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"Next game to play: Gears of War 2"


Waluigi is a filler character like Daisy. It wouldn't make sense to have him in there, he's never had his own game. #1.1
I was really disappointed when I learned that this was SmashBros4 exclusive. I really wanted to use this on Wii mode because I still want to be able to Brawl with a gamecube controller now that I don't have a regular Wii anymore.

And for those who are going to talk shit, yes I really enjoyed Brawl, deal with it. It's a game I'd still go back to now and then because I never find it boring to play. #4
I don't know why people are going crazy over a collectors item for a dynasty warriors game...
There's much better games on the WiiU to spend your time/money on #13
I've been researching about this thing for such a long time (the adapter in particular). My biggest fear is that it won't be compatible with the WiiU's "Virtual Wii-Mode."

I want to purchase SmashBros Brawl and play it on the WiiU using gamecube controllers. I feel like I didn't give the game a fair shot when it first came out, but now I'm looking forward to playing it so much. It would really bother me if the adapter peripheral only works on Wii... #9
Just because they nerf a character doesn't make him useless. Maybe you just have to use a different approach with using Marth in the new game. The dynamics, physics, and gravity are different in every Smash Bros game. It's just a matter of understanding and learning to play with the new gameplay engine #1.2
This movie is getting so many good review scores but after watching it, I've come to realize that it is just a "decent" film. Nothing excellent or outstanding. It's just a 7/10 experience #3
I agree, Waluigi's purpose has always been a "filler" character. Same reason as why Princess Daisy doesn't get her own games or a spot in smash bros #1.1.2
It's great to see this company go. They were never capable of making games with good gameplay anyways. #8
I'm bored of modern military FPS games. I love sci-fi shooters whether they'd be FPS or TPS. I've pretty much given up on the BF series because they've failed to release a game better than BFBC2. The BF series has become just as annoying as the CoD series. Releasing every year with little effort. #12
comment removed #7
I think it's time for everyone to sell their Vita's while they're still in demand. This system is doomed. They're getting no support from developers. #8
I don't see it as a big deal. It's not like they had any talent. #14
You couldn't pay me to play the FF13 series #7
I think I'm going to puke #3.2
Looks like they're not trying to cash in using the brand name alone. They're really dedicating their time into making this a revolutionary experience for the FPS genre. Can't wait #9
I wouldn't mind buying this amazing controller if it worked on the PC. If it was like the PS4 controller where you just plug in and play, then this would be an instant buy. #6
@Doge, you can't be serious...

Anyways: I already see the XOne with too much negativity due to Microsoft's shady business practices. I know they reversed the DRM a long time ago and all that, but it still leaves a very sour taste in my mouth due to their initial intentions. I don't know if I can trust them until the next generation of consoles. They completely lost my trust this generation. $75 means nothing to me at this point.

The WiiU on the ot... #3
I'm thinking of getting a WiiU for this game. I'm wondering, is the cheating so frequent that it ruins the online play? Or is it an unlikely encounter? #3.2
Definitely going to try out the campaign, simply because it's the first CoD game that actually steps it up in the graphics and gameplay department in a long time. I mean, they've added jetpacks in this. Jetpacks, in a CoD game.

I never said I'd buy this. I'll rent it just for the campaign #2
Here we go again. And this is why every gaming website on the planet talks crap about N4G. People just won't listen to proper criticism. The game has been announced a year ago, and we still haven't seen a proper gameplay video. A lot of games already have a decent gameplay video within that time frame.

The Order:1886 still has yet to show "good" gameplay. No matter how interesting the setting looks. All of it means NOTHING when the gameplay is bland.
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