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love NX Gamers videos they provide so much informative info :D
really looking forward to being back with nate an the gang next year wooooo #4
thats a good idea also i would like a part on our profiles where we can showcase our screenshots an videos :D #3.1
seems to be quicker and works well with live streams from youtube i like it #4
streaming to youtube should be good im also looking forward to seeing how the events work out that could be kinda fun :D #4
forza looks so flat and lifeless is this video for real?

edit im calling BS theres no way forza looks that bad... ignore that video guys #14
the order 1886 was epic imo

bloodborne im still enjoying (love the gameplay)

everybodys gone to the rapture words can not describe how i felt after playing that game its just so unique

until dawn has me very excited for :D

then theres the uncharted the nathan drake collection excited for that is an understatement :D wiggle in the 3rd party games an its like heaven in the gaming world for me :D #6
hmmm wonders how this will run on my old laptop clicks download why not lol #2
really hope we get a getaway game on ps4 i enjoyed them on ps2 #3
appear offline
friends notifications
a section on our profiles where we can showcase our videos an screenshoots

trophy leaderboards
spotify built into party chat so we can all share an listen to the same music at the same time (could be good could be bad lol)

one click invite system for games an party

ps+ games free on ps now so we can play ps3 games on ps4
thats all i can think of rite now #17
this looks awesome im getting it :D #10
thanks for this ive just turned off everything that was on by default lol #4
ive supported sony since the 90s but here in the uk (for me at least) im getting near on dial up speeds when it comes to downloads.. (fiber optic connection)

the store loads when it feels like it.... messages/invites i get on the phone app before i get them on ps4 (sometimes not at all on ps4)

then theres so many basic features missing from psn that are present on pretty much every other platform thats got me thinking why am i paying a subscription for such a... #10
so many great games coming out so i dont mind waiting for the complete edition to hit ps4

see ya in the near future lara ;P #17
close to 80% market share christ on a bike O__O

anyone know what the market share was for the ps2? just out of interest #7
It will promote game ownership, tangibility and collectability. There will be no system updates, digital downloads or buggy games.”

im sold im getting one #17
im loving this game just what i needed and old school touring cars online is just so much fun #3
they should have used the ps4 version because the 900p shows here sigh....

but even at 900p bar a few more blades of grass project cars really shows how turn 10 need to step up there game....

come on turn 10 show them multi plat devs whos boss #21
no issues for me and my astro a50s work great #8
my system specs

GPU: 1.84 TFLOPS, AMD Radeon

CPU: low power x86-64 AMD “Jaguar”, 8 cores


500GB hard drive

custom couch with fluffy pillows
i can run this with my specs rite guys? :P #3
that trailer just sold it for me looks awesome #1
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