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Every now and then you get an indie title that deserves as much attention as the biggest AAA titles, City of Steam is one of those titles. Having covered it for an MMO portal, I've watched a couple of videos as well as viewing the fact shit, and the plethora of features combined with the excellent browser graphics definitely make this one to watch out for. Best of luck to Mechanist Games!

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Compared to what it is now, it's a massive step up. Not everyone's cup of tea, I agree, but it's still a great update :D

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Either release a MMO or stop with the Pokemon stuff Nintendo!

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Got quite a laugh outa that, nice list :D

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Graphics in the screenshot are looking pretty intense for a browser title. Unity FTW :D

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I didn't want to get into the auto aim, I woulda been writing all day :D

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I agree. Although, I was able to sink a lot of time into L4D as the tactics involved in that changed every time. Other than that, I don't get into them much.

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You can't say I'm over exaggerating at all. Any player that plays MW3 for long periods of time will experience the same thing. I've had problems even with the host is in the same town as me.

Dedicated servers don't even get close to as bad as hosting does. Old school server browsers allowed you to choose a nearby server, practically eliminating lag.

Anyone that argues that online PC multiplayer is anywhere near the low quality of consoles, h...

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Guide is now 100% complete, added the location of the Rope to fix the swing.

Also edited the section involving multiple weapon choice. Won't explain further as to avoid spoilers :D

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Not usually keen on the hack 'n' slash titles but this looks pretty good

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It's impossible to avoid all spoilers but there's not many, just do go to far ahead when you start playing and you'll be fine :D

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Don't think I've ever seen a story with this many Alternative Sources :D

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There's a huge difference between a pre-release stress test and an official release. It is quite possible we'll see a huge array of issues at launch, although I hope we don't :D

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Didn't Namco pick this up now? I'm excited to see if they implement some of their own characters into Super Smash :D

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"Battlefield Heroes Turns 3rd old and release a new map to celebrate"


It's had over 12 million players register guitarse, can't all be that bad :D

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My personal favorite map from any COD game, nigh, any FPS game ever. Really hope they don't make us wait too long for this one :D

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Really excited for this game. Curious as to how much customization players have when creating their own online title :D

Stay tuned for an upcoming preview on :)

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I think it's sad that other fair trade commissions across the globe don't support the gaming industry within their country like Korea does. The amount of times we (gamers) get screwed with sub-par products and we're practically powerless, especially with PC games thanks to serial codes and anti piracy measures. What happened to the days when you could return a product without question? :(

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Regular updates, a huge selection of champions, well balanced gameplay?

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I don't think they'll ever fix the issue of hackers in a FPS game. It makes sense that the titles that require the most skills, also have the most hackers. What I wouldn't give for a 100% cheat/exploit free FPS title :D

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