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This game looks fantastic. #1
Totally. It's great news for Nintendo, indie devs, and the players. Everyone wins! #1
Oh, that's right. Thanks for pointing that out! #5.1
That's a really sweet idea. I can't wait to see how to turns out. #3
Better late than never. Congratulations! #1
Woah, that art style is gorgeous. #1
That's bizarre, but I can dig it. #1
I'm worried. It is said that Year of Luigi would be followed by 10,000 years of darkness. #1
The Silent Hill 3 OST is godlike. #1
Dammit. #3
I really want to play this game now. #1
Yesyesyes. The soundtrack to this game gives me life. #1
That demo was so sweet. #2
My love for these games and their soundtracks knows no bounds. Excellent article. #1
That was awesome. #1
Nice. I can't wait to try this one out! #1
I totally get that I could have used a more sophisticated word, but, at the end of it all, that's hardly the point of the article. I mean, I wrote about why I'm excited for Smash Bros., not an analysis on the prose of John Milton.

Thanks for your input anyway. All that aside, I'd much rather hear what games you all are excited for this year! #1.1.3
The double entendre is Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS which can be read as Super Smash Bros. "Four" Wii U/3DS, cause you know, it's the fourth game.
"Funnest" utilizes the superlative form of the base word "fun", which is acceptable in most varieties of the English language which is constantly being molded and tweaked. Also, it's okay if you disagree that Tomb Raider and Uncharted are not alike. Oh, and you missed a few instances of punctuation t... #1.1
Oh my god this is incredible. #1
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It's simply fun to talk about what might be in it. #1.1
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