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well i dont think you should say "flawed by design" in a review unless it actually was. to me that indicates a broken game, such as the features included do not work. Most of the things he complains about are while the souls fan base loves it so much. example and i quote....

"This also makes the game uncompromising. One dodge too soon and the enemy will capitalize on it; one overzealous sprint into darkness and a pitfall will take everything away. Death is alwa... #3.1.1
probably ever. i think dark souls is the best game ever released. if this is as good or better, life is great. work cant end soon enough #1.2
you missed 3D dot heroes on ps3, one of the best adventure games this gen.. more or less a clone of a link to the past on snes but a damn good clone.

from is my fav dev.. #1.2.4

just shut up lol who the hell cares. dont like 360, keep it to yourself. wasting time trolling isnt changing anyones mind #1.1.2
agreed. its a 10/10 for me. i dont care which system it sells the most on as long as it sells well period. could be the start of a great franchise #1.1
its just days. its almost painful to wait any longer lol #1.1
couldnt agree more. not an excuse but it happens everytime they release a game. just like dice and battlefield during the launch.

in any event, im still picking this up today #2.1
rocksteady just get batman. its that simple. #23
one flippin weeeeeeeeek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) #5
idk why but typically when a game dosnt get reviewed because of an embargo, they already know its either mediocre to sucks and want to keep bad press to a minimum so it doesnt effect those getting it day one.

the other option even though its rarely the case, the game is so good they dont want spoilers out there.

ive been looking forward to this game for years so i hope its option 2 #3.1.2
i didnt much care for the man either but since he has been gone, their game havent even been worth playing. even the updated NG3 was mediocre at best #4.1
i want to play it right away but my only reservation is dark souls 2 comes out next week.... #1.2
easy game of the year. im glad people realized how great it was #7
xbox has been my primary system since 2002.... going ps4 this gen. only a handful of reasons though...

-ps always gets more exclusives and imo they tend to be more varied not always a shooter variant or fable

-ps gets way more rpgs which is actually the number 1 reason

-ps4 has a hdd i can swap out esp since i plan to go all digital

-ps4 is 100 less, still 40 less if i want the eye with it. all that plus it has better hardwar... #2.1
fall was better. both are great though. this is stupid not to give it back to them. #5.1

damn shame too because i looooooove the first two high moon did #4 love for gaming is dying. other than these 2 and the witcher and dragon age both which may not even come out this year...i dont have much desire to play anything. not to say that cant change but as of now, thats where i stand. i usually go in periods like this though, its not uncommon for me to take months off then jump back in and play a ton #11.1.2
i agree but south park is close. those are the only two games i even care about this year and they come out within a week of each other lol #11.1
you and me both!!!!!!!!!! #1.2
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