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"Next game to play: Gears of War 2"


No matter how hard they tried to make me buy an Xbox One for this game, it didn't work. I'm still getting the 360 version. #10
Was actually quite disappointed with the latest gameplay teaser, or whatever that was. #20
You might have missed out on Shattered Dimensions, that game was excellent! #3.1
I'm pretty sure everyone is so eager to play as Justin Bieber. #5
Wow, that was amazing! I'm double hyped now after seeing this #2
Wait, if you're sick of FPS games, why would a single player option in the sequel win you over? In the end, it's still an FPS...

Sounds like an excuse for "Hey, I don't want to admit that I find it interesting, so I'll just use the "no single player" excuse to cover up the real reason, that it's not coming to my preferred system. #29.1
Wait, so he hasn't even played it, yet he's still judging the game like this? What a waste of an article. #12
I don't care what it is, at least they're getting more development time to polish it up. That's the version I'll be getting anyways #8
With a framerate like that, might as well release it for free as a powerpoint slideshow. #15
Does this answer your question:

I recently decided to get Fallout 3 for my 360, and I already beat the game on PS3. This game is so good, I'll buy it on multiple platforms. When I get a gaming PC, the first game I'll probably get is FO3 #9
I wouldn't say soft, just impatient #5
I've never really played any of the Assassin's Creed games, mainly because I don't prefer stealth games. But I have to ask, for fans of the franchise: does the formula get stale for you? I mean, there's an assassin's creed game that comes out nearly every year. Does it feel annoying to you, like the CoD annuals? #41
Don't get me wrong, I love inFamous. I absolutely love it, but even I have to say that it's not enough for a single player experiencce to stray gamers away from a new hit online multiplayer game like TitanFall.

The casual gamer is more likely to pick TitanFall. #1.5
I hate to break it to you, but people are talking about this as if it's the new CoD/Halo. With that kind of hype, people aren't going to stop talking about it for a long, long time #7.2
Say what you want about TitanFall, but it is light-years ahead more exciting than most FPS games that come out these days. Every FPS this gen seems to have gone the Modern-day warfare route, with too much realism in terms of universe and lore.

I like the fact that we are getting mechs in an FPS. Not only that, but it actually works! People need to give it a chance before bashing it. I always prefer sci-fi over realism.

And to all you PS fanboys, can you just... #4.2
I have a strong feeling there is going to be a loss in potential sales. The market never responds well to price increases, no matter how great the product is, or how loyal the fans are. #3
It's sad that people can't appreciate the fact that a great game has been released on a competing hardware. This will motivate Sony to release better games. All this indie gaming crap is annoying me. #71
I'm not going to lie, KZ's storyline is crap. I love the gameplay but the main protagonists *ISA are probably the least interesting race in all of gaming. The story is terribly executed. They have the lore, but the dialogue is just sad #8.3
I don't know why people are crying like bitches over too many FPS games. These are probably the same people that will buy anything with zombies in it. #7
Just remember, famitsu also gave DragonQuestMonsters: Joker a 39/40, and that game was only okay at best. #3
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