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You guys seem to get a lot of stuff from Ubisoft huh? That sounds pretty cool but definitely likely and understandable. Might be a launching title for the new consoles.

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Good job pointing out the obvious. Clearly we know what a demo is and rarely do final products differ so greatly from the demo, especially when a released date is in the midst.

Developers usually send a demo knowing very well that such a particular level is supposed to demonstrate the top of the game's quality and effectively promote the game saying "this is how awesome our game is". Yeah in a perfect world we would be floored when we see the final product, but ...

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Pretty funny interview, I lol'd when he kept losing track of what he was saying

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I'll compare this game to Smash the same way a little brother imitates the art of an older sibling. People will always look at the toddler's arts and crafts and be like "oh it's SOOO nice, Toby" when in reality it's a piece of crap and they're trying not to hurt the boy's feelings.

Screw your art work, Toby. Smash is better.

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I knew it was gonna happen. Now I want to see it on the Wii U as well. I want Nintendo to have a mature scope of titles now.
But I'd rather get it on PS3 than PC

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Specs-wise, I'd probably consider the WiiU in a middle ground, we know that X720 and PS4 (yes, that's what I'm calling them and I know it's not official) are consoles that will rely on raw power. Seeing as they'll be released much later than the Wii U (perhaps a year or more), we know that PS4 and X720 will work hard at making software that pushes Wii U aside.

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What you look for in a game and what I look for in a game are completely different. Yeah the graphics were WAY better on X360 or PS3, but that's not what a game is to me.

For me a game is about the enjoyment I get out of a period of play. How interactive it is and how great of a lasting impression it has. Nintendo manages to have first party titles that manage to consistently give me that feeling and for that, I believe it's in the game and n...

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I honestly couldn't care less of the specs. It's all about the game. The Wii was crap compared to X360 and PS3 but a title like Mario Galaxy was all I needed to justify my purchase of a Wii because to me, it was a better game than what X360 or PS3 could have produced.

But then again, it's all about opinion.

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It's essentially Sonic The Hedgehog for the 21st century gamer.
The beauty of the game (in my opinion) comes from the ability to traverse long expanses in a fluid, fast-paced manner.
+ Add some of the Splinter-Cell characteristics and you can complete any level using a variety of different paths, some faster and more difficult than others.
+ Add some guns for the occasional encounter with opposing forces
+ Add a sexy asian-looking chick with a Squall-esque ...

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I always thought Mirror's Edge was a unique game. A first-person parkour game with a sexy chick and guns? Hell yeah!
I just hope they don't over-saturate this franchise as well, it left a sweet taste in my mouth that I pray doesn't become bitter with sequels and sequels.

I'm glad to see details are surfacing and it isn't just a rumor.

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Nintendo better have some damn good games in order to pull themselves out of this one

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Sadly I wasn't surprised. It's difficult to have something robust cost $299 and still have a touch screen gamepad

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Getting one for my cousin for the holidays definitely. Just the updates are annoying

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It might not be 3D but I think they're just supporting what they heard about a 3D feature on the GamePad. Sure, it's infinicolor but it's still something that Nintendo hasn't really mentioned. But I have a feeling full 3D will be enabled at some point in the lifespan of the Wii U

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I was just talking about this yesterday, glad someone confirmed this.

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Wasn't this game supposed to be 3D enabled on the gamepad according to "Ubisoft"?
Can anyone confirm this?

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Seriously? You guys game ZombiU a 7.5 and Mario an 8.5?
How is this number 1?

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To me, the game console is a game console. What I'm looking for these days is ways to interact with others and keep busy without having to load my game in (i.e.: Nintendo TVii, the Plaza, etc) so this looks pretty interesting in a world where I need more of an ALL IN ONE kind of thing. Overall, it seems pretty well-rounded.

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Now this is a game that looks like it could be fun with the gamepad "asymmetrical" gameplay, sadly it just likes a boring old sidescroller to me. I really prefer full 3d mario titles, but that's probably just me, I'm sure since nintendo keeps making these sort of games, people are obviously buying them.

To me, Mario 64 and Super Mario 3D land take the cake.
The cake is no lie here.

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I need to see this in full 1080p, interesting to see that all the next gen wii U games are gonna be on the same playing field as the PS3 and X360.

You'd think the gap should be the same kind of gap between the original Xbox and Ps3 sort of thing....hmmm

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