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i agree but south park is close. those are the only two games i even care about this year and they come out within a week of each other lol #11.1
you and me both!!!!!!!!!! #1.2
i found demon souls way harder. aside form a handful of bosses ( orn and smough, the spider bitch too ) dark souls was easy i think. #3.3
i agree. it makes no sense they arent anyway. the publisher doesnt need to pay for packaging, artwork, shipping, many cost cut out yet the price is the same. one can only assume greed at that point since all those cut cost at the same price just means more profit #2.1
well i personally thought halo 4 was amazing. id love to see what 343 can do with the x1 and if i was getting an x1, titanfall and halo would both be day one buys.

ive been over cod since world at war

and destiny looks very good but we will see. im not 100% sold on it yet....80% sold.

overall, all will be a huge success im sure #14.1
couldnt agree more. if its part of their cybertron series, day 1 purchase. i loooooved both of those games #2.2
true it may be pre-owned but so is half their stock. they allow employees to take games home and play them then turn around and sell them new #3.2.1

lmao im not saying it wasnt flawed but it was still good fun. the combat was enjoyable and the story was real good. it is what it is, no amount of bitching is going to change it. try to enjoy it for what it was and hope the sequel is better or skip it, hope for a better sequel and move on. nobody is forcing you to do either #2.2.2
i hated DA2 for years....then i went back early last year and played it and actually really enjoyed it. when i first got it, i wanted an orgins 1.5 what i got was not what i wanted. pissed off i put it down. went in with a bit more of an open mind and really enjoyed it. im still hoping 3 is much more like origins and origins is def the better game but DA2 is not bad by any means #2.2

that ninja gaiden spin off
south park
ff lightning returns

and most importantly..... DARK FLIPPIN SOULS 2!! my life will be complete! #2.2
it seems each one def appealed to people in different ways. i know peeps who like the first the most, some the second, some the third, its almost unanimous that while liked, nobody thinks judgement is the best.

for me, 2 was the best. its actually one of my fav campaigns ever. that said, i didnt care much for 1 or 3 and other than the mp demo ( which i enjoyed ) i didnt play judgement

this news to me is also "meh" at best. it doesnt really mean anyt... #1.3.1
id def buy an updated halo 2. greatest mp of anygame mostly because the map design is superb #9
right lol wtf #1.1
or not, why would you want to shrink your fan base for one product when you can just add to the new while keeping the old. this is competition, nothing despicable about it. plus not like they are forcing anyone. dont want too, dont do it. duh #26.1
my ps3 doesnt work anymore....wonder if i can give them the broken one lol #30
looks great to me. bringing back classic characters, gameplay that looks like legacy of kain and castlevania, i personally cant wait. you shouldnt always think a game needs hype to be good, if anything that usually sets an unrealistic bar leading to disappointment #2.1
didnt finish the first but will get this! #8
im still prob gonna buy this. ill try the demo later #3
if they were smart they would just cut their losses and focus on where they are dominating. gaming.

unless they reduce the cost of their tvs they wont be recovering there ( which is sad because the quality of their tvs is still much better but most people just care about size and price, not picture quality ) so, get out of that business, dedicate those resources to gaming and dominate even more and from there on out, things will look up #1.2.1
i wouldnt be able to wait any longer anyway myself. ill just get both versions..... how awful could it be to have to play through DS2 at least twice??? ;) #1.3
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