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I've generally stayed away from these games since there's been so many and that's too much money, but I wanna finally give this one a try. Should be worth it. #1
Even Beyoncé was a Pokémon, she'd be the final boss, and she will always go first. No EV training. #2
Good reminder to update my computer already. I'm missing out on this because I can't currently run it. Next gen woes. #1
AC Syndicate felt like an apology for all their mistakes over the past couple of years. Generally, most people thought it was great, so we can only hope they'll keep at it. #2
Ilia looks terrifying in HD. #6
I can hardly see a plan like this going very far. They can try though, I guess. #5
Hopefully not as pricey as the first Kombat Pack. Almost wish I had never bought it originally, MKXL is an amazing deal for people who never played it before #2
This is another one of those games I hear a ton about, usually great things. I'll try it one day, maybe I'll dig it #3
I guess it all depends on the dev, but Activision hasn't had a very beautiful record lately. #9
There's a huge imbalance when weighing the price of a game to the price of a season pass. Companies are too happy to raise these prices the more we buy. It's a shame. #6
Inquisition's cast are what kept me going through the story. The main plot itself was all right, but it was all about the cast and their own backstories. They fleshed it out tremendously. I hope future games don't take too much of a hit from the loss of Gaider. #1.1.1
The controls in RE4 and RE5 are some of my favorite in any game. Feels so satisfying in combat for some reason. #3
If it were any cheaper, it probably wouldn't be as good of a product as it is. It works very well, so I suppose the price is fair. Steep, but fair. #21
It will probably need more graphical power, which means more expensive hardware, which means raising prices, which Nintendo probably wouldn't do on account of them always aiming for that wider, affordable option. If not that, then it needs another really strange idea like the Wii to really shake things up. Who knows yet. #5
Yeah, Life is Strange is an example of how a plot can immerse you in a world without needing an open-world. That sort of storytelling is really special in gaming, when it's done right. #1
It has Dogmeat, so it already has the upperhand. #1
When I initially played it at E3, I was sort of confused as to what they were going for. I'm glad to see it really got its vibe across as well as it did, though. #1
Gotta admit, driving through Gotham in the Batmobile was really awesome, and a fun of getting around every now and then when you don't feel like gliding. #1
I'm sad I still haven't picked up Bloodborne, I've heard nothing but great things. #1
Wait what, oh my god, I had no idea those crystal Pokemon balls were even a thing and they look amazing and I need one now. #3
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