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Totally and Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy is the best trilogy ever. #2
My God, this is ridiculous and will end up in just losing an entertaining mascot, plus, p**sing off an actor who basically isn't allowed to be himself in any other advertising scheme.

Seriously, Sony drop it. The advert got edited, people learned, that should be it. You're chasing employees away and ruining chances with any other agencies. #6
I've played Chiller in MAME. It's like pre-Saw. Not very good either. #2
Hearing great, great things about Halo 4. I've been playing Project Lumoria for Halo CE PC to pass the time. #3
This better not take too long to come out in EU. Do you hear that SCEE?

Because, 'Dyad' comes to mind? #3
Capcom. Get onto making Powerstone HD collection NOW. #7
And I bet the Saw collection of movies next to his two games were ignored. #2
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The worst on this list, by far is Bomberman Act Zero. Come to think of it, didn't see Fusion Frenzy 2 here either. #2
Yes, yes it is. #20
lol #1
Why?!? This looks beautiful! #1
... #1
Very misleading. #1
Didn't know Rod left. #6.1.1
Well, I never. I wonder if this is anything to do with the lead of People Can Fly leaving a few months back. #6
Will patiently wait until Toonboom. And then wait until software sales, lol.

Just wondering, I wonder if Steam'll have Fresher's Week deals or something? They've got to do some kind of crazy deals, that's how Steam's monopoly works. #1
Been tracking this for a while and this just looks awesome. I voted for it on Greenlight. #1
I know a lot of people didn't like most of the game because it was set on the Citadel until you get to any proper action, there was more political debating than shooting for about 4 hours regarding the Council. But I enjoyed taking on sidemissions and chatting to NPCs to get a feel for the universe the game was set in.

Plus, the Mako sections kicked ass. No idea why they removed that in the later games. #2.1
Exit stage left. #1
Only thing which has stopped me getting Mass Effect titles on the PS3 has been the lack of Mass Effect 1 and the my keeping my character and choices.

I may have to buy the lot for PS3 again if the trilogy comes out in the UK. #1
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