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so many great games coming out so i dont mind waiting for the complete edition to hit ps4

see ya in the near future lara ;P #17
close to 80% market share christ on a bike O__O

anyone know what the market share was for the ps2? just out of interest #7
It will promote game ownership, tangibility and collectability. There will be no system updates, digital downloads or buggy games.”

im sold im getting one #17
im loving this game just what i needed and old school touring cars online is just so much fun #3
they should have used the ps4 version because the 900p shows here sigh....

but even at 900p bar a few more blades of grass project cars really shows how turn 10 need to step up there game....

come on turn 10 show them multi plat devs whos boss #21
no issues for me and my astro a50s work great #8
my system specs

GPU: 1.84 TFLOPS, AMD Radeon

CPU: low power x86-64 AMD “Jaguar”, 8 cores


500GB hard drive

custom couch with fluffy pillows
i can run this with my specs rite guys? :P #3
that trailer just sold it for me looks awesome #1
its because at launch an there first year they rushed everything they had out of the door for quick sales...

and now its really showing
im sure MS will have a more tidy 2016 when it come to exclusives :) #6
the evil within 20 quid! thats mine

divekick just over 3 quid! mine also #3
i got a z2 in december and its hands down the best phone ive ever had

bonus note there waterproof i dropped my down a toilet drunk over christmas and still works perfect :D #3.2
i dont give 2 s**** what clickbaite bs has to say im getting this game friday woooo

hell im that excited ive been growing a mustache hahaha #5
i watched the first 15 mins and im not watching anymore.
omg it looks so bloody good roll on the 20th wooooooo #19
really looking forward to p-cars :D #2
suck me sideways get a butchers at this one O_O #4
54 cars on track O.O should make for some interesting online races :D #3
very excited for this game my only worry going forward would be no until dawn 2 #10
confirmed 720p/60 fps for xb1? #6.1
my warranty is now over time strip her down and get cleaning her insides :P #5
i think its the player controlled super infected #3.1
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