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truth. i dont think they realize that the likely hood of profits on a reboot isnt that good. that first title in a reboot is the one thats gonna try to make gamers forget about the shit games before it. once we know the franchise has returned to its former glory, many more will pick up the sequel knowing its a quality franchise again.

i rented the new tomb raider because of that exact reason. it looked good but the others before it were mediocre at best. im not dropping 60 f...

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super meat boy can suck my balls. that last level is punishing. i still cant beat it. great game though

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i agree the first is better. i actually preferred the gameplay in the second more but the story is much better and makes more sense in the first which as a result had me more invested in the character and world

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idk about that. dark souls and the witcher 2 are my fav games last gen ( along with mass effect series and dragon age ) but i did like dark souls better. as far as the next two W3 and DS2, could go either way. one thing is for sure though, they will both be amazing and i dont have to choose one or the other. ill play and enjoy both more than anything else. they are also so completely different that they can hardly be compared

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i picked up atv and arcania. been wanting both of those a while. the deals on xbl have been awesome lately. im running out of space.

sleeping dogs=free
shoot many robots=free
hitman absolution=7.49
atv reflex=4.99

sold deals


darksiders are great games. highly recommend

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im sure they dont last long but i doubt they are impossible to find since i have the last two times ive been in a store. im still waiting though, im getting my ps4 prob in the summer. dark souls 2 and hopefully the stick of truth is good. both of those look miles better than anything on x1 or ps4 right now

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good games. 2 banjo's too. classic banjo and new style banjo though.

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the same could be said about the relentless whining and bitching about the xbone on this site is getting extremely annoying.

i personally dont understand either. unless sony or ms cuts me a paycheck, i couldnt care less about which win so long as they both do well

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thats not really anything to go by. i went to a super walmart 6 days ago, 2 ps4's ( almost got one, would have if it had rpgs yet ) and no xbones. then i went to target 2 days ago, an entire case of xbones, at least 6 or more and they had 3 ps4's. the consoles are prob hard to come by at a specialty store like gamestop but at large retailers not so much unless im just the luckiest s.o.b. in the world

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i have no beef with free to play as long as its priced right. free to play with micro trans or the option to drop 60 for everything. if i cant get everything for the price of a full game instead then i think its dumb

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and if you like the character available, then hell the game is free. this is a solid pricing model imo esp for a fighting game

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dont try to go all fanboyish. it has nothing to do with multiplat, it has everything to do with square trying to "westernize" all its games when nobody asked them too. FF should be a jrpg, all of squares works should have remained jrpgs but instead they want to appeal to the west, dumb down, and make all their games more mainstream. yes they did go multiplat for the money but they also tried to change the way their games are designed as well and thats what did...

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the problem is, they are giving away shit games or games literally everyone already owns like halo 3 and gears. if they want to give away old games instead of new games, they should give away lesser known titles like eternal sonata or something. a quality game that few people played. this way people will want to try soemthing new for free even if its old, everybody and their grandma didnt already play and beat it so it still has value and who knows, maybe they spark interest in a franchise th...

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for new ip's, its not a bad idea. torrents have actually been beneficial for a lot of things i like. some games i really wanna try but dont feel like spending the money in hopes i like it. then i may pirate it, if i love it, i typ end up buying all their games from that point out.

i actually plan to try this now. if i do like it, i will likely pay for it and def buy a sequel

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i agree. so little to do besides fetch quests with mediocre storylines and boring dungeons. the size and scope of that game would have been superb if they filled all those dungeons with bosses, sub bosses, puzzles, challenges of some sort, new gear, etc. but most are empty and have useless shit in them which only serves as something to sell to make your own gear which is much better than anything you can find

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in other news, the sun rises daily............

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literally lol'd

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yeah still seems like a huge waste. so many much cheaper things to destroy but i suppose by using a new product, that alone will get hits

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im 25 hrs into tales of vesperia. fantastic game. i hope this makes it to 360 or ps4

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