Took a small vacation of being an adult. Didn't work.

Cajun Chicken

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'Uncarded' apparently.

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Is this some kind of joke?

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GTA is one of the ONLY games this gen to have cheat codes. Most other games have had unlockable content or DLC. I really hope R* keep up the cheats.

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Start with Halo: Anniversary. Press 'Back' button at the beginning of the game, play with that start to finish.
It's up to you to play Halo 2 or not. It has it's moments, but the action is cut down to be quite linear for the first half of the game compared to Halo CE. However there is important elements of the mythos explained in this game which carry on to Halo 3.
You must play 3. The game mechanics start to evolve from this point such as tearing out turrets, ...

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Server issues.

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Okay, that's a pretty cool theme pack.

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I play MDK once a year. It never gets old.

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I've been playing Really Big Sky (the original) and it's an excellent coffee break game. I imagine that the funny commentary is removed for this bigger budget version.

Also pretty awesome to see more that one player in the game, that has to be confusing as heck, lol.

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I'm male, but I would love to play a female protagonist in GTA. Not just Saints Row style. but a real story. I can just imagine the amazing ways you could double cross gang bosses by choosing to be the femme fatale by mixing romance and revenge, By misleading folks into being a vulnerable woman, by putting your family/friends before your dodgy work. It would be a very different angle and there's many fictional models in movies for Rockstar to copy off of.

My ideal fe...

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I think the only issue I had with Halo 4 is that the threat is arguably a lot, lot smaller in comparison.

The game itself is brilliant. It seems short, but to be honest, it's the normal length of a Bungie helmed Halo game, sometimes it would've actually been nice to backtrack like in Halo CE instead of using 'Prey-like' portals.

I was concerned that we lost Johnson in 3 and thought the series would never have that kind of feel of 'family'...

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Nice one.

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Amazing game.

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Crime that this isn't actually on PS3 and only have the subpar bit-part reboot games!

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Satire genius.

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Freaked out elderly residents a many.

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That's interesting. I had no idea about that either. Better make sure I have 4GB left if not, anyone know if a partitioned section on a USB drive would work?

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This is perfectly possible if they find ways to replace models animated keyframes with multiple smears. If I'm honest, I've found that Frames Per Second don't really matter as you can't tell the difference unless you're in First Person Perspective in an FPS.

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I'm going to patiently wait to see what Shopto offer. I did go with Zavvi for the LE of GTAIV though.

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I still dig the bank box and the keyring, shame the zipper for the duffel bag is broken now.

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