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i actually was one of the few who prefered the original vision MS had, that didnt leave a bad taste in my mouth until they went back on it. if they were still doing what they first announced, id be much more inclined to get an X1. when they went back on everything, the X1 just became a ps4 with worse hardware. prior to giving in to all the pressure, each console was unique and had its own vision. this gen now is more or less just the ps3/360 all over again but prettier


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um easy, half the cars, half the tracks, half the game. still havent added night and weather. it went from being ahead of other racing sims to falling behind.

i wanted this game but then i read about all the stuff it dropped. better off waiting for the sequel

edit** make no mistake though, id still buy the game in a heartbeat if i was still getting the x1 but im going ps4 this gen, drive club will have to do

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haha no it wont. MS is a software company. you can tell because the software they put out for PC's, phones, and xbox's are all clean, easy to use, and nice.

you can also tell because none of their hardware seems to last. 4 360's i went through and my nokia phone is shit which is tech nokia but as the official windows phone, im including as them

this is pretty much a must buy unless you wait two years for them to work out all the kinks

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omg get over yourself, your not important enough in this world for anyone to waste any digital space recording you. that goes for about 99% of people on this site and in the very unlikely chance you are, dont buy an X1 if you think it could work against you

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powervr is right. too many people kept asking how but didnt listen to a single word ms was saying they were too busy screaming "DRM blah blah blah" obviously in order to do any sort of digital sharing, drm needs to be in place or i go to the store, buy, install, take it to 5 different friends houses, repeat, trade in at store.

@gaffyh is right too though. they did leave out the aspect where it was only a timed demo of a full game until the end. if it was legit shari...

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i would question COD ghost though, i played it and that game sucks lol. im not a COD hater either, BO2 was a solid game, enjoyed that a lot its also miles better than ghost

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im the opposite lol i get annoyed with a lack of numbers and then having to remember the order if i go back. im not retarded, leaving the number out isnt going to make me magically forget about the other 15 before it, id much prefer to not have to google the chronological order

that said, im also not the same type of person to go "oh another" or "they just had one last year, blah, blah, blah"

if you get tired of a series, stop playing or ...

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i agree to an extent. X1 has more games i want right now, pretty much everyone you named while the ps4 has a solid but slightly smaller list for me. despite me wanting more x1 games though, i have decided on ps4 simply because the games i want the most are rpgs and i know that in a year or 2, ps4 will have more of those.

eventually though, i will have both so its irrelevant to a point. i always get them all. i just pick one as a main, and use the other for exclusives. 360 wa...

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all good selections

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perhaps but im uncharted out at the moment. i would have loved to see a classic ps1 franchise return. esp when it was rumored to be legend of dragoon

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i just started tales of vesperia and im loooooving it. i hope they bring more to ps4 next gen

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my most anticipated game next year!

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shouldnt waste money like that on something as stupid as an item in a game lol shit like that is only valuable if the community makes it that way and even then, if its a game constantly updated for balance, common sense would tell you item parameters can change anytime

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i like uncharted but im disappointed. i was hoping it was a much older franchise

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idk about that, they have killzone know, infamous coming soon, w/e they announce tonight, driveclub in the spring, DCU online for ps4 if thats your thing, updated injustice, AC4, BF4 and COD too. there is plenty to play for now, plus the current gen is still going strong.

its also really obvious sony is doing what the other two failed to do, they are listening to the gaming community and hardcore fans and continuously delivering on what the people seem...

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not really sure why you have disagree's. what you stated here is a fact lol

ms started with gears, halo, forza, lost oddesy, banjo, blue dragon, enchanted arms, crackdown, chrome hounds, alan wake, too human, fable, halo wars, kameo, ninja gaiden 2, PDZ, viva pinata, etc....

most of those were 2005-2010. then they just stopped with new ones, brought us the same 4 ( halo, gears, fable, forza ) over and over again with a handful of kinect games nobody cares...

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jet moto
legend of legia
legend of dragoon
syphon filter
dark cloud
jak and daxter
rouge galaxy
demon souls

just to name a few, their backlog is huuuuuge.

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@puppy farts

I actually think ms has a better launch line up for sure but i just recently decided to go ps4 for that exact reason....

"Do people really think Sony won't come through down the line"

started slow for ps3 but a couple years in, they just kept on delivering. the amount of quality exclusives just became badly lopsided toward the end and even now, sony is still delivering where MS mostly dropped 360 software support as...

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i agree with BC2 sort of, id say BC1 because of the frostbite engine.

however that said, its more of a "sort of" defined the gen. its engine is amazing and the destructibility is crazy and the strategy that adds to a shooter is simply amazing. for me, its what the newer BF and all COD games have lacked. taking away the destruction in BF3 or never having it in COD is a step back imo.

demon souls i agree with. showed that a hardcore audience is stil...

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thats just reported, not all people who have one fail are going to rant online. i went through 4 360's and never did

either way, we have to wait a week or so. wont know how bad it is until everyone gets theirs. a certian failure rate is normal exp on newer electronics, this is why im waiting personally. i expected this scenario in the first few shipments. dealt with it last gen, dont feel like doing it again. march is a good time for next gen.

in any eve...

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