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well the poster in the game was supposed to be a reference to the Twilight series, something about wherewolfs or some crap. The outbreak happened in 2013 in the last of us.

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ahah I loved the game and especially the parts where they show a cutscene of joel frantically blocking a doorway like someones chasing him....only I killed the [email protected] out of everyone in the previous room before moving on.

They used the giraffe song in the hotel, totally WRONG geez.

I just gotta say the last of us has awesome music.

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are you a Jamaican mon.

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so they want me to shit myself and never go to work. Sounds too good to be true.

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women who paly videogames are sexy. I know im better than them at it so its ok to my ego if they want to be "gamers" too.

seriously tho, anyone can be a gamer. Even a hard to the core gamer. Im sure when I walk into gamestop they think im some dudebro, but the reality is I probably know more about games then their whole staff and every dorkis in there combined. Its kind of like not being the best at anything but being good at anything. Choose a game neither of ...

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hahaah me and some dude at work were talking about last of us and a chick said "you boys and your video games." LOL I wanted to say, "touch my wang now while I play last of us woman" but I didnt.

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2 things I love to come together is women and my penis.

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well my work is never fun, doesnt mean I do a shitty job like they did.

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fact is, devs/pubs use the used game industry and especially gamestop as a scapegoat when their games dont sell. I bet for 95% of those games would sell the same even without used games(maybe even less without all the credit GS gives for games that DO NOT SELL INSTANTLY). They just need to admit that their games are not as good as they thought, they spend to much money on development/adds and the sun dont shine out of their @ss like they beleive to be true.

They harp on h...

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lashes you need to "use your brain." Everyone acts like they sell every used game they ever buy right away for 55$ and that is not true at all.

Trading a used game is just like trading in a car. Take it to the dealership and they give you credit toward a new or used car. They also try to sell your old car for more money then tehy gave you. When they sell your old honda, honda does not get a cut because honda did not buy it back from you(just like devs/pubs are n...

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she was my wife in skyrim, and I put a skimpy outfit and a tiara headband thing on her.

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if devs dont like it they can go all digital, and we know they wont be competitive price wise with even new physical copies because they are just as greedy, maybe more so then gamestop.

If tehy want money from used sales then they can offer me some credit toward their new game for my old crap that will mostly collect dust, on my shelf or gamestop's. They dont want to be in the business, they dont deserve money from it.

gamestop has to spend alot of mone...

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for a second I thought it was the guy who banged the octomom who had all those kids talking about ps4.

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they are all made in china, at least my 360, ps3 and vita were.

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I still need to buy this game, I really liked the first one. It will actually run on my old outdated comp im sure. But Id really like to see this game get a VITA version, especially since warriors lair was canceled.

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yeah activision only refuses to pay the bonuses they owe for their biggest money maker devs and then gets rid of the creators of their biggest milky nipple. There is no way they are also abusing cod developers.

Also, who the efff do activision think their biggest supporters are, little kids and cry baby gamers obsessed with K/D ratio and dont care about winning or the objective in their game.

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I havent got it yet only the first one. Im hoping it would go to vita, that would be awesome.

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I liked diablo 3, even though it could barley run on my very outdated computer. I agree that diablo 2 was better but that game was amazingly awesome. I had some fun with diablo 3 playing with two of my friends. its not that often that high quality dungeon crawlers come out. I still need to play torchlight 2, I wish it would come to vita since warrior's lair was canceled. I may get the ps4 version someday to play on vita, that would be cool.

THe always online for dia...

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I dont buy many sports games but I reserved the 100$ version of madden from amazon. Will get a game and save 260$ on NFL sunday ticket.

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