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Although inappropriate , i saw what you did there :)

Would you abandon your land ? The land that has your ancestors buried in, the land that has all the countries history in it... And where would they find new land nowadays?

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cant wait to play this :)

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What does this "Accelerator Program" do exactly?

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Could be a voice actor this guy , his enthusiasm makes the game feel actually more real and fun haha

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Yeah i want a wireless headset with batteries that never end... Because charging it after i finish playing is just too much

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There is a new rarity drop now, its dark green if im not mistaken.

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you shouldve seen the "Beta"

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It just takes forever to get highends... and crafting system is really bad. You need need buy a bluebrint of a certain item which is fine, but resources are scarse! And they force you to craft a lot of times to get the stats and talents you wanted. My friend crafter the high end vector 60 TIMES to get the one he wanted! All the ones he got had bad stats! They need to tweak this game and make resources easier to get like destiny, resources spawn every 2 mins whereas in the division every 2 hou...

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whats WHFB? never heard of it.
But nonetheless Warhammer is amazing

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He was making fun of the game being episodic rather than one full game released at once ... i thought that was obvious

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you miss the point here, i know that the aim for any business is profits, and i fully support that. HOWEVER, EA are taking things to a different level, and it affects us the consumers/gamers, we expect our moneys worth, and games that are fully completed. EA in the other hand release unfinished games and make us pay extra for the content that should have already been on launch version of the game. These so called "DLCS" are being misused and only help the publishers, and it effects...

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DAMN YOU GARRY ... Stop hinting that you might or might not make it! Just say you will. And make us happy :)

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Same here, i actually think its a good idea. Its obviously optional so no need for people to fuss! You should only start complaining if in a few years some games require you to have an upgraded Xbox. But Phil has your backs dont worry, he is a gamer and wants the best for all :)

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Ghosts was the worst CoD, I HATED the MP. BUT, I loved Extinction and the campaign :)
Before you start hating, i am a MP guy , but you have to agree this one was just a failure.

Would i want to see Ghosts 2? Honestly its been 3 years... Heres me hoping for the 5th time they dont screw things up! I would rather see something new or atleast Modern Warfare 4, but you never know we might get surprised :) Which we most probably wont but you never know!

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Runner up for worst company of 2016 is ... You guess :)

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Its probably for the best

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No need to say cheaper, it makes you sound bad... But you are right about one thing, that there are other mp games better than Battlefront :)

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Star Wars 1313 will be back dont worry, after the huge feedback they got after they announced that the game got cancelled, they know the fans want it. Plus if im not mistaken i recall reading an article a while ago that Lucas arts really wants to finish the game and are in talks with Disney. So you never know :) We might not see it this year but who knows in the upcoming years what we might get.

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Characters where a bit slow, but due to the size of the maps its fair. But would be better if they where a bit faster.
Also the game is very laggy, matchmaking is very bad, skill tree should be redesigned in my opinion about 80% of the skills are useless. Many problems with this beta, ofcource we shouldnt judge graphics and whatever but a beta should represent the current state of the game and NOT A "OLD BUILD". So that they know what issues they currently have and work on i...

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he made his voice? i didnt know that ! :)

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