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Deploy the helicopter ffs!!! Really pissing me off :P

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it doesnt really need a huge break 1 year or 2 is enough. Ubisoft have some of the biggest devs in the market. Over 600 people work on a single game! If they had 200 or 100 people then it would make sense to take a huge break. But with the huge team , possibilities are endless! More ideas, more polish, more everything.

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Not really informative

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Game of the year

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CoD 4 but with better graphics and 10 Maps compared to the NEW CoD IW with a new zombie experience and command your own space fleet in space, and a MP rumored to be something different and amazing.

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Thanks for taking your time to explain this :)

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red dead 3 **

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Looks small

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I tried and tried but couldnt master , how long did it take you to just feel comfortable with it? Its just annoying at this point

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@rebeljoe14 You win some, you lose some :)

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This guy made CoD Mw and MW2 possible , without him we wouldnt have had them. He literally changed the game industry. He can talk as much as he want, CoD 4 was his baby.

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Still not a fair comparison , pics used for the old MW are not HD they look like a potato ... Atleast be reasonable and use PC Max settings and compare to the Remaster.
Or ps3 vs ps4.

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Looks amazing !!

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nah , looks fine to me. Sure graphics aint the best but who cares its the gameplay that matters and it looks fun.

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They cant since its free, if we had to pay then they have the rights to shut it down and probably sue

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He is right, GT Sport wont have weather effects, just plain enviornment. Graphics wise its early too judge but still disapointing. Game should be delayed a year or two, and enhance graphics and add weather effects and "campaign"

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They have a full dedicated team for each game mode, its like having 3 studios developing one game... plus i enjoy it :)

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And people who dont know how to talk/spell :)

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And not on PC ... They must really hate us

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