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Works for me. Love the Afro Sackboy on the left. #6
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Good move MS...not
Right, aiming to sell more consoles in Europe and not holding press conference at Europe's biggest, press related game specific conference?
You sure know how to sell yourself.
Have a biscuit. #34
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Yeah, that is quite funny, nice to point that out and quote that
As good a developer Insomniac are, its not their 58th game this gen. Try 4th, if you count Q4B. #11.1
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I've heard its in development...
But that's no reason to assume another game wasn't in pre-production and early development during Uncharted.
For example, ND released a Crash game every year from '2, the same with the Jak series, since ND is bigger now, I see no reason why they can't change pattern and work on two games at once.
It has been proved that Uncharted ('BIG') was being worked on when JakX nearing the end of development, probably mainly because of the new engine and architecture of the PS3 compared to... #11.1
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Thats great.
But won't people who paid previously kick off?
That's my concern for my friends who use 'Live. I can see a lot of people being annoyed and OTT PS3 fanboys heckling them for it.
Good for me. But bad for those who already pay, Its a tricky situation for the already paying consumer and Microsoft.
I'd like it to be free, but I also want those who already pay for 'Live to not to feel as if they will be ripped off.
I say the best idea is pay as you go service or certain... #30.1
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No matter what engine ND use and make, it will always look good
I still see Naughty Dog doing the most with the engine as they have always had a brilliant bright and lush art style in their games for two whole gens. Never been a crap looking ND developed game.
But the engine's technicalities definitely help. #7.2
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Problem is...
EA sort of own it now. So don't be expecting many games not under EA's publishing to have it.
Besides Rockstar's RAGE is quite similar and I'm sure it was on both GTA PSP games.
But yeah, Crackdown REALLY shines with Renderware, graphically and action/wise; shame its probably the last game not published by EA to support it. #8.1
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Not so sure.
Maybe the fact it records videos of games yes and it can be edited with Forge ingame. But its not as amazing as I'd imagined it to be compared to other games and even its own prequels.
It actually doesn't look much different to Resistance in graphics terms. Maybe due to Bungie trying to keep the familiarity of Halo's visual style, Its a good engine action wise, but I dunno graphically.
Depends what Bungie add onto it or haven't used I guess. #6.1
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I still think Naughty Dog's going to show a Jak game. Its too early for Uncharted 2 to be revealed, they must of been working on something else during the ending of development of Uncharted. #8
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Quite simply;
Hardcore gaming doesn't exist. Its just a damn game that's not just 'pick up and play' and you have to learn controls with a difficulty curve and that's also addictive.
A platforming game can be 'Hardcore', so can a puzzle game such as 'Tetris'. The genre never existed in households anyway, Its just an evolution and broader genre of the difficulty of arcade games and videogames throughout history. #9
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Give me a 'pay as you go' system perhaps I'll be happy
Honestly, Microsoft can sort all this out by realising people don't play online on their 360s 24/7 and come up with a optional 'Pay as you go service'. Perhaps I'd get it then, because all my money will actually be spent playing the service and I can chose when I jump in and out of games. Or maybe a timed service monitoring how long you've been online gaming instead of the measurement of days and months, yeah, it still won't be free. But I see the likelihood of me paying for it more because I... #29.1
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Totally, as an owner of both consoles (PS3 and 360) I see no reason why XBL is 'better' except the fact is paid for.
Services that have more and more money put into by the consumer them are obviously going to 'better'.
Seriously I only see tiny little things that make XBL 'better' and those are so insignificant compared to the online systems of PS3 and PC, its not worth paying for.
Don't be saying; It has custom soundtracks. No, Live does not. THE CONSOLE DOES built in, b... #28.3
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Sometimes no, Its the engine, but only rarely.
Look at the Serious (Serious Sam) Engines, quality engines back then that threw well rendered enemy after enemy after you. Serious Engine 3 is def one to look forward to this gen. #3.1
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That is a pretty underrated (built upon) engine. But I don't see it being licensed by anyone else anytime soon.
After Ratchet, I seriously look forward to what Resistance 2 delivers.
Don't forget Naughty Dog's Uncharted engine, that things amazing. #4.1
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I don't buy it anyway. I just complain about the fact all online gaming should be free on a console that bases itself on online connection
I had a months trial, except from Burnout Revenge and Halo3, there really isn't much games to play online in order to pay for XBL, besides silver still allows the downloading of XBLA games, so I just can't be bothered forking out that much.
The only games that would MAKE me pay that amount would be a exclusive port of Powerstone 1/2 and an online co-op mode of EDF 2017 and maybe if Serious Sam3 has an insane co-op campaign like the PC versions.
ATM, except Halo3 there really isn... #28.1
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EA totally gets my vote if...
They bring Road Rash and Desert Strike IP back. They seem back to their Amiga-like early quality gaming glory atm.
Quite respectable these days. I'd like to see less sports games developed internally, though. #2
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There isn't much difference with PSN and Live now.

1. There is no 'lagtastic' connection on PSN, thats a rumour as far spread as how far as the RROD was. Try playing Warhawk, Resistance Fall of Man, UTIII, Burnout Paradise, which never has any lag, despite the action going on.
Besides lag is usually caused by the connection of other peoples systems, not the server. Notice if someone causing lag on a game leaves, the lag goes. Happens on both services and PC gaming.

2. No-Voice. No. You can get any ch... #26.4
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I refuse to pay...
For something that should be free.
Its obvious that XBL is the superior service atm because of the fact you PAY for it, so obviously it would be superior to PSN because of the trucks of cash poured into it. So I always get annoyed when the services are compared as its an unfair fight.
My arguement the late 90's PC gaming (undoubtedly the biggest first online gaming) was FREE. It was free because people already have to pay a phone bill, the system being called the 'Xbox 360' is an... #25
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I'd play another Halo adventure.
Needs to be single player. I've got fed up of Halo series primarily being online its a far more deeper series than similar looking cyborgs screaming and shooting each other. I'd buy an decent SP expansion (not DLC, but on disk) with the feeling of exploration like in 'Combat Evolved' without a thought. #8
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Try liking developers for their work one day. #48.2
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