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"Next game to play: Gears of War 2"


This is a must play for me #3
Removed comment* #8

You have got to be kidding me. Crysis 2 and 3 are some of the worst and most generic FPS I've ever played. It also doesn't help that I played the console ports of those games.
There is so much wrong with the gameplay for the Crysis games.
-The stealth is broken
-the armour mode is ridiculously useless
-poor enemy design and variety
-weapons lack "punch"
-story was not unique in any way/shape/f... #2.1.2
I think people don't understand the problem here. They're not complaining that the character is too sexy for that reason alone. It's just that when people hot half-naked women with no battle scars in video games, it makes them go "Ok, I'm supposed to believe that this chick saves the world in those clothes?"

I think it's a valid complaint. #24
I hated RE5. It really hurt me on the inside because I was such a big fan of RE4.
I used to be the kind of gamer that only played kiddy Nintendo games. But then I played RE4 on my Gamecube and it was the game that opened me up to M-rated games. I realized that I was missing out on so much!
I got a PS3 just to play RE5, however I was so disappointed. Even though I knew that the game wasn't going to be scary, I was still disappointed.

Such a waste of $60 a... #3.2
Not everyone is a fan of the "wild west" setting. That is actually what put me off from enjoying RedDeadRedemption. I REALLY don't understand everyone's fascination of the "wild west" setting. I even find those settings to be boring in movies too. #8.1
The movie is based on the manga, which is based on the original japanese novel. And it's oh soo good! #6
Remember CoD online which was released only in Korea or something? Yeah I guess it'll be something like that. #16
Here, have a "disagree" for your terrible English. You get zero points for editing your sentence. #1.2

Opinions like yours is why developers get away with mediocre games. You are promoting mediocrity. #5.2.1

I actually agree with you, and the disagrees prove just how sad the fanboys on this website are. This is why N4G gets trashed by other gaming sites, it's because people can't accept criticism.

A game can still be bad, even if it's completely polished. If a 7 hour game has only 3 hours of actual shooting, and the other 4 hours is "walking around the city" and "cutscenes," then yes I find it hard that people actually c... #3.1.5
Knack is a terrible game. I know PS fanboys that won't even go near defending that game. It has no redeeming qualities of the 90s platformer. #5.1
I'm sorry but that sounds boring as hell. Its getting annoying to play these game modes where a number of players control humans and one player controls a giant monster. #2.2.2
You mean "shoe-horning" multiplayer in a game that doesn't need multiplayer? The last of us had online, but did people really give a shit? No, the single player was the real deal #1.1
They've been dead ever since they announced that they'll focus solely on tablet games. Once a developer focuses on mobile games, they're dead to me #9
I never understood how this is a good thing for them. This publicity stunt will only bring more haters to their channel #5.1
Probably the most intelligent comment on this thread. I agree completely. People are so used to brain-dead FPS games that they play every FPS game as if it required "brain-dead" skills. #13.1
GoW3 on the PS3 had the most intense/epic first level #11
Wait, what game are they playing in the video? #1
Wow, people are so desperate for a WW2 shooter that they'd go as far as buying a CoD game.

There was this game that came out recently, it's called "Enemy Front" or something. It's a WW2 shooter, a mediocre one at best, yet people loved it just because of the setting.

If you guys want a game with WW2 elements, try Wolfenstein:TNO. It may not be the most realistic portrayal of WW2, but still way more fun than most bland WW2 shooters #12
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