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Cajun Chicken

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TBH, it looked like a joke.

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This is a bit of a poor article and doesn't actually mention any of the so called 'More Game Studios Going Under' or even any remotely in danger, or even any theory why. Just a round up of 2012's which has been covered in the past numerous times.

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Brilliant that Sony have realised that a lot of Playstation's brand identity are quality platformers/action adventures. Mark Cerny? Wow.

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Yeah! Keeping the franchise alive!

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I would actually like that, DI was awesome, sits next to the God of War games on my shelf.

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PS2, the platformers and action adventure games.

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Fantastic game, needs a HD re-release.

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F**k you Atari. This was going to be given for free. Just keep on sitting on an IP and doing nothing with it.

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Certainly hope so. My 60GB died after a reflow a few weeks back.

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Everyone's forgetting that Square Enix also owns all the games under the previous Eido's brand. Personally as a publisher they've done pretty well and not at all wasted a generation with DE:HR and Hitman. As a homegrown developer doing what people expect them to do they haven't done too great.

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I'm expecting this at the very least to be fun. Insomniac generally don't make bad games.

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I've always wanted someone to remake PP Hammer in HD.

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Thank God there's some news on Deadlocked/Gladiator HD, wondering what was happening with that. Still no news on EU release though, doesn't really matter to me, the time being, PS3 is broken.

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They could at least comment on where Ratchet Gladiator HD.

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I really hope that someone snaps up Destroy All Humans with a snazzy larger scale reboot. I think it would sit well at Warner since I believe the Midway team that made Psi-Ops are there. Pandemic is dead (thanks EA) so the old Psi-Ops team would be the best thing going.

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Oh man, I loved this game so much. So fresh. People need to take the element of skillshots for other games though, they were brilliant. I don't think I laughed so much in a game since Serious Sam The First Encounter.

Shame we're likely to never get a sequel.

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I'm wondering what specifically happened to the Red Faction and Destroy All Humans IPs.

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Soooo...did they get Red Faction too?

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First thing to do, a reboot of Red Faction equally as inventive as Guerrilla.

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This is only the next move from buying 'gun and armour packs' like in DS1 or DS2. We have nothing but our accepting demographic to blame.

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