why they would not go with it. It could be because it might affect PS play sales. Putting this on the side, EA access sounds really good i mean 30$ a year and i have access to a lot of their games for free, and early access to new releases? What sounds bad about that!

Own PS4, XB1, and PC so not picking any sides, however i will be get... #1
Im just curious, i have a few background info on Kojima, but why all the fuss? Why are all people saying he made the game or whatever? I get he is the Head and works on it, but why does he get all the credit?

Dont get me wrong, im on your side, Konami should not have dont that move. And i respect Kojima and love all the Metal Gear games :) #2.1
I really want to know whats wrong with their engine? they updated it and it looks great. The character models in my opinion on black ops 3 look better than most games on the market.
Im not trolling here, i would prefer a newer engine as it would mean a better game in terms of everything.
Although we are starting to see the limits of the engine, it has to be honest reached its age.
Face it you guys, if you where the CEO of Activition you would understand this if you se... #1.1.5
We didnt understand the system? Maybe its you guys who dont understand the consumers needs and wants... Releasing a slightly upgraded ps3 and slaping the next gen title on it as its their new console! Nintendo are great at making fun games and characters, but their latest console is a disapointment in terms of hardware. The next one "HAS" to blow our minds and developers in order for it to succeed and not be anothet failure, and dont blame the customers as customers are always right... #3
Redundant, no use to us as its "junk" #1
Forgetting Agent? #1.1.2
Then why did you waste your precious time commenting on this article?
You may not but there are people who do! #1.1
My anti virus says this website is very dangerous as it steals accounts and whatever ?! WTF can someone just quote what the guy said that got him banned? thank you #4
9999$ Wow ... I did not expect that! But this is a beast of a laptop that puts all laptops to shame with its specs ! #1.2
I accidentally agreed on your comment ... Plus we "bothered with next gen" because of the trailers we saw when they announced the console and we drooled all over the screen and became blind and just bought it as soon as it was available then all of a sudden most games got delayed. But hey its been more than a year now and all the games are finally coming out, Dying light, the whitcher 3, metal gear, gta v, battlefield hardline etc... #1.3
I find it very stupid to release a slim version yet, what they could do is be able to let consumers design their own plate for the PS4 or color which would be amazing! #1.4
I hate F2P games, its much more expensive and time consuming to enjoy. The perks of full 60$ games it everything is available to you and you wont waste your time, however with f2p games you have to pay real money for the best car or weapon , or real money to spawn faster ... #7.2
yes and no , you might not play it for along time ... and driving is what in my opinion ruined the game it sucks! Its almost like watchdogs but the turning response has a huge delay #4.1
Boring ... i expected something better to be honest #1
This ... is bad unless you like pokemon or games similar to that then its good? #1
The gun is amazing but its not OP, they should tweak it a bit by adding 1 or 2 points to the damage but thats it ! What makes this so called OP gun balanced is the overheating it can only shoot 13-15 bullets then it has to cool down for 2 or 3 seconds... Of course this is without heatsink attachment. They should make an Elite variant with a buff in damage and double the heat capacity then this gun would be a beast ! the AE4 ELITE - BEAST #3.1
Cant wait ! Got the Digital Atlas Pro Edition, looking forward to zombies and its nice to see a dynamic change in these new map it would sure add new gameplay experience! Dying to try the rainbow bombs looks like this dlc will be a blast ! :) #1.1
Honestly i dont care when they release it now ... GTA has gotten boring currently and i bet they know it too, however they took an extra year to work on heist isnt that a good thing? What would really be dissapointing is if all this hype over hiests was for nothing ! i honestly got angry when i didnt receive heists from day one on both my ps3 and ps4 i felt it was a waste to buy it on PS4 i only bought it for the heists and not the graphics and then found out i got First person...
I g... #1.1
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