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I don't really like RPG's, but nearly every other genre of game is on the PS3 now.
If that's what the majority are playing on consoles, it should be sorted. There's enough FPS and racing games now Sony, concentrate on the other main marketable genre...and make some damn Platformers/action adventures like the old days while you're at it, oh and a new Devil Dice/Bombastic/XI.

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I want BC:R on my PS3 in the UK, never played the original...great game maybe it'll be up next week. Probably going to kick start a beautiful slew of quality D/L'able titles.
I was playing the demo from Jap and thinking...
"Aww, why doesn't anyone remake or make a sequel of Wild 9?"

EDIT: We (EU) got Driver though! PSP transfer FTW!

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There's going to be a big pre-owned market of 360's in Japan at some point next year.

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I don't get this.
'Xbots' is a pun. The 'bots' suffix rhymes with 'box' much like the suffix in 'Xbox'.
'Droids' is just a feeble fanboy comeback calling name because at the time someone said 'xbots'; nobody could think of anything better.
...only on N4G!

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This reminds me of the remote Microsoft tried get everyone to buy for XBOX's to play DVD's although it was already built in...the mind boggles, at least people have made worse mistakes.

I don't see the XBOX still having games made for it while selling the most popular handheld in Japan whilst keeping a free online service, oh and having a rather successful, growing base for a next gen console with the new disc based media that will undoubtedly become the new media for Film replacing...

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If they can do it in a R&C:ToD way, yeah. But I sort of enjoyed the traveling across lands to do certain missions in the later Jaks.
I think the dark/light powers were overkill, but I quite liked the weapons, the cool morph gun and the character of Sig.

To this day Jak2 is one of my favourite games to play over, because of its variety on gameplay having crazily merged a platformer and a sandbox game together, giving Jak a voice and angered teenager personality and it st...

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I think he looks like an older Eddie Munster :D

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As for software, Steinberg says that, with some of the platform's more key franchises on PS2 being folded into the $19 "Greatest Hits" label, more users will embrace franchises like SOCOM and Metal Gear Solid, [and follow their sequels onto PS3.]

["Those comfort brands are great messages to PS2 owners looking for games and brands they're familiar with but are upgraded for the new tech,"] says Steinberg.

[PS3 sequels, he says, will be &q...

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No, I'm afraid you're mistaking this place for Xbox Live.

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He gives them lunch for free without expecting anything back, because he cares for his fans and aims to get more exactly the same way, by respect and sharing his services.
This ones actually a pretty good unrelated metaphor if you look close enough.

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No, the elevator had the same guy as on the rope.
Whats more amazing for the reputation of a person, the fact he climbed a rope or simply used an elevator because it was cheaper and less dangerous?
Anyway, nobody can ignore a growing market, so this is bound to change next year once people have their heads around cell a little bit more now that the big guns have exercised it.

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Good point, but its not exactly going to get you in the Guinness Book of World records for doing it, is it?
Using an elevator is probably cheaper than buying a 10 story rope, but will your admiring fans and the world press and everyone in the world applauding be there with respect whilst you're on the rooftop?

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This is going to be amazing and very Crash Bandicoot'y!

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So was I! What a coincidence! :D

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It only failed because Microsoft MADE it fail by dropping all support for it after a few years to make people migrate onto the 360.
I'm still scarred from having my beloved console 'canceled' before its time and replaced with a new one and nobody even noticing as if it was plucked out of the time vortex and made it look like it never happened by MS and PR.
The XBOX had plenty of life before MS saw fit to kill it, even canceled its image with one mighty swoop and gave me a FunFa...

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Its going to be SO awesome.

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But I'm afraid its still going to happen!
Oh god, imagine if someone makes a Rule34 level, what the hell will happen then? Didn't Media Molecule say something strange about 'Adult Content' a while ago, or am I going mad?

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I like it! Do it! Nothing like a bit of satirical humour!

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I can't wait for the UK TV advertising campaign of this, hope it sticks out more than Ratchet and Clank: FoTD's.
Killer App, simple as that.
Its like the next gen equivelent of 'Mario Paint' in the making.
And some sick, sick, 'Rule34'.

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