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A few years isn't bad for a project this big. Look how long it takes to set up MMORPGS and No, people just assumed that. #10.3
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The conferences sold me.
I heard that Home may hold special areas for interviews, tours and shows relating to developers and games and have fun built in games to play free in the world, such as remote control boat racing. This sounds really cool.
I'm not a fan of the Sims or Second Life, but this is looking like a feature that will be built in and adapted on future console services.
How this'll fit in with LBP, the mind boggles and holds in deep anticipation. The Buzz zone looks good too. #8
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We need in on this regular PSone game updates. No wonder the PSP is selling so well in Japan. #5
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I was hooked since....
GTA2, got nearly every game since then. Underage then too, lol. But it was only top down and as rude as BBC's 'The Young Ones'. #2
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Sort of.
But you expect to get exactly the same treatment as people who speak the same language across the Atlantic get for the same 'price'. #8.1
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We should have a UK store
This obviously isn't working out, Continental Europeans have totally different gaming tastes and the use of a console to the UK.
Just correct a few of the spellings in the NA versions of games and get them online on a separate store from EU, I don't need the extra room on my harddrive taken by other languages I don't need.
Its like the NA store waiting whilst getting given Mexican and Canadian French built in games. #1.2
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Tell me about it.
Its getting there. I think it'll be sorted by Christmas. If they get rid of freaking 'Movement' and spend that money on something worthwhile that someone cares about on the network maybe it'll improve vastly.
I have a NA and JP account, but I don't have the right credit card for either of them so sometimes I have to wait and wait and wait, but its got much better in the last few months.
At least I have a chance to read lots of reviews before I get anything off it though. #6.1
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Correct, I would of bought games for my old Xbox if it was still around in the market instead of being dumped on by MS from a large height. I still by PS2 games now; I'm eagerly awaiting 'Hogs of War 2' for it and see if it'll be BC on my 60bg EU PS3.
I had to be an early adopter for PS3 (sort of, got mine last summer) because of the work of Naughty Dog and Insomniac and their great track record. #7.2
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No. #5.1
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Yeah, the EU store is a mess,
What I can't understand is the insistence of Sony not making a separate region for the UK or just give us the NA versions, we speak English too, its just that Americans insist on spelling things slightly differently.
In the UK we had to wait about 3 months for Pain...I don't know why, probably to do with the other languages Sony put in for the rest of the EU.
For the UK the store can often be a joke; for example, I have NO idea when the hell the UK is getting Bionic Commando: Re... #4
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The best PS1/PS2 developers have delivered in the first few years on PS3.
I'm happy enough, Resistance, Uncharted and Ratchet have all delivered fantastic value games. I have no doubt Studio Ico's new title and GoW3 will deliver and SCE will probably bring back Jak.
New IP co-existing with old IP worked a treat for Nintendo for years. That's the key, Sony already have franchises for all ages and demographics and a LARGE back catalog to experiment with. Look back at the popular franchise they own, Wipeout, Medievil, Jak and Daxter, Devil Dice, Ratchet and Cla... #5.1
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I had an XBOX I loved it, I lost a little respect when MS abandoned it.
Its a much better idea than when Microsoft dumped the Xbox and forced everyone to migrate to the 360 to play Halo and a few games that were originally announced for Xbox.
Why can't a pre-gen console and a handheld from the same company co-exist at the same time, I just think it means someones doing a better job.
10 year plan, yes. Why not, I don't see the new gen coming any faster, this gen is almost equal to that of the PC now, not like the old days when PS2 graphics were laugh... #1.2
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*Halo 1 & 2 expansion packs that use Halo 3 graphics*

That's a totally brilliant idea now with the future Dashboard to copy games onto hardrive. That's possible, theoretically.
Playing through the old campaigns with improved graphics and gameplay mechanics would be awesome.
Much like Halflife's texture update patch years ago. #20.2
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Works for me. Love the Afro Sackboy on the left. #6
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Good move MS...not
Right, aiming to sell more consoles in Europe and not holding press conference at Europe's biggest, press related game specific conference?
You sure know how to sell yourself.
Have a biscuit. #34
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Yeah, that is quite funny, nice to point that out and quote that
As good a developer Insomniac are, its not their 58th game this gen. Try 4th, if you count Q4B. #11.1
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I've heard its in development...
But that's no reason to assume another game wasn't in pre-production and early development during Uncharted.
For example, ND released a Crash game every year from '2, the same with the Jak series, since ND is bigger now, I see no reason why they can't change pattern and work on two games at once.
It has been proved that Uncharted ('BIG') was being worked on when JakX nearing the end of development, probably mainly because of the new engine and architecture of the PS3 compared to... #11.1
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Thats great.
But won't people who paid previously kick off?
That's my concern for my friends who use 'Live. I can see a lot of people being annoyed and OTT PS3 fanboys heckling them for it.
Good for me. But bad for those who already pay, Its a tricky situation for the already paying consumer and Microsoft.
I'd like it to be free, but I also want those who already pay for 'Live to not to feel as if they will be ripped off.
I say the best idea is pay as you go service or certain... #30.1
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No matter what engine ND use and make, it will always look good
I still see Naughty Dog doing the most with the engine as they have always had a brilliant bright and lush art style in their games for two whole gens. Never been a crap looking ND developed game.
But the engine's technicalities definitely help. #7.2
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Problem is...
EA sort of own it now. So don't be expecting many games not under EA's publishing to have it.
Besides Rockstar's RAGE is quite similar and I'm sure it was on both GTA PSP games.
But yeah, Crackdown REALLY shines with Renderware, graphically and action/wise; shame its probably the last game not published by EA to support it. #8.1
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