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No #1.1
i want one please ! ^^ #52
I want a Titan One! The magic word (PLEASE) #51
Cevat knows what he's doing. Im sure all these changes will lead to something better! I feel sorry for the guys who got layed off and im sure they would easily get their jobs back once Crytek have enough capital to support all those devs. And i have a feeling that they have learnt their lesson and will develop quality games after 2 years or so. #2.1
Are you serius? #1.1
Call of duty has a good story ^^ not trolling here im serius! Black ops 2 ,CoD Ghosts etc... Im talking about story here and nothing else, if you disagree please explain why, they pay a lot of money for some of the best writers in the industry and we cant deny that. Even CoD AW from what i have seen will be amazing especially because of (Kevin Spacy).

From the list i have seen TLOU should have been #1 the only game that truly put me to tears :P #10
I would pay 10$ , Microsoft charge 800MP #1.4
Ah i see what you did there ^^ Bubble for you sir. Lol #8.1
i want Dice and Viceral to make a dino game using frostbite 3 or 4, Imagine them building a huge open world map, filled with jungles, deserts, caves, and rivers, and because the map is huge they make it an MMOFPS game. Battlefield style but survival. We have a main base and we must build outposts around the map, and gather supplies,soldiers,survivors, etc. We have vehicles and base defences, and dinos keep attacking but we are running out of supplies so we must send troops to gather supplies... #6

Sometime at Mid or late August. Hope i helped ^^ #6.1.2
MP reveal is at gamescom #6.1
Who told you that when you pre order a game on PSN store you must pay for it immediately? I pre ordered Destiny on my PS4 and can cancel at any time. They will take money from my account to pay for the game 1 day before release meaning september 8 2014, and i can pre load the game and play at september 9 . #1.1.15
i thought raids supported alot more than 6 people? #1.1.1
The only thing i dislike is the fact that my fireteam will only support a total of 3 players. I would prefer 4, it could be because they wanted the game to be balanced maybe 4 players is overkill... Or they cant add more than 3 as its a cross platform game and last gen is affecting it.
Cant wait for this game on september ! #1
Well they have payed 500,000,000$ to make the game, im sure activation will give them as long as they want to release it, to make sure the game is perfect once they release it and make it LOOK and PLAY perfectly. Or else the half a billion $ will be for nothing!

I like how Activition have a lot of faith with Bungie, they gave them practically unlimited budget to do what ever they like, which makes me feel confident that the game will turn out amazing.

I playe... #1.1.1
I have a feeling that this game will turn out bad, im still going to buy it but driving looks weird. I hope its driving mechanics are similar to either forza, midnight club, or driver, hope its like gta, but i have a feeling its going to be similar to watch dogs but a bit better?
Anyways PS4 all the way ! #1
Nope i can cancel at anytime #1.2.1
you can pre order the game "for free" , Its like a trick , if you have a ps4 you can pre order destiny at anytime, then they WILL deduct 69.99$ 1 day before release. The trick is you get to play the beta on july 17 because you " Pre-Ordered" the game :P . I know this is wrong but im actually going to buy the game ^^ this is for the people who didnt get a chance to play the alpha . "Amazing alpha btw , loved the gameplay and it was extremely polished! You will have a... #1
Was MoH that bad? I enjoyed it alittle, its better than CoD ghosts ^^ lol. Im comparing it to CoD because MoH was like CoD infantry only and small maps #5.1
Im pretty sure i didnt say this was a DLC... I said "skin". And please sir never put CoD in a battlefield zone NEVER!
If you liked the beta then good for you, every person has their own opinion, but i sure as hell will buy this BF and the next one i just cant stop x_x #1.1.1
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