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"Gotham's Reckoning"


Well they did come out recently and say they've changed the story around. They took out the Stella character and replaced her with Luna or something like that. Even with the changes they've made, I don't understand how anyone can say anyone screwed up the story since we didn't know much about before the director change and we don't know much about the story now. All we do know is that their has been a change in vision or whatever. #5.1.1
Can we just get 7 first. #8
Aren't they using Unreal 4 for this game? I thought both KH3 and this game switched from Luminous. #5
Its a pretty good demo though. A lot of my hype has died down for this game over the years, but after that demo, I'm back on the hype train for good. #6.1
It seems like you can't get the FF15 demo if you don't get Type-0 day one, so if you want the demo you can't wait for the price cut. Just a heads up. #1.3
I think Leonard Nimoy's voice was a bit more distinct though. #2.2.1
Man, a few months ago I got Dragon Age. Put 60-70 hours into that. Then I got KH2.5. Currently have 80ish hours in KH2 trying to get the platinum and haven't even started birth by sleep. Next I'm getting Type-0 which is apparently pretty hard, so that is going to take at least 40 hours. And then after that I'll get Witcher 3, which is another 50+ hour game. I don't think I've ever spent so much time on a string of games before. This is kind of ridiculous. #6.1.1
Do any awards from any organization mean anything? #2.2.1
Final Fantasy 10 is so good. Playing it on Vita is one the most enjoyably game experiences I've had in a while. I was too young to play it the first time around, so even though I know how it ends I still love it. #7
I'm still trying to beat it. I just got to T-Bone. I'm playing it in a bout 3 1 hour spurts a week. #3.3
The gameplay isn't turn based, but it was still very well received in Japan. The story is supposed to be on par with the better main Final Fantasy games. It has 14 playable characters, but like I said the gameplay is closer to a Kingdom Hearts game. The soundtrack is also very good. I guess if you wanted to compare this to another game it would be most similar to Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core. #5.2
I saw an interview with Tabata, the producer for Type-0 and Co-Producer for FFXV, where he basically said this game is supposed to hold over fans until XV is ready. They also want Type-0 to garner some positive buzz around Final Fantasy to get some new, younger players interested in the series. He also talked about this game giving Japanese players more of an incentive to buy a PS4. #2.3
I never asked for this. #1.1
I think you're the only one. Would be awesome if you are right though. #1.1.1
Hearthstone isn't pay to win or crap is it? #3.3
If its Civilization V, then yes. Yes I really do want to play that on a tablet. Revolution is ok, but I want the added depth. #2.3
I felt that way and wasn't excited at all really, and then I played the alpha. It can't hurt to at least try the beta for a little bit. #1.1.2
I think we should take what we can get.

If they do show of a new trailer or something, they might have picked Comic Con because it won't really be competing for headlines with other video games. #1.1
I want that case, but I already bought 1.5. #5
That's normally the answer to these questions. #2.1
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