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"Gotham's Reckoning"


If its Civilization V, then yes. Yes I really do want to play that on a tablet. Revolution is ok, but I want the added depth. #2.3
I felt that way and wasn't excited at all really, and then I played the alpha. It can't hurt to at least try the beta for a little bit. #1.1.2
I think we should take what we can get.

If they do show of a new trailer or something, they might have picked Comic Con because it won't really be competing for headlines with other video games. #1.1
I want that case, but I already bought 1.5. #5
That's normally the answer to these questions. #2.1
We haven't seen anything from the game yet. They announced they were making it, but never showed screens or footage. #15.1
To be fair Type-0 was a long PSP game. It took two discs to play. But I understand that it is older and this is definitely a place holder. SE won't decide on the price until they actually announce the release date. #5.1.1
I would have loved another strategy RPG. Tactics is one of the best games I've ever played.

On a different note, I hate that font. The capital "i" and lowercase "L' look the same. #4
That and it is more expensive than its competitor, the 3DS which does get a lot of support. #1.1.1
I was only 8 or 9 at the merge, but I am under the impression that Enix was also the "sh!t" back then with DQ. #8.1.2
I was always under the impression that collectors editions should be limited, that way whatever they come with is a little bit more valuable and more importantly, special. #2
True they used to be more expensive, but for me I still have to be selective about what I get. I wish I could get everything, but there is no way I could afford it. I fully expect the best AAA games to be 60 dollars, but I like having options of playing standalone smaller experiences for 15-20 or even 30 dollars. #6.1
The two songs that are out now are pretty good. I love her style. For me she is on par with Uematsu. #4.1
Because they were out at the same time. When I started getting into Destiny, I found myself thinking of how much more I liked it even though, you're right, it is hard to directly compare the games. #3.1
I assume the collections will be available for PS Now. #2.1
Whatever happened to that LBP Hub thing? #6
Finally. I can't wait to play this. Hopefully development is quick. #15
Do yourself a favor and play all of the Kingdom Hearts games, or at least get caught up on the story, otherwise you will be completely lost. #12.2
The sales thing isn't even true. The article says they got their info from a twitter account, which is unofficial. #6.2
This is completely fake, the twitter page even says it's unofficial. Gamingbolt just trying to make a story out of nothing. A lot of the info is based on already announced info, but they mix it in with lies and unconfirmed stuff. #17
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