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...'Lips' and 'You're in the Movies' meet the long running 'Singstar' franchise and any 'Eyetoy' game ever made...
Besides Eyetoy clearly came out before the Wii. Probably even made the damn 'casual genre' along with Buzz.

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Uh, yeah. The bottom of the pages have two nice logos with "P&S" in each of them.

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Small tweaks, but yeah. Internet Radio should be on PS3 as it was implemented on PSP. Some good ideas there except from...chess? messaging? Uh... Home'll probably do that if that sort of thing is up your street...

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Totally never expected that!
Nice to hear some little movements of technology going on at SCEE
Question is; 'for PS3, or not for PS3?'

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"What a *curious* name!"

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I bet you.

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But Second Life hasn't been on a console and some of those with a PS3 won't know what Second Life is. Theoretically, its going to have a much wider audience and an overall feeling of a real community on a console.

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Its the same with everything. I'm used to it, all electronics. I know, but I'm still happy I bought my PS3 for last summer.
The worst thing is the MS point conversion over here in the UK, its ridiculous.

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Stuff needs to be transferred to PSP, I thought this was the point. Not buying, I already have hardware capable of doing this on my laptop for £20.

I mean, does this even REPLACE the lack of an EU Movie Store?

I say...No.

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I've tracked that source across 5 websites using source links...That was leaked from an internal PDF, it wasn't announced officially for the public or press and besides, since then a lot has changed.

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Oh, you gotta be kidding me, I must of missed that bit. Not that crap again, why doesn't ANYONE treat EU/UK with respect and equality?
At least we get it and its free.

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people from the UK that don't get American Football, lol.

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A few years isn't bad for a project this big. Look how long it takes to set up MMORPGS and No, people just assumed that.

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I heard that Home may hold special areas for interviews, tours and shows relating to developers and games and have fun built in games to play free in the world, such as remote control boat racing. This sounds really cool.
I'm not a fan of the Sims or Second Life, but this is looking like a feature that will be built in and adapted on future console services.
How this'll fit in with LBP, the mind boggles and holds in deep anticipation. The Buzz zone looks good too.

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We need in on this regular PSone game updates. No wonder the PSP is selling so well in Japan.

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GTA2, got nearly every game since then. Underage then too, lol. But it was only top down and as rude as BBC's 'The Young Ones'.

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But you expect to get exactly the same treatment as people who speak the same language across the Atlantic get for the same 'price'.

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This obviously isn't working out, Continental Europeans have totally different gaming tastes and the use of a console to the UK.
Just correct a few of the spellings in the NA versions of games and get them online on a separate store from EU, I don't need the extra room on my harddrive taken by other languages I don't need.
Its like the NA store waiting whilst getting given Mexican and Canadian French built in games.

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Its getting there. I think it'll be sorted by Christmas. If they get rid of freaking 'Movement' and spend that money on something worthwhile that someone cares about on the network maybe it'll improve vastly.
I have a NA and JP account, but I don't have the right credit card for either of them so sometimes I have to wait and wait and wait, but its got much better in the last few months.
At least I have a chance to read lots of reviews before I get anything off it though.

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