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yeah but what consumer actually cares about numbers? is your day gonna be any better know they sold 2 million or 3 million? is it going to make you want the system more if you dont already have it? is it going to make the system better because it sold more?

the answer is no to all of those. it wont effect you in the slightest so why waste time with it?

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yeah i agree. i could care less about sales buuuut this e3 was solid but honestly nothing that surprising and the new announcements were just okay. i liked crackdown but i would have taken a real Rare game over that anyday

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boring list. i feel like its always the same games

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clearly a troll because the x1 is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more powerful than the wii u lmfao

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and no transformers, wtf

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depends. there's not too much left for me but as long as i get transformers, dragon age, and probably drive club, thats enough for me until next year when the witcher drops

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delays suck but i dont think they are hurtful in anyway. release a shitty game or wait and release something worth playing. thats what it boils down too. id rather wait and play something worthwhile than spend time and money on something that sucks

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you obviously didnt read my second response and if i was a fan boy, why would i have gotten a ps4 lol im just stating facts.

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omfg let go of street fighter 4 already and make a 5. how many editions can you give one game. capcom sucks so hard these days. what happened to the epic company that was beast back in the nes, snes, ps1, and ps2 days. they need new people running things. ive never seen a company fall so hard, even square didnt sh8t the bed this bad

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i didnt say it was in a bad place, i just dont think its in a better position than x1 and i was speaking mostly of exclusives and not including little indie games, free to play games ( although tech i suppose KI is ), or multiplats because tech thats all i own on ps4 at the moment ( bound by flame which is bad, and rayman legends ). both need new games, i just think the x1 has a better selection at the moment at least to me. again though, im 100% certain that will change which is why i got th...

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you know i got a ps4 and its solid but i think right now, the x1 is beating it. ps4 has no games to play right now where ms at least has rise, forza, killer instinct, and dead rising. ps4 has killzone, infamous, and thats pretty much it.

i know ms usually does well in the beginning then shits the bed where sony typically gets better and better which is why i went ps4 this gen but right now, i dont think sony is winning in anything but sales which is likely because of all the ...

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id be inclined to agree. i will be willing to bet this will be the first game to truly show off the power of next gen

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yeah they just downsized, currently they are working on call of duty as far as i know but i agree, im a little worried too. still because the last two were some of my fav games im picking this up. not like ps4 has much else to play right now anyway

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the game looks amazing

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high moon is still around they just had a staff reduction. im hoping and preying this is as good as foc/wfc because those are two of my fav games last gen. i wont be surprised if its not but im tryin to be positive

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honestly its not worth a rent, your time, or 10 dollars.

its a 4/10 at best. has some good points like the customization and the story is solid so far but combat is awful, it could be good but its so poorly balanced even on medium its way hard and i love a good challenge like the souls series but this is hard because of the balance. you have so many combat options but never enough resources to utilize them all. graphics look last gen even on ps4 and voice acting is bad.

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my next buy

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but kinect sports!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ugh lol wtf are they doing at MS. rare could have been their greatest asset. this, a new conker, a new platformer banjo plus th enuts and bolts, pinata, KI, battletoads, kameo sequel, new ips, etc....

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"almost all bosses have the same tactic here in DS 2. Just circle and block and hit."

yes its easy to describe the game as "just circle and block and hit" you can break almost any game down like that lol since thats the basics of the game. watch....

"almost all bosses have the same tactic here in Mass effect. Just take cover, pop out, shoot or ability".

very easy to break a game down to its basics but obviously ...

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haha "basically what you get with every other game"

except it has....
wicked deep crafting system for upgrading weapons
unique items to find
more stats than 95% of rpgs
a hugely varied connected world
tons of enemy variety
online co-op
online message system like no other game
various types of magic
several types of melee weapons
tons of secrets to find
lets you actually discover ...

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