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I have a rule that I live by nowadays:
"If SJWs and feminists hate it, then it's probably an awesome product"

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100Bullets would be cool.

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I agree.
These SJWs keep complaining about the most minimalistic shit, and when they finally do get a game that suits their needs, they don't speak with their wallets. This is why these gender studies graduates should stay clear from gaming.

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I hope they use these delays to improve their games and not sit on their asses waiting. Oh, who am I kidding? It's EA

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I'm being honest here. This is by far one of the worst articles I've read in my life. Why is crap like this even on this site?

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Why are we still getting articles from these guys? Even game developers wanted to blacklist these guys.

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What is up with you lately Phil Spencer? That has to be the most ignorant thing I've heard in a while. You don't realize how important exclusives are for a console. You can expect XONE sales to decline in the coming year.

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It's way too early to tell. This is no indication whether the game will be successful or not. There were so many games at E3 this year. Wait until a few more weeks until the storm calms. People will begin to notice this game. The game was just announced yesterday, and it's a new IP. Of course there isn't going to be as much traffic compared to a game like God of War, TitanFall 2, RE7, etc.

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All your points are merely subjective my friend. Maybe you just need a break from gaming. I've had "gaming burnout" before, and your comment seems like something I would've written when I was burned out from gaming.

1. I wouldn't say hardware is a minor improvement. It's significant enough to be considered a "jump." Last generation, we were stuck with 24 players maximum in BattleField Bad Company 2. Now look at BattleField4, it's 64 p...

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The test footage looks great! When it comes to 3D platformers, they'll always be day 1 purchases for me.

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The only people complaining about this are probably sensitive SJW tards who need to grow thicker skin. I can actually see how this could play into the gameplay. The player would probably have to complete certain missions for certain "white mob-bosses" so that they can gain "respect" and have access to these "white only" zones.

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If this is true, then I'd say Activision ISN'T the only one to blame here. Sure they're a bunch of greedy pricks but Sony played a part in this as well. They gave out all these "hints" leading people to believe that Crash was coming back. Not to mention that guy wearing a Crash Bandicoot sweater at a conference. After all that teasing, if this is what we're going to get, then wow. Shame on you both Sony and Activision.

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It's an average game in comparison to the generation that it came out. Games within the X360/PS3 generation mastered 3rd person shooter gameplay, and yet we had RE5 release with very awkward tank controls. RE4's controls were perfectly fine for it's time, and did the best it could with the GameCube's controller. But playing RE5 during a generation where 3rd person controls shouldn't have been a problem anymore was very awkward.

And the controls are one o...

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I'm guessing Inafune used all that kickstarter money on strip clubs and hookers. There's no way a game like with $3.5million budget should look this bad. Look at a game like Dragon's Crown on the PS3. Beautifully handdrawn graphics, and a budget of $1 million. I'm truly disappointed. Inafune has lost all credibility, and most importantly the gamers' "trust."

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I think using the word "worst" is a bit harsh considering how good of a game Bioshock 2 was. Sure it was the least best out of the 3, but it's still a very faithful addition to the series. And far better than anyone would've expected from a team that didn't have ANY of the previous developers working on it. I'd say that's quite an accomplishment.

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They're never going to stop making new games. They just take a bit longer. Last gen, a lot of games had 2-3 year development cycles. Nowadays, we're seeing games have 3-4 year development cycles. We just have to be a bit more patient. It's not like gaming companies are going to "stop" new games development all together.
Plus, how many of this generation's games did you beat? You sound as if you're running out of games to play. I can assure you there'...

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I think it's possible to have a good bioshock game even if Irrational Games aren't developing it. Look at Bioshock 2 for example

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Vanielle killed the game for me.
The voice acting in this game was extremely cringeworhty

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Sorry guys, my mistake. I could've freaking sworn I read some news article about these guys filing for bankruptcy or something. I know I've read it somewhere, I'm currently trying to find it. Anways, if it's not true, then I must have mistaken it for a different developer. I hope I'm wrong because I don't want these guys to quit. They're very promising developers

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Honestly, I'd give them a 5/10 when it came to the gameplay department for TheOrder1886. The gameplay was just passable. There was barely any gameplay there to begin with. Just small corridors of generic enemies. It kills me because this franchise has SO MUCH potential that's waiting to be used. It pains me because I keept thinking about what the product "could've" been if they focused their creativity on gameplay.

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