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Hate to break it to you but it's become a pattern. It wasn't JUST ME3 that let people down. They've been doing it, consistently, since Awakening. Where as Bioware being on the label used to mean an instant buy, they've become a "wait and see" and it wasn't all because of EA, either.

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Artistic Integrity™

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Yeah, like it's only American ones. I seem to recall something recent with a London reviewer getting free PS3s, having a webpage plastered with Lara Croft, and crying libel when it got pointed out. It wasn't much of a story, maybe you missed it. /s

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This kind of attitude is why gaming publishers, developers, and "journalists" get away with so much. If people don't like something, they have every right to voice their displeasure. If I spend $60+ on anything that doesn't live up to expectations or promises, you're damn right I'm going to say so. If you want people to shut up and act like you want, then buy everyone else's game for them.

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Graphics are nice and all but outside of modding it'll never push boundries with the current trends. Everyone is happy being "safe" with their sequels. My biggest concern with games is if they function. Way too many ports this generation that feel like they were made by a team of untrained orangutans.

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Please explain to me how a DLC bundle pack with a few little extras tacked onto it is anything like Elite. Oh wait, it's nothing like Elite.

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Guess you missed the huge Templar medallion the last redcoat was wearing.

Edit : Oh I see. "Blah blah blah American propaganda." The usual stuff, thanks for clearing that up.

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If anything, this game will probably show how far the US has strayed from it's foundations.

I'm getting pretty sick of assclowns constantly flooding every site on the internet about how anything that has a flag from any point in US history is propaganda. Get a damn grip.

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Thanks, now I miss that game again.

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"And the subject dude.... wtf? big mouth or what."

Steven Tyler would like a word with you.

Edit: WTF is this doing as a new comment when I clearly hit "reply". Damn you N4G.

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Multiplayer has nothing to do with ME3's campaign being mediocre. It has to do with Bioware cashing in on their brand and releasing garbage since the Dragon Age expansion. Every game since has had HUGE corners cut and sometimes even bigger lies during marketing.

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same way it pulled off Crysis 2 since they look the same.

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I remember when MW fanboys kept running around saying that when they're two entirely different kind of deals.

Elite charges you for things you get on Battlelog for free, what?

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or pretty much anything they've released since Awakening.

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Actually, you got a disagree from me and I am a Marine. You're bitching about a gaming site talking about game characters and saying it's disrespectful. Yet you post borderline illegible posts in which you're trying to berate someone for not thinking exactly like you do.


Go fuck yourself, you clearly have no idea what actually goes on in the military, just what Fox News shows you.

@Above FunAndGun edit:


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"You have to like what I like." is all I hear.

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"everything is not opinions, but facts."

Understanding is a three-edged sword. Unless you can source everything as an irrevocable truth, then it's an opinion.

Every game you buy is also a license if you ever bothered to read the End User LICENSE Agreement for one.

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This is about 8 years too late.

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I was referring more towards the statements made by Hudson that it would not be "A,B, or C" and similar statements by Gamble. Things that can be proven as misrepresented by the developers. The way they started in on "artistic vision" along side the media didn't help either. Them saying decisions mattered in the finale can be turned into them meaning the entire game since it was the finale for the trilogy.

Honestly, I found the rest of the game great. I...

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