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Brings back memories. Atari, Nintendo and Sega consoles were all under my tree at one time or another.

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I have this game for PC and i'll be using the Xbox one gamepad for it. I use gamepads for 1st person shooters too. Use what you want. That's the beauty of PC gaming...more choice.

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The good old days. Bugging our parents for money so we can cash it in at the arcade for quarters or tokens depending on the arcade. Lining up to play the new arcade game they just got in. When it was finally your turn you had a group of 15+ people standing behind you watching you play. Thanks for the memories. :)

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Just boot from a second hard drive. I don't see a big deal here.

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My overclocked GTX 980 will do for now until I get a 4K TV. Card looks like a beast though.

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Day one buy for me.

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If your angry about the downgrade then make sure you speak with your wallets. This is going to be a trend this generation.
Ill wait for the price to drop considerably.

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Just curious what brand TV did you get?

I'm usually one of the first to adopt new technology but feel there is too little content to make me want to buy a 4K TV. The up-scaler sounds interesting but I also heard it makes games look worse.

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Good news but I remember Respawn saying that the game would look better on Xbox One due to cloud capabilities. Heres a link to one article......

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Actually I believe Valve said that 3rd parties wouldn't be making the controller. Valve's 1st party controller will be bundled in with other manufacturers Steam Boxes.

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I enjoyed Knack.

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Outlast is an amazing game. Best played late at night with the lights off. Your in for a treat. Its worth buying on pc. I wouldn't wait.

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Ive done multiple marathon sessions with my DS4. Even a few weeks before the ps4 came out I was using it for the PS3. My sticks are like new.

Love this controller!!!

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I agree it does look great on PS4 but I wish it was 1080p instead of being upscaled from 900p. When compared to Killzone or ghosts that are running at 1080p native you can really notice the flaws that come with lower resolution.

They could have made it native 1080p if they devoted enough time to the PS4 version. Maybe they could patch it in like Ubisoft did with Assassins creed. I doubt they will though.

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Its true xbox 360 owners aren't accustomed to mandatory game installs. Seems like a step backwards for next generation.

The good thing is I was allowed to play at 5 percent which didn't take long.

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Mine was shipped today through Future Shop. I hope it gets here Friday!!

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You wont be disappointed with the DS4 controller. I use to hate the Sony controller. It was too small and the sticks sucked. I've been using the DS4 gamepad for a week and love it! It feels natural like there is nothing in your hands.

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I've been using the DS4 since ghosts came out and no sign of wear yet. Those were marathon sessions.

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This deal is for real. I just came back from there. Im still in disbelief of what just happened. lol Thanks Future Shop!!

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I think the game is good too and will devote many hours playing it. With that said I think the game wasn't given much polish as the other CODs. It seems like it was rushed.

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