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Im never buying a Atari product or game from this day forward. Any company that focuses on LGBT community or respects them, disgust me.

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You liked Advanced Warfare?! Wow

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its a disease unfortunately, they need rehab.

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Mafia 3 **

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Graphics and textures is better on retail obviously, however i like the color and brightness on the E3 demo more. Its just more natural and beautiful in my opinion.

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@Mr-writer Nothing is locked behind a paywall or seasonpass in Rainbow 6.
You just get instant access to 8 operators each year. ( A shortcut ) Anyone can buy any of the season pass characters too. They cost 25,000 Renown which isnt much. So i could play the game as i normally do and buy all characters with the renown i earned or if im not the patient type, just get the season pass. I personally buy the season pass for R6 to support the devs and want instant and early access to the o...

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Rainbow Six Siege?

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They might surprise you and do a valentines event. Blizzard love to surprise.

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But ram technolgy has advanced.

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This should be 100$. It has the exact same specs as the old one, just an updated look for the controller. Which is BS. Looks like they are saving their new chip for Nintendo Switch, would make sense business wise but still pisses me off.

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its not almost the same. It is the same ...

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That line refers to other relegions. I am a muslim and understand the 3 holy books. It doesnt refer to ok be gay do what you want and ignore others thats not true. People who misinterpret gods words are the problem in this world! That line is for Surra Al Kafiroon true , Kafiroon means Infidels or "Non Believers in god" It means even though others believe in another relegion dont act in a agressive manner or kill them or whatever. Respect them and leave them be. The prophet Mohamme...

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Yes! They are promoting homosexuality and this is wrong. Christians, jews, Islam almost all relegions are against this. Its forbidden ! No excuse , and dont support people who say they are born gay . NO THEY ARE NOT! They are raised that way by their parents and society. Against this fully!

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I can ? Thanks dude ! Now do us a favor just as you did to us. Never post on N4G again.

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Graphics are "Incredible" as you say, and I doubt anyone would deny so either. BUT the animations in the game at its current stage is not up to standards. But we shouldn't worry as Bioware know this and will fix animations before release. They have time and I hope they will do a good job at it as release is near. And I wouldn't mind a summer 2017 delay if they need more time to polish.

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its an opinion piece , he belives that this list is the best in his opinion.
As you said "taste is subjective".
I personally enjoyed Age Of Empires 3 more than 2.

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the reviewer is a truck up

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Deploy the helicopter ffs!!! Really pissing me off :P

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it doesnt really need a huge break 1 year or 2 is enough. Ubisoft have some of the biggest devs in the market. Over 600 people work on a single game! If they had 200 or 100 people then it would make sense to take a huge break. But with the huge team , possibilities are endless! More ideas, more polish, more everything.

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