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Honestly, I thought it was gonna be HUGE, but I'm glad everyone isn't just hyping it up just because it's a next gen title.

Good review tho

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If only the Wii U could have a Dolphin caliber emulation of the Wii, I'd much prefer that

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Bye bye Wii, not like I was using it much anyways

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Is there any chance the the Nintendo ID is better than the Wii's Friend Codes. God those sucked. Who thought that was a remotely well-thought-out idea anyways?

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The next-gen has officially begun. Video games are about to get interesting again :)

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Perhaps another one will byte the dust...

...I'll see myself out.

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I've never played AC3 or the Hitman series, but I have played My Little Pony and the Witch of Misfortune. Are they any similar?

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What is this game summit you speak of?

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I remember experiencing it for the first time. I saw COD2 at Virgin in Time Square, NY and I was flipping. I got home and immediately concluded that I needed an XBOX for these revolutionary graphics and action.

I literally played that game for months. My friends and I would gather to play local multiplayer in the Carenton and Tunisia maps over and over.

Sadly, that was the last game I remember playing local multiplayer. I've gotten older and have detached...

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The article is more of a "the story so far" type of thing, but really helpful nonetheless.

The WiiU already seems like something I really want, so if Nintendo is pumping out something I think is impressive, then I really can't wait to see how the two more "powerful" contenders respond with the next generation.

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I'm sure Sony thought the same thing about trends from Ps1 to Ps2 and Ps3

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Crap, it comes out a week from today. I still need to save up :P Wii U will be revolutionary if you ask me.

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The way I see it, the GTA formula works, so by many standards, it will succeed. But in this day and age, Rockstar needs to keep raising the bar.

Lets take Halo for example. There have been several predecessors (1,2,3, reach, ODST) and Halo 4 is among the best. Why? Because it managed to improve on what was already great.

Here, Rockstar needs to push the envelope in every sense. San Andreas had so many features and GTA 4 seemed to take a bunch of those away. I...

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I really want my Wii U now please, thank you!

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I've played with the Wii U, there's no way in hell Nintendo won't be putting up a fight. If you ask me, it's Sony that needs to work on their home console. Anyone can make a console with strong specs, but few can make games that have long-lasting impressions.

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Do you really think they're gonna call it that?
I really hope they do, and not just do what Nintendo did and go from codename "Revolution" to "Wii".

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I completely agree, it wasn't forcing any references. Some were subtle, some were funny but it was a true video game movie without being obnoxious or "sell-out" material for the sole purpose of appealing to a broader audience. I was happy with the movie overall and I hope this acts as a reference point for future movies. Too bad there isn't much hype about it (at least where I'm from)

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I saw the movie when it came out and I loved it. It wasn't a conventional "video game movie" but I loved the references. Definitely a must for anyone who enjoys a good disney movie and video games.

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Tommy is actually too funny in that video, I miss seeing him on tv

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