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i disagree, i think DS2 is way harder than dark souls 1. DS1 was only hard at a handful of moments like the spider chick in blightown and orn and smough. but other than those, not hard.

Dark souls 2 though, its been way harder to get to that point where i breeze through everything like i did after orn and smough in DS1. plus they keep farming down and have the life penalty.

demon souls on the other hand, that game was just hard in every way

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that sucks dude, ive been playing around 16hrs and i have yet to have it even stutter once

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game looks awesome!

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I agree with him though. game looks fantastic but p2p is a dealbreaker for me.

i wouldnt have any beef with a p2p model personally if it was an option and not the only way. in fact id love to see all games be p2p but only if it was modeled like this...

download free, p2p certain features items, etc or at any moment, you can pay the full usual $60 for all the content.

done like that i think its a win for everyone as you can try any game you ...

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dont hold your breathe, ive been hoping for a sotn sequel on consoles since the game came out lol

whats worse is the feeling of knowing how good a castlevania game can be because of sotn then getting all the other ones over the years which while usually decent, dont come close to sotn.

the gba games were the closest we've ever got, they are pretty great though

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i agree....does look bad ass though. i would def pick it up if it plays nice

the thq/yukes games were great. this has a lot to live up too

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that they do.....its an incredible game. 10/10 imo buuuuuut i will say this, its unbelievably hard at first. def takes longer to get strong and start breezing through it than dark souls did.

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i agree. 10/10 for me, the difficulty being too easy as its only flaw.

and the abortion scenes. dont bother me or nothing but both were buggy as shit. i seen the snuke blow up 20 times

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its always looked mediocre to me. just another third person shooter with a gimmick. no real depth beyond that.

although i may just be being overly picky because ever since the souls series started last gen, everything else just feels so shallow in gameplay compared to it and with DS2 having just come out and so far being everything id hoped for and more, life is good

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i didnt think so either. got about 4 hours in and i think it looks really good personally. this video isnt right

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nah man, i think its just the majority of peeps, myself included, dont care that much. its not like its hideous, much of it looks really great and the art style is fantastic. personally i think it looks better than demon or dark from what i played so far

plus, im just not much of a whiner. if i dont like something i just simply dont play it rather than complain

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i think it looks great personally. is it the best looking game ever? not even close but it looks solid for 8 year old hardware, def better than average and very good for a from software game. anyone who is a fan of this dev knows most of their games are lower budget and gameplay comes before graphics like it should and with that said, the gameplay cant be matched.

you guys ( not you the person im replying too ) can complain all you want and worry about your graphics all day, ...

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shit is hard as fuck! i didnt even find dark souls 1 all that hard. a handful of spots had me stuck but id be surprised if i died 30 times the whole game.....ive def died that many already lol

got to the first boss last night in fact....nothing like the feeling of being killed 3 hits or so before i finish him off. good old souls series.

all that said, easily the best game last gen, a title once held by demon and then dark souls. first series ever where 3 tit...

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hmmm im a little surprised to hear someone who has played the older ones still enjoy that one. to me they cut to much. a sequel is supposed to build/add features and content. they cut too much and made the game far too casual for me.

to each their own i suppose.

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like i said to the guy above me, go back and play the previous two if you like skyrim so much, they are better games. daul wielding is about the only good addition that skyrim brought.

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wtf did skyrim redefine lmao???? it has half the features of oblivion that came before it, its just prettier. and it has like 100% less features and content than morrowind, 2 games before it. that game was a poor sequel that got way more attention than it ever deserved.

the same can be said about gta4 which was a shadow of san andreas.

lbp and minecraft though, those are def not over-rated.

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i like....
havent played tropical freeze yet, will when i eventually get a wii u

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lol some people jsut like to disagree i guess. amazing game btw

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meh, who cares. just give us a release date and dont fuck it up. ME1-3 are all in my top 10 best games last gen.

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this and dragon age were also the games i was waiting for before i got the next gen.....but honestly i didnt think it was coming this year anyway. too big, too high quality of an rpg. rpg games take time thats why you rarely see any within the first year of a new console

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