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Member when journalists were literate?

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It took me nearly 1 hour and 30 minutes to beat get the platinum relic for "the high road." My time was 1 minute and 4 seconds

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Now, don't shit on this guy just yet. Before playing the Crash Remaster trilogy, I would've had the same reaction as all of you. I would've shat on this guy for making such a silly comparison. However, after playing the Crash Remasters, you can definitely tell that it's a bit harder because of the jumping mechanics (yes they do feel kind of broken). I was the kind of guy that got 100% in the originla PS1 trilogy multiple times. If you asked me to beat all the PS1 Crash levels ...

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Ugh! There's people like this in every generation of gaming. There's so many game choices this generation, and more to come (and the year isn't even finished yet). In terms of AAA titles, 3D platformers have finally made a comeback after being irrelevant for a whole generation. FPS games are going back to oldschool roots with DOOM 2016, Wolfenstein, etc. Story oriented games are huge nowadays (Telltale, Firewatch, etc). Horror games have finally made a comeback again (Outlast 2, E...

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I know this is random, but I just bought a PS4 slim! Finally! Can't wait to game with yall again. I haven't played an online game in like 2.5 years

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Crash Team Racing Remastered??? Nah, too soon.
Could be Crash Twinsanity sequel.

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I can smell a gaming crash coming if this is true.

Here in Canada, our dollar sucks ass.

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Activision wouldn't do that. This company will not pass off the chance to milk 80 dollars out of the consumer for as long as they possibly can until the next CoD comes out. That's when they'll probably release MW1 remastered as a stand-alone game.

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Dude, I'm looking at #10 and you've fucked up already. 100Bullets is not a superhero comic, so I don't know how you can say that it can become a "superhero game."

It's still the most brilliant crime story ever made in the comic book industry though. I recommend it for people who want to see what it would be like if Quinten Tarantino ever wrote a comic series. Because the writing, characters and style is very similar to something that Quintnen Taran...

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I agree, why does everyone hate this movie so much?

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Did one of the developers unfairly tear apart the "sis wyte mails"? You want to shit on a large amount of your player base? Good, then expect to get bitten back

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Fire the "writer" (if you can even call her that), Sam Maggs before working on a new game.

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What kind of precedent does that set for game developers though? They'll just be like "oh, let's just rush the game. We'll just patch up our mistakes. It's not like the low review scores are going to be permanent!"
This type of thinking rewards laziness. It really isn't fair to the developers that do give a shit about their final product and get it working by the due date.

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I think it's a little too much to say he "loved it" considering the 4/10 score. With a score like that, I think there's more to the story than just bugs and glitches

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Why does my comment affect you negatively? Do you somehow feel threatened by looking at this attractive woman?

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I'm actually shocked at the comments here at N4G. So much fucking insecurity. This girl has literally done nothing wrong. Everytime I see this type of hate, it SCREAMS "I'm gonna hate you because I'll never be able to date you." It's the same with people who ask girls out and get rejected, and then say "fuck that girl, she's a fucking slut anyways." Insecurity is the most unattractive trait you have have.

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If that isn't the FINEST ebony I've seen in my life. Like DAMN!

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Does the author have an attention span of a fucking 3 year old? Holy shit, this has to be one of the most ridiculous articles I've ever read.

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Crash Team Racing was the best Mario Kart game.

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