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yeah i loved them but i have a feeling they would stand the test of time........... however, obviously it would get upgraded to be competitive with games these days while retaining the aspects we love like story telling. i would love another game in that series still #5.1
i hope this is true so bad!!!!!!! esp if naughty dog is back on this and uncharted! #12
its got plenty of games sir. why troll the x1??? clearly your not a fan of it, why even look at its articles?

thats said, i should go to that site and suggest a redesign with an exchangeable HDD like the ps4. that is one thing i wish they did esp with them focusing so much on digital this gen.. seems like that would have been a no brainer. they could have even went with a 250 gig hdd to reduce cost and leave it up to the consumer to get a bigger one if they wanted too. #1.2.3
its missing all of that???? #1.1
im a gamer. i will gladly play any platform with a game on it i like. been buying all systems since i was old enough to afford them all myself. i pick one as a main, play most on that and then just dabble on the others for exclusives. my choice isnt based on the company either, could give a rats ass about MS or Sony or Nintendo. as long as they keep producing decent products, thats all that matters. i will be a loyal customer for that reason and that reason alone, the minute they stop, i stop... #7.1.2
haha these wars are fueled simply by fanboys. these two companies only act like it matters to trick them hardcore boys then when nobody is looking, they are laughing about it and swimming in all the green!

end of the day, money is all that matters to either one. MS only changed their policies in fear of a lack of green and sony is only acting so good this gen to keep the green flowing. remember back to the ps3 release when they were arrogant douche bags. changed their tune re... #7.1
damn lol you people took that seriously!!! #1.1.7
you must not be a souls fan. no console is essential unless you have dark or demon souls on it.

thats said, ps4 still looks beast. im waiting but excited to get into next gen around feb. just want to wait until the launch issues are worked out #1.1
um easy, its a game set in space. the entire universe hasnt been explored. new races could pop up at anytime and it wouldnt be odd. #1.2
arguably paid off. in total he may have saved a couple grand. he prob spent way more in games and the time it would take for all that....pretty sure he has done nothing but play videogames the last 7 years. but to each their own i suppose, if he enjoyed all that time, i guess its a win #1.2
calm yourself down chief, my haha was a celebration because it didnt happen to me, obviously that situation sucks for anyone, clearly ive been there many times #9.2.1
1 half broke ps2 - this guy still works on occasion but hard to complain. it had a of life in it

2 broken xbox's - each lasted a solid 2 yearsbefore they comepletely stopped but both had disc read errors afetr only about a year

4 broken 360's - red rings. first time it happened was the day i picked up the original gears. annoying to say the least

1 broke ps3 - had since about 1 year after launch, decent life span but also wasnt used m... #9.1.1
HAHA exactly why i decided to wait. i also have terrible luck with electronics, this was almost certainly going to be me if i got mine today! #9
hopefully it can see a womans boobs too. ill play a lot more kinect then #8.1
fair enough #7.1.1
no they werent. if you didnt like the product they were selling, dont buy it. you have a choice #8.1
whats the point of waiting anywhere but home? pre-order it if you want it day one, pick up when you get around to it #7
choosing to quote statements out of context? check.

anything can read in a direction that you prefer it too when you only take the bits and pieces that are going to support your opinion.

what you did....

"By the website's own logic.

Less powerful? Check
Gamepad is worse than DualShock 4? Check
It's not prettier than PS4? Check
Site admits it's a very gimmicky console? Check
<... #1.6
"Ryse is a game so masculine and hardcore, playing it is akin to watching the battle sequences of 300, Gladiator and Spartacus edited to music by Amon Amarth and Manowar."

-300, gladiator....two of my fav movies of my fav shows
-amon fav band

guess this is an absolute must play for me #14
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