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Sadly it's not half as good as the originals made by Sandlot. #1.1
Awesome read. #4
This was a brilliant article and I'll have to check out some of these on my PS2 if I find them. I really miss this kind of game these days, there's really only Ratchet and Clank left.

No love for Haven: Call of the King? Awww...easily sits next to the Jak games for me. #1
Dante's Inferno has been untouched for about 3 years now...Just saying. #1
I love this game, utterly brilliant. #3
Zool was kickass. #2
Oh good! #9
Awesome! Never thought that would happen. ME1 PS3, nice. #7
Totally awesome! #1
I found the third game excellent, finally found that balance of fun. #1
Saving the world, battered but not destroyed with the world chanting "EDF! EDF! EDF!" from rooftops isn't enough?

But yeah, you're probably confusing Insect Armageddon here, which the ending was kind of anticlimatic. #1.1
Oddly enough, I've mentioned a few times that Dishonoured pretty much has everything that the Prey 2 trailer had, despite being made by a different developer... #3.1.1
Gotta admit, I do worry for this one. #1
Really looking forward to this. #1
Niiiice! #3
Aww. I love Prey, epic in scale and equally as purposely alien and confusing. #2
doh, double edit'y post. #1
Wha? Monster Attack? #2.1
Oh wow! That's an unexpected release date, better finish Sly 3. #3
Wow. Wentworth would be amazing. Seemed to of vanished as an actor since Prison Break. #2.1
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