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At this point, even if it does come out, it'll be critically panned for not being able to live up to unrealistic expectations. Even if the game turns out to be a great product (and knowing Valve, it probably will be!), people will still criticize it relentlessly and focus on the fact that it didn't "revolutionize" the FPS genre like HL2 did. Another reason not to trust most review sites. People will nitpick at everything.

I feel like, after a certain poin...

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Happy Console Gamer will forever be my #1 channel for retro gaming.
PattheNesPunk is also great.
There's this other channel, it's a smaller youtuber who goes by the name "NESComplex," he does some really good reviews.

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Honestly, if you're interested in a game but you choose not to buy it because of some half-ass quality reviewer gave it a bad score, then it's your loss. There are thousands upon thousands of websites/reviewers that offer reviews other than IGN. I can understand if you were the developer, then you'd probably worry because a lot of people habit IGN's website and take their reviews as "definitive opinion." It's even safe to say that a low score from big name sites...

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Haven't seen the list yet, but there's this one game that was cancelled on the Wii. It was called "The Grinder." Go check out some gameplay footage of it, it was an FPS developed by HighVoltage Sotware. It's truly a shame that it got cancelled, I loved the stylized look of the game.

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So he pretty much confirms that there will not be a trailer announcement for a new Crash game. From his comment, it doesn't even seem like they've started development on the new game. The most they have right now could be that they've bought the rights back from Activision. But hey, at least that's a start.

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I wouldn't expect too much from BF1 either. Everyone is so overly blinded by the hype that they're forgetting that it's "EA." You can expect a season pass version with a $100 price tag. You can also expect a mediocre campaign (this always happens for BF games). Everytime new footage comes out for BF campaigns, the internet goes crazy gushing at every detail, but after finally having played them, people realize that they were forgettable at best.

As fo...

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I doubt it'll be BulletStorm 2 since the first one didn't do too well in sales. I remember the dev team being quite upset about it. It's a shame really because the game was really fun. The only problem is that it came out during a time when the market was already packed with AAA shooters. Not to mention, it came out in 2011, out of all the years it could've been released. 2011 was PACKED with games, and I consider it one of the greatest years for gaming. There were other games...

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Did you ask him if he was consuming any substances prior to saying that?

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Unfortunately, this all means NOTHING. The real test is when the game comes out and then we'll see how gamers actually feel. People can dislike these videos all they want, but there's no point if people are going to be hypocritical by purchasing it on release. If you like the game, that's fine, all power to you. But for those who truly don't like this game, please do vote with your wallets.

Plus, it's too early to tell. How do we know that they won't...

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I'll probably get one of these if people find out a way to hack/jailbreak into it and play PS1/PSP/Vita games through rom downloads.

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What a horrendous article. Please, the person who wrote this; do yourself (and everyone else a favor) and keep your ridiculous opinions out of N4G. This site is already crawling with shitty clickbait articles. This article is something I'd see in a youtube comment.

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What? No, Gears is not an arena shooter bro.

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Same. It really sucks for those who bought a PS4 as an early adopter. You are rewarded by being able to play dumbed-down versions of newer games because of your weaker console. I will absolutely REFUSE to support any console manufacturer that releases consoles as incremental upgrades.

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The big deal is that developers will most likely develop the games using the newer hardware, which means that the older versions of PS4s will play a dumbed down version of these newer games. The technical issues such as "loading, frame-rate, and glitches" will be a major problem for those who were loyal enough to buy the earlier version of the PS4

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I agree. If incremental upgrades become a thing, I'm seriously considering to move exclusively to PC gaming and forget consoles all together. The whole point of consoles is for their fucking simplicity.

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This is absolutely terrible if true. The whole purpose of consoles is for their simplicity. Plus, developers get the most out of a console generation the more time they have working with these consoels. Alot of the best games in the industry come out during the late/final years of the system. For example:

The Last of Us
Bioshock Infinite

Giving the consoles more time on the market will give developers the ability to push the...

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There's this indie game called "Happy Hell" still in development. It's a 3D platformer. I just thought you might want to know about it if you're into these types of games. I'm really shocked that a lot of people don't know about it.

Anyways, I agree. I'm very much waiting for a Crash Bandicoot reveal this E3. As much as I love E3, if the reveal doesn't happen, I think that'll ruin it for me this year. I never thought I'd say that....

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I'm all for Spyro and Crash to come back to Sony, but don't expect NaughtyDog and Insomniac to go back to these series. They've both stated that they've moved on to different franchises. But if they can give the franchise to someone trustworthy like Sanzaru games or Sony Bend, everything will be just fine.

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Shouldn't it be a new protagonist instead of Kratos?

Plus, I don't know if this is true, but I read somewhere that the Norse dieties actually killed off the Greek dieties. So that could potentially play into the story. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong.

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It's an absolute shame that game is Xboxone exclusive. Any of insomniac games should be multiplat. If only Resistance was a multiplat game, the franchise could've survived. I'm sure a lot of Xbox owners would appreciate a shooter like that.

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