Game over.
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Could you translate your motto for me please..

La ilaha illa l-Lah,Muhammadun rasulu l-Lah

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Reminds me of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

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There are words somewhere on this page... I'm sure of it..

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I have read enough.

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Finally. A decent response.

"Crept in to fighting games"

It's been the norm for a very, very long time to have unlockable characters.

I'm not saying lock the entire roster away, have the majority of it available straight away by all means.

If everything is available from the start, as in Playstation All Stars, then where's the drive to play the single player "story" mode? (i'm not including...

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In terms of hardware, maybe you're right, the Xbox One may well be worth it's RRP (almost).

As a whole package however, when you compare what you're getting with the PS4
(proven track record of quality, in games and hardware, continued support throughout the entire life-cycle - see PS1,PS2 and PS3)

to what you get with the Xbox One
(iffy track record with regards to hardware quality, support drops significantly throughout the c...

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3 Disagrees and nothing to back it up..

The roster IS small, the story mode IS dull (compared to other games in this genre) and how is having nothing decent to unlock "a positive thing"? Where's the reward for playing?

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It's going to take a lot more than that to get this game going again... Especially now that the build up to the next Super Smash game has properly started.

A small-ish roster, a somewhat dull story mode and no unlockable characters killed it for me.

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It's not just next gen games...

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Not if my print-screen button has anything to do with it.

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I wouldn't of thought this article would interest you then.

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Do people actually use Origin?

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Lolwhat? Bill Gates maybe..

I'm mostly a PC gamer because it's actually cheaper, thanks to steam.

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I also believe the controls/horrific player movement made the game more frightening.

When you've got a blotchy screeching mess dragging itself towards you and your stuck behind a bin/on a wall your only option is to scream like a girl.

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The fact that Microsoft ever even considered it should put you off for life.

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Xbox 360 - pay to play online - bad idea.

PS4 - pay to play online - amazing idea.

Whilst Playstation + is a better deal than Xbox live, we shouldn't be so bias as to accept this as if they're doing us a favour. Online multiplayer should be free all-round.

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As much as everyone disagrees with lonesoul65, he's right.

PixlSheX.. "It will make you progress faster, yes, but that doesn't make you win anything."

You pretty much said "it does but it doesn't."

I've got 55 hours on this game (steam) and you will find that unless you're willing to put some money in you're not going to get anywhere fast.

Even if you're a decent player you'...

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As long as it feels more like the first game than the sequels.. *shudder*

This team seems to be going steadily downhill. Which doesn't really make sense with their record so far.

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With all the focus that Sony is putting on the GAMERS recently, I highly, highly doubt they'd kick them all in the teeth by restricting used games. They had a tough run with the Playstation 3, especially early on, I doubt they want to go through that again.

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