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I'm getting it and I didn't care much about waiting a year :D plus having all the dlc on the disc and hearing about the new content is awesome :D

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Describes my last Saturday night in lol O_O

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"And they should, because here the developer is promising to push current boundaries of where eSports end and real-life sport begins. For a start, the series is accredited by the FIA, motorsport’s governing body, meaning events will be run according to the rules and etiquette expected of real-world racing. Additionally, while an automated system will referee the daily events, key regional meetings will benefit from human race stewards, culminating in the finals being officiated by FIA Fo...

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i just leave this here for everyone to read

me im really looking forward to gt sport woooo

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confuses the hell out of me :/ i was thinking of uploading some of my gta online clips but not sure if i can use the in game radio or not would my video get shot down?

edit: thanks guys no im not making money from it

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when i first heard i was like no this is just bad news and i dont want it.
then i got thinking all the way back to the ps1 era
got a launch ps1 then got the ps1 slim same goes for ps2 xbox 360 an the elite an same for the ps3 fatty/an slim

was playing gta 5 online over the weekend an was suffering lots of frame drops so maybe this time around rather than spend more money on the slim versions like i always have this time get abit of an upgrade where i dont ...

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omg the wait is killing me i want to play it now!!!!

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"You are capable of playing the game how you want. You can be an explorer, a pirate, or a trader. And you can go in any direction."

excited for sure wooooo :D

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new upgrade every 3 years sounds to me there would be no point in a ps5 just use playstation (code name) and removed the number 4/5

could be a good thing or a bad thing i dunno

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i just got it from steam works great on win 10 with compatibility mode in xp service pack 3

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this is one of them games that will stay with me for along time to come really enjoyed it :D

it looks awesome at 1080p so 4k u pc guys are in for a treat

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i wanna play so bad but here in the uk ive gotta wait till 22nd :C

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after playing dirt rally all of last week an some drive club over the weekend this is awesome news grats guys :D

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great trailer reminds me of this one back in the day

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euro truck simulator 2 streams live radio stations to your truck cab anyways spotify works great for me on ps4

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great game ive been playing since tuesday its so addictive :D

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the ps2 dev kit omg thats a beauty

sega cd looks like it was ripped stright out of a delorean from back to the future lol

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so this is real now? ive only had my ps4 just over 2 years its a bit early for me to start thinking about upgrades :/

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i love all 3 games but number 2 is my fav so far buttttt it looks like U4 will change that woooo cant wait :D

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steam machine? thats the same thing lol
think i will stick with my ps4/pc steam combo and staying away from xbox and the windows store thanks very much :D

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