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One Direction you say....

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I'm not sure what Budokai means, but it sounds awfully similar to another Japanese word I know... Now which one was it....

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How to make a good DragonBall game:

- Battle mechanics of: Super Smash Brothers
- ????
- Profit

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Just like guitar hero, these games are just a fad. At least I hope so, oh god I hope so

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Because its cool to have an iPhone.

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I'm not sure how I feel about mobile gaming. For me, I used to carry my gameboy everywhere with me as a kid, but in all honesty I feel very immature and childish doing the same as an adult.

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If there's any game that's satisfying, it's SSB. Now I need to get a Wii u ASAP and hope it comes out soon!

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Sega's fate affects Nintendo's. Clearly Sega is but a fraction of what it used to be. When was the last good sonic game released? Clearly they've made some unfortunate mistakes and I don't want to see Nintendo fall under a similar pattern. I highly doubt it, because Nintendo seems to resist exterior influence, but it's still a concern to me

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My dream, but could lead to horrible horrible consequences

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And to think I had the opportubity to go, would have been awesome. I love the FF games so the music always hit me in a good spot.

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I thought it was great this year. I wish they got more ezposure tho

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I meant along the lines of difficult areas, tips or interesting points in the game, areas/paths I should avoid, etc

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It's cool to see the affiliation between the NHL players that are twiddling their thumbs with the lockout, especially with titles that aren't NHL games.

GG Carey price.

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God I love this game. Even if it's not game of the year, I think it deserves to be nominated.

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That's exactly why I never got Mass Effect 1 and I'm glad I have a reason to begin the trilogy. Any words of advice before I begin my long journey?

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I'm really curious to see if this makes many of the holiday wish lists, from the looks of it, it probably will

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I've heard some awesome things about Far Cry so far. Not gonna like, the "Far Cry Experience" that they shot was a nice touch. Never played 1 or 2 but definitely gonna buy FC3

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Yeah be also cut the cheese while walking away, which means that Ubisoft is launching their own home console with 8 processors. With practice, you begin to understand sign language better

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This is just getting me excited for E3, the beginning of the next gen is here and I'm glad to see Ubisoft is on top of it. They were extremely present with the Wii U's launch titles so I'm glad to see them so aggressive with the next generation.

Good Guy Ubisoft.


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