(Im)patiently waiting for that English localisation of EDF 5

Cajun Chicken

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xbox720 would totally piss me off.
Yeah I swore, but if this is to happen AGAIN I see some damn revolution, because the 360's install base is obviously bigger than the Xbox's ever was and it seems like I'm one of the majority to see Microsoft's true colours because of my support for the original only to be dumped on and render my Xbox useless; except nostalgia.
Also Microsoft will continue their insistence of forcing people to upgrade systems/OS's and killing support before the...

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I buy! Hurrah for PS3 and their non-scheduled PSN store update!

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But then all of a sudden I realised buying the games heavily increases and encourages the chance of a sequel/new game from the publisher/developer and money makes the world go round and keeps people in jobs.

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Dee Vee Dees as only highest quality physical format for philm!

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When Playstation was huge, the savior of the British development scene, tbh, everything was going downhill before then. Developers from Amiga like Pygnosis, Team 17 and Gremlin moved onto the Playstation as basically, the PC was literately killing the Amiga with Windows 95.
There was a time where the Playstation and the games on it were a national treasure, parents stopped calling consoles 'Nintendos' and became 'Playstations' instead.
It undoubtedly ruled the UK, hair dressers ha...

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I thought you couldn't say anything dumber.
Lo and behold, you do it.

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Your 3 points are correct.
But notice that no-ones making action/adventure games and platformers another possible sway that could happen globally.
I'm not saying everything is correct, but your points are.

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If all this continues and everyone brings out bloody RPGs for the next few months and into 2009, I'm sort of tempted to quit gaming as a whole!

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Nobody's counted Europe yet.
Don't go jumping to conclusions.

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The Japanese don't like anything else on 360!
Makes you wonder what the second hand market for 360's will be like in Japan after they complete 'Tales...

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Don't the Japanese play ANYTHING but(j)RPGs? Wow.
Judging by the co-incidental release of RPG's on 360 and PSP, seems so. These charts are crazy.
Nice for the PSP to finally equal the DS for a while though, interesting for MS.
If only some good games are released for the PSP over the western hemisphere.

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That, my friend is a VERY cool idea.

I don't see Naughty Dog making Uncharted 2 before Jak though, if they just decided to get rid of Jak as an ip, why the Precursor Orb and Ottsel diving gear in Uncharted?
Add the interviews with the media relating to ND 'wanting to go back to it', the trademark for 'Lost Frontier' there's far too much evidence for there not to be IMO.
Its going to be on one of Sony's platforms.

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You're not the only one. There's something else.
Nothing crappy or average would be kept that under wraps.

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I can't wait for the goatee and the ottsel to do their business.

Until then...LBP = even more units being sold globally due to bigger and wider demographic than most games

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Hope you get to spray the designs by using the controls again instead of just pressing a button.
The original Jet Set Radio for DC is the best.
As much as I like it to be on PS3...I see it more suitable for Wii and PSP.

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Probably, massive potential. I don't see families buying Gears of War 2 or Fable 2 in the living room at Christmas.

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You could play this game and nothing else if you chose to and it could be the only game that a household needs!
This is going to be the Garry's Mod of consoles.
...Awaiting surprises. :D
Hope this sets the chains of platforming games coming back.
I wonder if third parties will support content for it?

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To say racism is a laugh while you're browsing anonymously on the internet is great yes, but some people possibly don't find it funny having their nationality mocked.
No I don't find Jew jokes funny. I don't find any jokes funny about nations except possibly ones about the Englishman, Scotsman and the Irishman.
Now before you call me a hypocrite, these jokes aren't offensive, they're just stupid. The Irish person always does the silly thing. Its not funny because people are sa...

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Gamerzone has a post saying it might of stopped now. :(

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No, that humour is politically incorrect and does not go down well in many countries. It may of been funny, say...30 years ago. But now its totally cringeworthy.
If anyone said that on a UK specific internet board, instant banhammer.

Ever seen that episode of The Simpsons when Krusty offends everyone by doing slanted eyes and doing that fake accent with fake inserted buckteeth and no-one finds him funny on stage and boo him off?
This is EXACTLY that.

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