(Im)patiently waiting for that English localisation of EDF 5

Cajun Chicken

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I'll be bluntly honest here, this does not really seem like a natural progression for Sucker Punch, unless it does what God of War does for Greek mythology. Not interested until I see solid gameplay.

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But does it have dinosaurs in it?

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This is getting to what I want. I want USB speaker support. You see, my monitor has terribly poor quality speakers built into it, so I use a pair of good quality desktop USB speakers on my PC and the PS4 also supports them, even the PS3 does, but the Xbox One, no such option, so I have to have terrible audio. I hope this opens the door to a lot of USB device support.

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All the Serious Sam games in VR, REZ Infinite, Superhot VR and Fallout 4 VR. Shame they are essentially enhanced ports, but it's too much a financial risk to go it alone a game that big of scale. Doom VFR is fun, but it's not the Doom (2016) successor a few expect it to be.

Steam VR is churning out some great indie VR games each week for pocket money prices (and on gane bundle sites) and I try to capture footage of some of my favorites:

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I already have a Vive and most games are/will also be on that, but I recently saw the Wipeout HD VR update and that's a kind of system seller to me right there and I heard that dreams is supporting VR in a big way too. I swore I wouldn't get two VR sets (because most Occulus games can be emulated on Vive) and here I am deeply considering PSVR next year.

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I seriously may have to look into this device, Anyone explain if this allows forward and backward/strafing movement? .It looks like it's just for turning.

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Honestly, a great little game. Played it on PC. Underrated.

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This is a bit s**t. Are companies TRYING to make me give up gaming as a hobby and source of entertainment?

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Awesome read! Never knew Sir Dan came from the same mind of James Pond!

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Yes! It actually happened. Do not want the cartoony light-hearted feel of Resurrection though. I want the dark Burtonesque version with black humour on the PSOne back. Maybe orchestral music back from PSP.

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This looks utterly brilliant. The monster design and movement seriously reminds me of an underrated Painkiller like FPS named NecroVision by Farm 51.

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Would love this to come PC Vive. Don't see a Jap VR release doing that.

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Can't believe this exists. it Came From the Desert trailer looks better.

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My God. Funko even managed to mess THESE up!

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Anyone remember Day Z, where did that go? That's PUBG's popularity in about a year and a half.

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Thinking about it; Batman Beyond would be far better.

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It would have to have the Animated Series voice cast.

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Easily the Crackdown of the Xbox One. Really, MS, stop dropping the ball with open world games. Had a total blast with this game, can't believe you dumped Insomniac.

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As long as we allow games to change their set out maps and 'nerf' classes to their hearts content until it becomes a different game and eventually abandoned by users, probably, worst case scenario. Most people seem unusually happy with that. Gaming to be is all about the single player experience and solely focusing on anything else is a devolution of what developers have achieved, especially art departments and narrative.

Difference is you can't patch a bad sing...

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