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Very sad

RIP #10
Thuway is full of crap but I think he's on the money here (although it doesn't take inside information to for that opinion). #40
They forgot the Dualshock 3, terrible controller #5
This has been a very entertaining couple of days, overdose on schadenfreude. #23
Make it optional, everyone wins. #17
2014 in the US and...when everywhere else? Article is pure speculation and no news, disappointing.

I'm likely switching from MS to Sony this coming gen and am looking for information, articles like this don't help. #43
Christ the comments in here are embarrassing. #72
Just because they never went online with their 360's doesn't mean they can't or won't go online with their Ones.

meh, doesn't matter to me anyway, I'm likely jumping ship to Sony next gen. Get a One down the road. #14.1.1
Microsoft should have just made the console all digital and been done with it. Allow offline mode just like Steam. #14
I remember the outrage when you were required to install Steam with Half Life 2.

Who knew? #14
1,2,New Vegas, Tactics, Fallout 3

You people are rookies :) #4
Now that's a load of BS #12
So long MS, see you in 2016 or so

Hi Sony #199
I've been a MS fan since their first console and they managed to alienate me.

What a debacle. #37
What a debacle. The post show announcements have made it even worse. It's like Sony wrote the agenda for them.

I'll be hanging onto my 360 for awhile and then I likely move on to PC. #20
All they have to do is copy the controls for Torchlight on the 360. Don't change a thing (besides making the expected DS3 adjustments). #4
Lots of bitter fanboys in here, love NPD time on N4G, so predictable.

Terrible numbers all around though, with new consoles inbound and no price drop people are on the sidelines. Don't blame them. Expect price drops by Sony and MS at E3 though, should have happened at the beginning of the year imo. Get more consoles out there and build an even bigger base for the new generation, those people will eventually upgrade. Goes to show you how much money both of these compan... #22
I'm leaning PS4 right now but won't make a decision until I get all the details about both consoles. It's way too early. #5
It's EA Partners, they did Left 4 Dead as well and that never showed up on PS3. The game will surely be on PC though

There's precedent. I believe this rumor #5.3
This gets approved but stories denying the rumor get Failed by mods?
smh N4G #31
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