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I'm enjoying the game, but I feel like it's going out of its way to make me dislike it. I'm enjoying the game in spite of its immature nonsense, not because of it.

Come to think of it, a lot of games seem to be that way--GTAV most recently.

Though occasionally a juvenille tone can be endearing--like Disgaea. #2.2.1
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No Zelda.
No Final Fantasy.
No Chrono Trigger.

Another week, another disappointment. #1
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A red case?
Definitely don't want that.

I'm still pissed off at Sony for changing their case design for PS3 games. I NEED SOME CONSISTENCY ON MY SHELF, GODDAMMIT. #5.1.1
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Lack of PR contact for the West is usually the result of being a company based in Japan, oriented toward the Japanese market.

Same reason why only Japanese games from monolithic publishers (Square Enix) can afford to advertise overseas. #2.1.5
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The PS4 is already a pretty low-power beast. I can't imagine it'd be easy to improve much--especially considering how old the tech is.


Anyway, I'd rather they work on fixing up the UI into something serviceable than keep playing around with the hardware--the hardware is fine. It's the firmware that needs work! #1.8
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Mario Kart 8 comes out next week, right?

Gotta decide if I go physical or digital. I don't suppose we know what the d/l size is yet? #5
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@D-Du: I think you're focusing on the wrong thing. It's not the combat per se that gets repetitive, but rather the battles--especially with the more recent games--due to the missions being heavily scripted and the AI being incredibly bad. This makes the gameplay very passive--which is a TERRIBLE thing for any interactive media to be.

I think the line between people who love and hate musou games is very narrow: those of us who love 'em, love 'em because we can... #2.1.3
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I agree completely--I'd love to see another big-budget DQ8 style game--high-resolution cel-shading is tailor-made for Toriyama's art.

As for someone else localizing it... Sony has never localized a Square Enix game (where Nintendo has localized several) and there have been several SE games on Sony platforms recently that never made it overseas.

So I wouldn't count on Sony, is what I'm saying.

Ignoring the Xbox because it's... #6.1.2
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I would much rather see new suits, particularly non-Gundam suits, particularly from non-Seed timelines.

It's a shame that all of the new suits are from Seed. At least they're not reusing the terrible "squares-and-corridors&qu ot; maps from DWG3. #1
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No, that's a valid complaint, even ignoring the rest of the franchise.

It's because the games have so much content. You can spend a hundred hours with any given musou game and barely clear 50% of its content--which means to "finish" a game you have to play it A LOT, and that makes the deficiencies more evident (repetitive combat, poor AI, shallow pre-scripted battles, etc.)

If the game only had a dozen different stages and only a single stor... #2.1
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SE hasn't localized a Dragon Quest game since Dragon Quest 4 on the 3DS, and even then they only bothered to translate half of it.

Our best hope is Nintendo, but they seem to be having too much difficulty managing their own IP right now to devote any time localizing third-party stuff themselves. #6.1
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Wow, that's some seriously poor reading comprehension you've got there, Snake. Sly didn't advise you to start literally masturbating, but suggested instead that you stop metaphorically masturbating to a bad port.

And yes, it is advisable that you do your own research if you're going to be an apologist for a bad port. The metacritic average for Borderlands 2 Vita Edition is 64. And every single review that is actually critical mentions major performance issues.... #6.2.4
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If you don't get a massive swollen erection every time someone mentions a Sony platform or a game for a Sony platform, you're in the wrong place. #6.1
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It's not that hard, pal. They're all on iOS and Wii eShop. #1.2
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Battery life, man. Battery life. #1.1
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Shame. They're all absolutely fantastics--and better than most of the big AAA titles this generation IMHO. #1.1.1
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...You do realize that bubbles have no merit on user quality, as they're often only increased because of idiotic "funny" posts, and decreased because of petulant fanboys?

Also: Pot. Kettle. Black. #1.1
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It's always been my opinion that if someone does or says something stupid, you should tell them.

Either they'll learn that they're being an idiots, or they won't--two potential outcomes, one positive, one neutral. Therefore the ethical thing is to call out dumb****s each time you see 'em. #2
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10:1 says 3D Dot Game Heroes isn't on the list.
100:1 says Yakuza Kenzan isn't on the list.
1000:1 says Gundam EXVS isn't on the list.
10000:1 says Gundam Senki isn't on the list.
100000:1 says Macross 30 isn't on the list.

Those are the odds, folks: place your bets. #1
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The Golden Rule: make shit up to troll for hits. If you're too stupid to make something up, just list some random shit and make sure to put each item in the list on a separate page to maximize pageviews.

Also: jump into the N4G comments section for your article after you post it to argue with anyone who criticizes it. Tell them they didn't understand/read it. That ALWAYS works. #2
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