Arguments? The door swings both ways.


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You could say their butthurt is... Uncharted.


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Same exact thing happened to The Order: 1886. I have yet to play Knack, but I don't really trust negative opinions on the internet. ESPECIALLY when they are collective.

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So many people getting interested in the game now all the sudden. Interesting...

I bought the test on release, and haven't played in roughly a year. There's no sudden abandonment; it's just overwhelming how much hype the game is suddenly getting, so the ones who have already played it are voicing their opinions. I left because of all the hacking. It was bad and left a very bitter taste.

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@Emz99 The person(s) who stole his bitcoins are simply trying out his bitcoins before they decide if they want to steal them or not, because he didn't want to spend the money on a $60 game. Anti-consumer policies exist because of pirates, just like gun control laws over idiots that go on shooting sprees. He's not helping the problem by being one of the shooters, so to speak. He should simply RENT, BUY, or BORROW the game from someone who bought it. Piracy is absolute filth. The money ...

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Here Donnie, spin this!

As a proud owner of both consoles, you get under my skin. Just because the media only reports on PSN being down does not at all mean xbox is some magical force that is never down. Get over yourself and your silly pride towards one machine and clear ...

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Why don't they make the virtual wheel disappear in in-car view when you have a physical wheel in that setup?!

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I am in the same boat as Xaphy. Waiting for a Paper Mario that returns to the style of the first two!

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But I'm not a rapper!

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80 Canadian Dollar is 62.64 US Dollar, so they're only paying $2.65 USD more than Americans? Unless I'm missing something.

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60 US Dollar = 76.73 Canadian Dollar

So, they're not really getting the shaft, if anything it is making up for them getting better deals for the past however long.

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The green lines are the wireframe, to show polygons/topology. The models are already textured, as you can see.

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Dude, no.

It's because "hardcore" Xbox fanboys are the only ones who are asshole enough to try sabotage.

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Same excuse as Infinity Ward a while back with CoD.

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I am a Niners fan as well, and voted for Sherman. :)

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A Petabyte is 1024TB. :)

That's a lot of storage.

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Next thing on the list is to add a Share button to their controllers.

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Yeah and did it have widescreen support?

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Dude, the difference between 720 and 1080 is staggering. Have you tried setting your PC settings to 720 when you have a 1080 monitor? In short, it is very noticeable.. You don't have to act like it isn't noticeable, because you care about how they can pump out 480i as long as there is a lot of crazy stuff happening; because the fidelity matters when you're showing high end graphics, you want to see high end graphics. 720 looks like trash compared to 1080. 480 looks like trash comp...

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And with the power of muscular inferiority and ego complexes, they would not last alone for very long, let alone expand upon the sciences (mostly) created by men.

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