Took a small vacation of being an adult. Didn't work.

Cajun Chicken

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This game is hilarious, best to play with someone watching too.

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I found that Starhawk was like Crackdown 2. Now hear me out, I'm sorry, but Starhawk did not better the engine or graphics of Warhawk. Warhawk was a brilliant game and just had that right amount of freedom.

I'm not sure what happened with Starhawk. It felt rehashed. Lightbox seemed similar to the way a team of ex-employees were put together from Realtime Worlds to make Crackdown 2 on 360. Both sequels came years after and didn't really improve on the previous gam...

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Wow. The colours got brighter from CoD4 onwards.

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Personally I'm kind of happy that this seemed to of vanished off the radar. This was never a Prey sequel in the first place.

Prey was about being hunted, confused and disorientated thanks to the multiple ways you could travel via portals, spirit walks, planetoid gravity and buttons which affected the direction of gravity.

This did not look like Prey at all.

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Terrible developer. Just couldn't take them seriously after messing something up like Playstation Move Heroes.

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It's totally awesome. Just patiently waiting for the download HD version of Gladiator now.

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It begins.

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Hey, is that a sequel to the Mini version of Breakquest?

I'll have to look into that!

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She accidentally killed her class rival with Deathtrap at a school science fair, her father quickly sent her off to Pandora to get her way from the police.

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OMG. Can't watch this.

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Hmm, Elite community features free but DLC not included? Interesting trade off.

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I don't think I did...sorry! I generally avoided the queues for the new games and probably missed chances of meeting up with journalists I wasn't prepared to wait 2 hours to play Zombie-U etc, lol.
Really cool expo though, much bigger than the previous standalone Replays. Just wish Sony would give in and showcase something decent down there too now.

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lol, I did!

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I'm not risking this as I haven't finished the game yet. Quite simply put Steam in offline mode.

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That's it Gametrailers. You can void his contact now.

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Totally and Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy is the best trilogy ever.

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My God, this is ridiculous and will end up in just losing an entertaining mascot, plus, p**sing off an actor who basically isn't allowed to be himself in any other advertising scheme.

Seriously, Sony drop it. The advert got edited, people learned, that should be it. You're chasing employees away and ruining chances with any other agencies.

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I've played Chiller in MAME. It's like pre-Saw. Not very good either.

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Hearing great, great things about Halo 4. I've been playing Project Lumoria for Halo CE PC to pass the time.

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