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this is and has been in my top three fav games of all time always! in no particular order, top three games are dark souls, castlevania softn and chrono cross!

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not that clean cut. say a game like tmnt comes out. wicked easy to platinum, that means 95% of the people who play it will get the plat making it a very common plat..

now take a game like ninja gaiden. say it has a trophy for hard and then the obvious plat. few people who play it even beat it on hard making that a rare trophy and the plat rare as well.

very cool system for trophies

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looks perfect! they blended the best aspects of 1 and 2. cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!

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i was literally thinking the same thing lol absolutely ridiculous. personally, its not a big deal to me either way. worst tehy are going to see is w/e my dog does when im not home or me smashing some vagina on the couch. would i rather they didnt, yeah prob. does it matter if they do? not really, its their wasted time/effort

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wwe 2k14, batman, 3 month gold, splinter cell, and BF4. this is why i waited on all those games

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i was very pro x1 until today as a matter of fact. mostly though just because i love rpg's and im tired of missing out on them. all the jrpgs i missed on ps3 is not happening this gen.. i know 360 will get a handful until they relaize its another failure in japan then they will be ps4 only. i love the xbox controller, ui, features and a handful of exclusives ( forza, halo, DR3 ) but end of the day, its a gaming console and ps4 will win with games.

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ive defended MS since the X1 announcement but this is just wrong. you want to punish someone, you punish the retailer. this man paid for his console legitimately and planned to wait until release date but then didnt have too. not his fault by any means.

MS is very lucky i dont work for sony because if i did, i would send him a ps4 for free and let him play it all he wants. that kind of press would destroy MS even more

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I thought home was a great idea but it wasnt implemented well. i feel like if they made your dash boot straight to home and made that more or less the dashboard, it would have taken off

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i think your getting disagrees because thats not as valid a point as it used to be.

current gen you have the wii and ps3 that can stream for free. ps3 in particular is worth the price for blu ray and streaming alone and since streaming is free, awesome. why pay for xbl.

that said, few people are going to buy a ps4 just to stream or watch movies, they can do that with a ps3. so most people getting the ps4 will be for games, most of them are likely to sign up f...

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jade cacoon was amazing

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i think its sweet. then everyone will know im all caught up in vampire diaries!

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"watch 100 hours MTV shows"

i imagine it would read like this....

"achievement unlocked"......"watc h 100 hours MTV shows"....."kill yourself"....

laser beam shoots out of the connect camera and decapitates you if i didnt see you off yourself

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lol it's just the haters trying their hardest to justify their hate and feel better about the things the ps4 can't do. personally i dont even see the point of reading or commenting on articles about a system you dont like and do not plan on getting.

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yup, i already know certain apps prob wont work, hardware issues will arise as they always do on the first round, once you finish the launch titles a dry period with no games will likely come around. pretty much the usual and rather than get a headache over it like the last couple consoles i got on launch, have to call about warranties, etc. im just going to wait.

plus the current gen still has so many good games i want to play. Batman, AC4, wwe 14, GTA V, FFX13, FFX13-2, L...

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I was thinking the same thing lol obviously its going to be brazil's equivalent to the states $400.00 or w/e the wii u retails for over here.

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they just sold this game to me

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i pre-orded the x1 and sure i can as long as yo live close to me, id just go get it with you...that said, if your not from buffalo ny, prob not gonna work lol

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you can buy my preorder for $25.00!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just want my money back, ive decided to wait. i dont feel like dealing with launch issues, march will be my time

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^a bit of a drama queen

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being multiplat isnt segas issue. developing and releasing mediocre games is. its not like its impossible to make a near perfect multiplat ( see the new tomb raider ) its just a matter of putting in the time and effort. a quality mario would sell like hot cakes on all systems.

plus even sega gets it right every couple of releases. their racing game and sonic generations are both very good

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