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well said hope hope hope this is true #16.1
1. biohazard is a cooler name and makes more sense, its too bad they couldnt use the name here

2. i know a lot of people where this effect actually happens to them. personally though, i like resident evil games, ill be getting both. i enjoy the concepts behind both and they should feel pretty different too id imagine

3. in my opinion, they would have been better off waiting though. in fact they could have just packaged the trailer at the end of orc so pe... #3
same here, i loved the demo myself and cannot wait to pick it up day one! #9.1
first off you didnt finish it so you barely seen anything. the first 45 min is a tutorial.

second, the combat is one of the best combat systems ive used in a while. once again, you didnt finish it so its unlikely you tried all the different types of weapons, used any magic, or really even learned any of the things you could do ( block, parry, roll, switch between two weapons at any time, magic, reckoning mode )

third, the art design is amazing, if you thi... #5.3
if the demo was representative of the final product than i hope so. i had more fun playing that demo than i did with almost any full retail release last year. i hope the game sells millions and becomes the next big rpg #1.1.1
cant wait, ill be picking this up day 1 #8

couldnt have said it better myself, and my god you just reminded me of otogi lol i loved that game. i think with a lot of those ips the first established themselves and if they were ever given a second chance they could def be triple a titles, granted otogi did get a sequel but a third would be nice on a next gen system #4.1.6
ill agree with you sir, hell its deeper than skyrim too with much more clever level design, much better story, much better combat, and most of all, it built upon its predecessor....

skyrim gave elder scrolls a pretty face lift, added duel wielding, and dragon shouts ( most of which were covered with spells in the previous games anyway ) and then they cut an enormous amount of sh*t, forgot to test for bugs and called it a sequel.

yeah bats is better....
the funny thing about your statement, most other genres keep adding rpg elements these days while most "rpgs" are dropping those same elements to become more mainstream like the action games lol

most shooters now have xp and levels and numerous skills...

skyrim dropped even more skills, cut many spells, and is now a much less deep experience than oblivion and a much much more shallower game than morrowind.... #5.1

let me correct you sir....

"Now if he was BATMAN, he would not have taken any...." #4.1.2

lol im no sony fanboy, i got all three systems man, i like games. platform is irrelavant ( i do favor my 360 though, over 100 games )....but anyway, my point being, they have the franchises and some great ones too, they just dont know which ones to throw money at and which demograph to appeal to. banjo was a great example, i loved the one they made but still would have prefered a more traditional banjo. as im sure most would have but they didnt think that market... #4.1.3
yeah i actually enjoy a lot of their titles so this kinda sucks. #6.1
it is and its not.

they also hav ips that there simply not using,

giving a true sequel to banjo kazooie gives players a triple a title to rival mario or ratchet and clank.

people want killer instinct but they want make it, theres your triple a a fighting game

perfect dark was a good franchise and forgetting about the last one and give it the real sequel it deserves

fix too human, i loved it and it h... #4.1
that is the single stupidest comment i have ever read on n4g #1.1.1
no man they made profit already, 2000000 @ 60 dollars a pop is 120 million dollars, game cost 80.

anything they make now is profit as long as they make enough to cover its continued maintenance off the subs #1.3.1
agreed demon/dark souls are action/rpg near perfection. with a much better story those games would be unbeatable. kingdom is def the next best action rpg ive ever played and thats based off the demo, cannot wait to pick up the full version. even at level 4 in the demo the combat was sooooooooo awesome. love the art/graphics too, bright and wonderful. #6.1
skyrim isnt half the game morrowind or oblivion was. it added nothing new to the series besides dragon shouts ( which were mostly all spells at one point ), duel wielding, and blacksmithing and cut numerous skills and spells out and spell making. there is very little unique loot and the quest and story are boring as shit. skyrim was dethroned by dark souls last year and the demo for kingdom alone was more interesting than any of the time i put into skyrim.

i would agree wit... #11.1
lmao im nt sure you even know what genric is man but for the record...

a : relating to or characteristic of a whole group or class

c : having no particularly distinctive quality or application

now lets look at your list....

uncharted - as genirc as a third person shooter comes, only thing setting it apart is its cinematic presentation, oh wait you can find similar quality in any rockstar game

zelda... #1.1.2
disagree, looks solid. im buying it when im done with ssx, kingdom, ac5, me3 and ninja gaiden #1.1
the bottom line is that is your opinion and one i couldnt disagree more with.

imo the best titles are multiplats by far

Dark souls
Ass Creed
mass effect 2 ( ps3 )
dead space 2
mortal kombat
deux ex

im sure im missing a few but those games are better than almost any exlusives last year, not saying the exclusives were bad bu... #1.1
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