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watch dogs, destiny, and elder scrolls online all looked like shit to me from the start. never understood why they were hyped. generic and boring was my first impressions when i seen them and while i havent played any of them due to zero interest, that seems to be what they turned out as anyway.

dont care about the sims and never did so i barely knew it existed.

and unity, well that actually sucks. havent played it yet but i loved ac4 so thats sad it didnt li...

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haha yeah nobody cared in the 90s yet the esrb was created in the 90s because of mortak kombat and people caring

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what is being more of a jerk? me telling you to play it before commenting on it or you trashing something you havnt even tried and speaking about it as if you know when in fact, you do not.

if you choose not to play it, thats fine but calling it trash without having even tried it makes about as much sense as a reviewer rating a game without playing it.

this game by no means is as good as the last two but it was still solid and decently fun. 6.5/7 out of 10. ...

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it is very much part of the cybertron series. it picks up at the end of the last one and then ties into the present time on earth using Micheal bays characters. you should try playing it before commenting on it as if you know as well

it also uses the same assets mostly, same engine, same gameplay as the cybertron series.

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nope, none of them do. they are all just assuming lol. lockdown was the only thing they had in common. well tech lockdown and being set on earth with the same characters/time period right before the film but mostly nothing to do with the movies. no marky mark, no humans period, nothing to do with any of the stories from the films, not much at all.

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its actually not a movie game. other than lockdown it had nothing to do with the movie. its also a solid game. not great but solid. i beat it over the weekend. it plays just like the others just has a worse story and doesnt bring anything new to the table. 6.5/7 is fair. not bad by any means but not great like the others

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i like it a lot so far. the story seems quite good. im about 2/3 hrs in

wish it had an mp like return did though. that would make it even better

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im fairly certain prone was the only real issue. some liked the story, others wanted a more serious tone. once they went serious though most of the people who complained probably realized that tone does in fact work better than a serious one.

its at that point they should have done BC3, added prone and went from there

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exactly, one of the few campaigns with good characters and worth playing through.

level design was also miles better than any battlefield after them

BC and BC2 were far better games than BF3 and 4. apparently they have become retarded at DICE....i gues in their relentless pursuit to copy COD they have lost their identity

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the balance was so bad its practically unplayable on normal

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they had the whole piracy issue a while back, did a flip flop ms style and suddenly everyone considers them the greatest dev on the planet ( i will agree they make flippin amazing games and havent f*cked up since ) but 100hrs for a speed run, thats just plain unrealistic. very few if any games in history have accomplished something like that. i highly doubt one of the first triple A games of the next gen will be the one to do so. i stand by 100 hrs to completion whi...

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number 7 was the first thing to pop into my head from recent memory

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i highly doubt this. they are just building hyp. id take bets it will be less than 100hrs to completion

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i dont see why it matters period. they can remaster anygame from anytime. if it doesnt interest you then who cares dont buy it, doesnt mean there arent others interested in it or people who have missed it.

what about those who were with 360 last gen, missed the last of us because they didnt have a ps3 and now they get a chance to play what is supposed to be one of last gen greatest games. im all for any remaster even if it doesnt cater to me, doesnt mean it wont cater to some...

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im not complaining about any remaster and esp not this one or the last of us ( my ps3 broke just before it came out so now i get to play it on ps4 :) ) and the halo collection.......damn i wish i had an x1 now lol that collection is the bomb

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haha typ n4g.......... MS does something its bad, sony does it then its okay.

sony shows all games nothing more while ms shows games and tv or other features, bad. sony does this, A+ on their showing.

MS gets exclusive content, bad. sony does it, the practice is justified now.

i dont think ive ever seen a more biased community.

this is a lame practice period. same with pre order bonuses that are different for each console. gi...

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you got one bubble for a reason sir, halo is anything but mediocre. it could be argued that the campaign in 2 is but the mp in that is one of the best ever. troll

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i loved nuts and bolts but also would love a new traditional banjo and i was super pissed about the conker thing.

they need to let rare make another real game or cut them loose. at this point its just stupid.

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id love to see GOW, im over uncharted though unless they introduce some serious new features in the next one. i thought the new tomb raider was vastly better than all three uncharted games.

i also could care less about the order.

i want rpgs, a new ratchet perhaps, and some more of their old adventure games like medievil

or a classic like jet moto although i doubt that will ever happen lol

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hell a remastered or even untouched halo 2 would have been enough. this is just wild. makes me want an x1 lol oh well though, im excited for sony tonight.... im sure they will have plenty to compete!

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