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Microsoft; XBOX software support 2002-2005.

"Do it like Microsoft, if you fail, offend lots of consumers, pretend it didn't happen and bring out a new one with the number '360' infront of it for no apparent reason!"

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Technology moves so fast these days.

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I must own half the games! Ooh! and I'm king of the Chocolate Kingdom with my throne made of pointy Banana flavoured Doritos whilst watching brand new episodes of Space 1999 on my floating bathtub in the corner of my circular bedroom.

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Couldn't help it :D
Totally seeing GoW3 looking a little like this if not artistically better.
...In Greece.

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They had 'Skill Points' built in the games waaaay before achievements/trophies.
It should be easy to patch for Insomniac, like the case with the medals in Uncharted becoming the respective trophies.

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I never knew that.

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Or as you know it;
"XBOX we have to come up with a larger sounding number than '3' to make ours seem superior to the market, QUICKLY!!! make it sound a bit like the word 'Revolution' too!"

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No, since Microsoft decided to drop support for it for Xenon.

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easier to do up your shoes than tying shoelaces.
But it doesn't make you look smart.

My metaphorical input there.

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Vigilante 8 had two games in the series, one good one and one..err, not so I hear.
Also check out Wipeout Pure and Pulse sales and Metacritic on the PSP, hmm, yes. I was scarred by Fusion on PS2, but those two PSP games made up for it and I'm sure WO:HD will continue that trend too.
Points to the first service who bring out Rollcage3 which co-incidentally would work well with Six-Axis...

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A nice little D/L'able PSN game to go along with my purchase of LBP and PSeye, don't you think?

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They may well do. But this is actually doing the movements according to the camera displayed on screen, not just moving something in a direction at a certain speed to 'echo' a movement.

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'Lips' and 'You're in the Movies', 'Avatars'?
Seems that way both sides of the spectrum.

Also people, for some innovation eyetoy/PSeye game look up 'Eyedentity' on youtube...that game was going somewhere, might well still be.

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There's always Wipeout HD and the new Twisted Metal game for online racing/combat kicks on PS3.

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...'Lips' and 'You're in the Movies' meet the long running 'Singstar' franchise and any 'Eyetoy' game ever made...
Besides Eyetoy clearly came out before the Wii. Probably even made the damn 'casual genre' along with Buzz.

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Uh, yeah. The bottom of the pages have two nice logos with "P&S" in each of them.

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Small tweaks, but yeah. Internet Radio should be on PS3 as it was implemented on PSP. Some good ideas there except from...chess? messaging? Uh... Home'll probably do that if that sort of thing is up your street...

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Totally never expected that!
Nice to hear some little movements of technology going on at SCEE
Question is; 'for PS3, or not for PS3?'

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