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from the looks of things, it seems like the second will be leaps and bounds better than the first lol which is impressive since 1 is so good

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nope and thats a good thing, i put 50hrs into skyrim, decided it blew chunks compared to oblivion and morrowind. played this demo and decided it was rpg gold, feb 7th cant come soon enough!

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that would be awesome, just started the first, great game. hopefully the next one sells well enough to get more sequels

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tricky def was/still is the one to beat, although everything i have seen so far def suggest this just may do it. the thing i always liked about tricky was how unique and individual each course was becuase they didnt try that open world nonsense. either way though this is a day one buy, cant wait. fyi it seems you only get eddie if you preorder at gamestop so you should prob do that man, im a mac guy myslef or psyman.

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he kind of does, could explain why he is so bad *ss looking

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i literally just started playing the first yesterday, im about 7 hrs in now becuase i cant stop. excellent game and if its a "clone" then so be it, im having more fun with this than i ever did god of war, or zelda, or most other action games. its combat is leaps and bounds better than both of those games ( sorry to break it to fans but GOW combat is the weakest thing about that game, the blades of athena are the only thing worth using and you only need 1 to 2 attacks to beat the who...

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1. even if it is a rumor, everyone knows its coming so its more a matter of when. the game did well critically and commercially ( i absolutely loved it )

2. agreed, i thought it was sweet but i do wish someone other than sindel beat their *ss. on the upside though, it gives them a chance to write an all new story with all new characters which could be interesting, hopefully though they create more classic characters since only about half were good from deadly alliance and u...

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well if they did that then there game would only work 50% of the time lol maybe thats why bethesda creates such massive dlc, they have to make up for releasing a broken game to begin with

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they just cut too much out of skyrim and i didnt find the story as interesting. when somebody creates a sequel i expect more of the same and additional features, with skyrim we got duel weilding, better graphics and that about sums up the additions, i dont have the time to write what was cut. skyrim is a decent game it just didnt live up to the oblivion and doesnt even come close to morrowind, i guess for me they peaked at morrowind and just keep getting worse, hopefully kingdom of amalur wi...

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pretty much everywhere but graphics if your a real fan of ES, the previous games were miles ahead of skyrim in terms of gameplay

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im not certain his complaint doesnt apply to any game in development for that period of time. if you think about it, if you were to create a game and you started say jan of this year. chances are you have an original idea and are also drawing inspiration from past titles of 2011 and lower. by the time your game were to hit the market ( 5 years later ) the gaming landscape will have changed so much that what was initially a golden idea, is now archaic considering what released and changed in t...

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im all for dlc when its appropriate but isnt the whole point of an "ultimate edition" being the complete package, everything the game has to offer?

dumb. period.

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kinda happy i missed all but rayman lol the other look like turds

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i loved the first but wasnt a fan of the sequels, maybe they will separate them lol doesnt really matter though, its a great deal even as a package. ill prob get it later down the line after kingdom of amalur

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ps2 may have had a ton of games and some really true masterpieces but im looking at the systems as a whole. software, hardware, features, etc. 360 and ps3 are at the top for that simple fact alone, they're newer, they have hard drives, social networking, built in marketplaces, etc. as great as ps2, ps1, snes are, they didn't have those things, call them victims of their time. even with that in mind though, i have played some truly great games this gen that can easily challenge any gam...

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for me its...

1. 360
2. PS3
3. PS2
4. PS1
5. Super NES
6. XBox
7. Dreamcast
8. N64
9. NES
10. Sega Gen

i guess maybe cube, then i could care less about what remains. i dont like handhelds either so they would never make my list

also, its kind of a crime for the ps3 to be that low lol

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weeks away and cannot wait...

also, i loved the donkey kong rap lol

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well honestly, i was iffy on this one. the first was just okay for me and i didn't even play number 2 but this did look better, still wasnt sold though. however after hearing about this, he just sold a copy.

i accept your challenge :)

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also want to point out, this is how you do a sequel, more of the same but with tons of enhancements and new features. switching characters is risky but if you have two bad ass ones to work with then its cool

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