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"Next game to play: Gears of War 2"


I want as many 3D platformers as possible.
Crash Twinsanity is a very underrated one. #78
Hmm... let me get this straight. The actor who plays the most annoying/cringe-worthy character in the franchise is going to do a playthrough of the full game? Doesn't seem like something I'd ever watch.

Vanielle was one of the main reasons I stopped playing FF13. #9
PDP? Yeah, I'm out already #1
At least they didn't mistake it for UC2 multiplayer #8
I have to say, that was the shittiest explosion effect I've seen in my life. #32
Please grow some thicker skin. #1.2.11
That's adorable. The grunt and elite just sitting there chilling. The only thing missing is a bong #3
I honestly think that anyone who is excited for Fallout 4 has already had experience with F03 or FO:New Vegas. They both were some of the best open world games of last gen, it's hard to miss out on those since they were available for dirt cheap prices for a long time now. #4
I never really trust reviewers when they say "campaign was short." Most reviewers I see out there usually rush through the game in order to get the review done. Not to mention, they also have to play other modes in order to give a full review (campaign/multiplayer/co op).

I never play video games like this. I'm the kind of guy where I like to smell the roses and take it all in. It usually takes me a few hours longer to beat a game than the average reviewer becau... #1.3
Better not be another kickstarter scam. #6
Mangina alert #19
My heart goes out to him and his family.

I don't know the guy personally, and even I feel depressed about this #31
A step in the right direction for Capcom. They've been doing well lately. Personally, I'm more excited for RE2 remake haha #2
These types of delusional articles are written by pricks who prey on delusional fanboys for "clicks." No wonder every other gaming forum talks shit about N4G... #3
Why do people all of a sudden want to play it on their PS4? Just because it's in 1080p 60fps? Really? Did you guys miss out on it on the PS3/360? If so, then I understand. But why would you want to purchase the game again for such minor changes... #1.19
Didn't people say they liked one of the old Mortal Kombat films from back in the day? #12
You didn't even read the title properly, let alone the article before commenting #3.3
These guys are like the terrorists of the gaming world #17
Out of all the non-NaughtyDog Crash games, I'd say TwinSanity is the best. As for non-Insomniac Spyro games, I thought Spyro:A Hero's Tail was pretty decent #8.1
I honestly think Nintendo gassed out on ideas when it comes to the Galaxy series. I feel like they used all their last remaining efforts and un-used ideas, and put them into Galaxy 2 (and ended up being perfect). It'll be a while until they come up with anything new. Even Mario 3D World borrowed more elements from previous series' rather than innovate (still an amazing game though!).

I've read somewhere that the director of Mario Sunshine wanted to do a sequel to... #6.1
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