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I think maybe they did a bad thing with rechargeable health and only 2 weapons at a time (later patched to 4 in PC version)

But, I've got to admit, 'The Doctor Who Cloned Me' DLC was pretty damned good, shame it wasn't a part of the game.

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Reluctant hero.

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Pointless petition. It'll be on PC for sure, every GTA is on PC because of the mod scene and improvements such as replays. That isn't going to change. Rockstar just want it on consoles for about a year or so as usual.

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I call Doom 4, Doom 3 BFG Edition just had source code released. Little more than coincidence.

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"Here’s what they’re basically saying to gamers. “You pay for Internet service, so what. You’re giving Netflix $7.99 a month, who cares. You just paid $63 for a new game with a ton of online features, all right. Well, if you want to use these things on your Xbox 360 – you owe us $60 a year.”


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Crash Bandicoot, a new UT and Road Rash...YES

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High hopes for this.

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Not sure if I should watch or not...

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Glad to see a few Ratchet questions asked and answered here. So I can expect to hear a date for Deadlocked/Gladiator in December, well, shame I won't be able to continue replaying the series in order before FFA/Q-Force. :(

As for Resistance, all I need is 3. Great for any newcomers though.

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Maybe you don't want to see the remake of Red Dawn in the cinemas.

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Like I said above. However, I rented BFG Edition and loved the chance to play through the Doom 3 games again. Again, I was thinking of buying BFG Edition just for playing Doom 1 & 2 later.

The very least Id could do is offer the 'missing parts' from BFG as cheaper DLC. Buying Doom 1&2 twice for the same console isn't something I plan to do.

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Crikey, that's like half the price of BFG Edition, I was expecting something like £6-£7 not that!

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Wait, PSN is getting a release of all the original Dooms? Not even BFG edition had Plutonia or Evilution! Hell, those didn't even make it to XBLA.

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'Uncarded' apparently.

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Is this some kind of joke?

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GTA is one of the ONLY games this gen to have cheat codes. Most other games have had unlockable content or DLC. I really hope R* keep up the cheats.

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Start with Halo: Anniversary. Press 'Back' button at the beginning of the game, play with that start to finish.
It's up to you to play Halo 2 or not. It has it's moments, but the action is cut down to be quite linear for the first half of the game compared to Halo CE. However there is important elements of the mythos explained in this game which carry on to Halo 3.
You must play 3. The game mechanics start to evolve from this point such as tearing out turrets, ...

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Server issues.

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Okay, that's a pretty cool theme pack.

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