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The only thing Sony and Microsoft innovated on were microtransactions and DLC.

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"Wait until the game's done" is one of the stupidest comments you see fanboys spew out. Demo are and always have been representative of the final products--that is their raison d'etre, after all!

Obviously, you can't discern everything about a game from the demo--but a lot of things you CAN. Like, say, character design. Voice acting. Combat. Art style. Systems and mechanics. Etc., etc.

Anyone who thinks the final game (any final game) wi...

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Unless Nintendo has backtracked on their commitment, it should be. The better thing to hope for is that it also be Wii B/C, simply because (now that we're all using discs) there's no (legitimate) reason not to.


@Ark_ the two are not mutually exclusive.

Though I think rather than cater to the same third-parties making games for every other platform, Nintendo would be better served catering to--and expanding--their own demographic. ...

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That so? I thought Uncharted was dated for November. Oh well.

As you can guess, I don't pay much attention to games that don't interest me. Oh well.

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If Sony and Microsoft had done similarly, the only big games at all would have been Uncharted, Fallout and Starfox.

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Uh... the unpatched release build was plenty stable. Even with all the issues it had, it was still much more stable than the average AAA open-world game.

If you want to see examples of a terrible, broken game that shat all over its fans AND got nothing but glowing, ringing endorsements from the games media, look up Rome II: Total War.

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The first thing I learned after I was given a Wii was that Nintendo did cater to my needs, I just hadn't realized it.

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Maybe, but it's still mostly multiplats.

Notice how the very first game on the list is multiplatform? Yeah: that's where I stopped reading.

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...Which "they" had no reason to expect.

I dunno why everyone's acting like Nintendo's E3 news was so disappointing. They said from the start the focus was going to be on 2015 games, and we all knew the WiiU wasn't going to have much in 2015 to talk about aside from Starfox and Xenoblade.

Yet, somehow, their showing was a colossal disappointment compared to everyone else who was showing off games years away from release, or (as was the c...

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Nintendo really wants to push Amiibo.

And I can see why. They're probably much more profitable than actually developing games.

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Uh... no. That's not how it works.

If they're not going to talk about NX until next year, it's not going to be "coming" until the year after. IE 2017.

And it's very likely NX is Nintendo's next handheld, rather than a WiiU successor.

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Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition for me.

A shame so much of the media just doesn't pay any attention to it. It's one of the best CRPGs in decades and far too many gamers don't even know about it.

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Very true. ME2 had the best character interaction, best sidequests (if you can even call the drivel in ME3 quests), and best mechanics. While a great deal of ME3 was disappointing, the most disappointing aspect was, for me, how much they cut down on the interrupt system.

The interrupt system was the most innovative dialog mechanic in decades... so it was a shame to see it mostly vanish. Here's hoping other developers, someday, do something similar.

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Which is a shame, because for all the crap they do wrong, they do so much right.

Who would have thought that in 2015 Nintendo would be the least anti-consumer publisher out there? Incredible.

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Famitsu tends to overrate things. They're the Japanese Gamespot, or IGN--more marketing publication than actual games media. It's a shame so many Western gamers put so much stock in it--their "reviews" rarely exceed 200 words.

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Here's hoping they have some unannounced games set for release this year... both the WiiU and 3DS schedules are looking pretty barren at the moment.

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It's doubtful that any game will reinvigorate the franchise so long as Ubisoft continues to embrace some of the most conservative game design outside of Dragon Quest.

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No. If you're black and report something, the police will do something about it.

They'll shoot you.

Because that's what they do in America.

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Resogun, Unifinished Swan, TLOU--not exclusives. Pretty sure Guilty Gear and MLB aren't exclusives, either.

But yeah, you're totally right: LBP3 totally got a 79, not a 75.

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