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If I thought disk switching was such a hassle I would have got the PS3 version...

... But I didn't.

But yeah, Blu-Ray is a good thing.

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Why can't this idiot get banned... Its not news or opinion, just bullshit and puts even more hate on gaming journalism...

And some retards will believe him

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All this talk of Denmark makes me want beer can

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It doesnt have a v6 it has a N/A I4...

... Beaten to it

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PC Modders are gearing up already

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Make it multiplat

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Anyone nut hugs a company or product and feels the need to defend and get all heated about it is just a loser in general...

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I have both consoles...

But I'd rather just have the one, I've only got 4 games for my PS3 and have probably owned about 7 max for it, I've got a dedicated Blu-Ray player/sound system so I don't need it for Blu-Ray playback either.

But its always there for when a game comes around that I want.

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They're in the business of making money, not giving it away.

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Good afternoon Sir...

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Sony said it was a known vulnerability, they also said they wasn't aware of it...

If hackers knew of it you can't tell me Sony's network and computer experts or who ever manages the servers etc didn't know about it and didn't inform management about it?

"The vulnerability of the network was a known vulnerability, one known of in the world. But Sony was not aware of it... was not convinced of it. We are now trying to improve aspects of...

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No point having an Android device if it ain't rooted

Especially if you have a Samsung Galaxy S

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To who?

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I got excited then.

Then I realised who posted it.

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So we can get another bunch of comments from MS nut huggers like Sony's bum boys have been doing on here?

Its stupid.

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Arse over tit comes to mind.

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I don't search for it since every anime I've witnessed all the men look like bandits.

FF series for example.

The only anime I wanted watch was Pokemon until I got bored of Pokemon.

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Anime just turns every geezer into a metrosexual effeminate douche

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Jus how I like em.

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