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"Next game to play: Gears of War 2"


You have no idea how much I relate to this. I'm currently a college student and I view gaming differently nowadays. I used to be the kid that would spend 4 hours straight, playing a JRPG. I would devour video games of all genres. Nowadays, I can barely manage to play 10 minutes of any game. It dis-heartens me to say this because gaming is one of my most treasured hobbies.

I agree that games nowadays feel like they offer more than we can chew. Think Fallout3 or Skyrim. Ok... #11
Might want to get an R4 for that. Those games are insanely expensive because they're out of print #10.1
It's funny because I truly think that Advanced Warfare killed the hype for this game. We've all seen this stuff in AW. At this point, BO3 will end up looking exactly like AW in terms of gameplay, except the graphics look crappier in this. For some reason the treyarch games always seem to lack in graphics. #13
Careful, Spyro 3 actually has an in-game piracy detector. It doesn't let you get past the first home-world if you're playing a pirated copy of the game. So basically, I just wasted a few hours collecting all the eggs in the first world, only to find out that I can't continue any further. Spyro 1 and 2 roms didn't have that problem though.

You can search for Spyro 3 piracy on youtube, it's true. #10.1
My problem isn't that they moved on from Halo, I think it's great that they branced off to a different IP. The problem is that the final product of Destiny was mediocre, especially for it's insanely high budget #8
The unreal engine is strong in this one #1.2
I think Halo Reach had the best cross heirs, it just felt satisfying to shoot with the standard assault rifle #9
Bethesda's conference made me change the way I look at this new generation of games.

To be honest, the past couple years or so have been very disappointing. Way too many games that ended up being very underwhelming (Destiny, Evolve, TheOrder1886). It actually made me upset that the gaming industry came to an all-time low in terms of "quality games." Not to mention all the remastered ports, it just made me think "what's the point of next gen when most of... #3
Just remember guys, he's playing a lighter difficulty because it's an on-stage demo. It'd be annoying for the audience if he kept dying repeatedly. I think it looks great! It really reminds me of Resistance 3 and I loved that game to death.

I know a lot of people think that FPS games are overdone, but I feel a bit differently. I think military FPS games are too overdone and bland. However, sci-fi shooters like Doom, Resistance, Halo, Bioshock, etc. these add a ref... #15
I'm a huge fan of the Resistance games, and this game reminds me so much of those games. Doom is bringing back the weapon wheel, health packs, and hip-fire gunplay (no aiming down sights), which is my style of game. I truly prefer the oldschool FPS style gameplay rather than the boring un-inspired gameplay we see in realistic military shooters.

I just can't get over how much this game reminds me of Resistance 3, and that makes me so glad! When I heard that Sony had no... #2
I think I'll play it safe and get it on the PC. I had FO3 on the PS3 and the framerate dropped like crazy. Everytime there was an action sequence with more than 3 enemies, it would drop. Don't even get me started on the final mission which played out like a powerpoint slideshow. I was worried the whole time that it would freeze on me which it did once.

I heard the PC version barely had any of these problems. I'm planning on building a gaming PC and replaying FO3 a... #4
I fear scalpers.... #14
I don't always pre-order things, but when I do, I make sure it's Fallout4 related.

Man, I was worried that this generation of games was going to be a flop with all the disappointments from the past couple years (Destiny, Evolve, TheOrder1886, etc.). But this E3 has proven me wrong, which is awesome! Time to save up for a high end gaming PC. #5
Yeah same. I loved Halo Reach and Halo 3 but ODST just felt bland and boring. #6.1
These controllers are crap. Use the Hori battle pads instead. They also stick to the Wii mote but they have a shape that is exactly similar to the 1st party GameCube controllers. They're made by Hori and licensed by Nintendo, double win! #6
The fact that people are still anticipating this is just sad. Move the fuck on people. It's like one of those people who are still fantasizing about their ex bf/gf seven years down. #11
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Please tell me you don't really think that. VR is nothing but a gimmick, this is pretty much the PSMove/Kinect crap from last gen where they were trying to push gimmicks but in the end they never caught on.

Plus, they'd have to terrifyingly stupid to actually think that VR will be a viable business. I have a strong feeling that many gamers won't be willing to spend extra cash on VR. At this point, PS4 just want good games. #9.1
This is a must play for me #3
Removed comment* #8

You have got to be kidding me. Crysis 2 and 3 are some of the worst and most generic FPS I've ever played. It also doesn't help that I played the console ports of those games.
There is so much wrong with the gameplay for the Crysis games.
-The stealth is broken
-the armour mode is ridiculously useless
-poor enemy design and variety
-weapons lack "punch"
-story was not unique in any way/shape/f... #2.1.2
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