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agreed. better graphics rarely ever makes a better experience. can it add to it? yes absolutely but a shit game is a shit game even if it is 1080p 60fps. if thats your sole reason for owning a console, thats sad.

the console with games that appeal to you most should be the primary reason for any gamer. first and foremost it should be launch titles vs launch titles then future announced titles vs future announced titles. then factor in the rest like controller, UI, extra featu...

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i was at ufc 165, easily one of the best fights ever

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this^^^ i think she is a major bitch. i dont think tate is gonna win though, as much as i hate rousey, she is beastly. (i love tate too so sexy, seems genuinely nice and i would love to see her win but im not getting my hopes up )

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I hate rousey, after seeing her on ultimate fighter her personality suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks

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i will agree with anyone that launching full of issues is unacceptable for any game but anyone with even the slightest experience with battlefield will know that these games always launch with a huge list of issues and the games are barely even playable for the first week or two. its always good to give BF at least another month after launch then hop in. not saying it should be this way but it has been for the last decade plus so no reason to act surprised or upset by it.


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ms has one year for $37 right on xbl too

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actually 12 was pretty different from 11 but nice try. play them before you comment

also, different reviewers. some people arent bothered by yearly updated titles. some are. clearly jim sterling is, this guy isnt.

im not bothered by them either. if there is a year between titles then i accept more of the same. the devs/publishers just need to be careful with doing that kind of cycle and every 3 years or so have a major update. thats what wwe did with 12, the...

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"performance is all what it's about when you buy a console."

most hilarious and retarded statement ive ever heard. nobody buys a console for performance, thats when they buy or build a powerhouse PC. those people care about performance.

people buy consoles for their ease of use, no need to upgrade, no need to worry about "requirments", simple to hook up, simple to troubleshoot, easy to use UI, etc.

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no doubt they lost but they still have solid sales which are nearly equal to sony despite not being able to penatrate the second largest gaming market japan. this is also going against two companies that each have a decade more experience in the market, more ips, and more classics.

they may have lost but its not by much, if they got obliterated that would be bad but they didnt and continue to establish themselves. its also almost a guarantee that they will take second in this...

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i played the demo on 360 last night. nice graphics, story seems cool, same boring tired gameplay as all the other lego games. other than their look and occasionally holding the b button to watch something get built, the games ave nothing to do with lego and rather shallow gameplay. they should take a note from minecraft or banjo nuts and bolts and make a real lego game just seperate yourselves from the other two by keeping the charm and story

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easily my most anticipated game in years

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ive never played any AC before because they looked meh, this one looks great though

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some people just want to watch the world burn!!!!!!! ahhh im awesome :)

but seriously, so many people just hate to hate and want to see everything fail so they will believe what they want and spread bs just to get others to think the same. just how it is

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this is arguably the most intelligent thing ive ever seen said on this site. for me it comes down to...

1. games ( exclusive or not is irrelevant, most of my favs are third party titles. )

2. controller

3. UI

since my favs are third party, my fav controller is the 360s and i also think 360 has the best UI, obviously ive stuck with the 360 as my primary this gen. i did get a ps3 though after about a year into its life cycle an...

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not really the point im making. the point is, for that kind of money you can do so many other things, hell you could even throw a cruise in that mix. no console, pc, gaming anything is worth 10gs. that guy is a moron for trying to charge that and anyone who pays it is even more idiotic. even if your rich like scrooge mcduck and have tons of expendable cash, it still wouldnt make sense to pay that for a ps4

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^^seriously. heck for half that price you can build a bad *ss pc, buy a 60 inch tv, get an xbone, but a few games, and treat your gf to a nice date so she isnt pissed you spend the next week gaming.

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i got it over gta v lol but ive been an AC fan since about '98. its good, 6.5 seems about right. the mp is just about useless so they need to go back to a real sp campaign with some mission variety, a story, bring back the arena, and for mo just go with the traditional 1v1, 2v2, and maybe a 5v5. they could also have traditional modes like capture the flag and what not too

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dark souls, dragon age origins, mass effect 1-3, gtav, red dead redemption, tomb raider reboot, far cry 3, halo 4, gears of war 1-3, batman arkum games, i could troll on and on, obviously im not serious but i do wonder how many will respond before they get to this part

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thats two more than most people have! congrats :)

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