(Im)patiently waiting for that English localisation of EDF 5

Cajun Chicken

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Loved both Knack 2 and ME: Andromeda. While Andromeda took Mass Effect down an uncertain future for the franchise. Personally, I feel Andromeda's story writing was good enough, but the actual character dialogue felt like I was playing Saints Row 4 and it really disjointed me from believing this crew was from the same civilised time as Sheppard and for that matter, even chosen for the mission.

Knack 2 was a brilliant sequel which every time you thought you got to the end jus...

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Best powerful handheld of all time, finished, just like that.

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This is actually a great game. I've not completed it 100% yet, but it really evokes the feel of 2000's action adventure/platformers like Jak and Ratchet. It was unfortunately outshone by Horizon Zero Dawn which does have a few similarities, but they play completely different than each other.

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Always physical when it comes to AAA games. Due to hard drive space, trading when you get the game on another platform and the fact one day, you may not be able to redownload them. You could say the same with Steam, but face it, Steam is never going to die and you can back up all your games on external hardrives without downloading again. The future of digital games is uncertain. physical are things as opposed to clusters of data.

Also, I have noticed that digital game pric...

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Such a good game. Had the PC version for nearly a year now. It's basically Rollcage 3.

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Too similar in theme to TLoU2.

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I had no idea this was getting a sequel.

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It's laughable to even be suggesting getting rid of the games as opposed to the commercial and public gun market a scapegoat if there was one. A lot of people will disagree, but the US does not need guns, other countries like the UK and Europe work fine without personal arms. So tell me why America is specifically different.

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His WAS going to be r
My reason to buy a Switch, but I'll probably pass now. Top down isn't NMH.

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Leaked? It's clearly in the damn trailer Activision released.

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I remember the trailer for this one on Manhattan Project's disc. Man, it looked SO good. I'd love the option to play it.

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Crackdown backwards compatible on XO? I see some opportunity for capturing hijinks. I want 2 to be patched to work now. It wasn't as good, but I like the idea of the whole series being playable.

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Dead Space trilogy followed by Mass Effect trilogy, please.

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I'd rather not have Naughty Dog do first person. I'm always used to seeing the backs of their characters in games.

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Actually I was basing it upon ORIGINAL IPs the studio has developed with their multiple and shared inhouse studios, purposely excluding any published games developed by other studios, like LA Noire being Team Bondi and The Warriors is a licensed IP based upon a movie, so my research holds up. Table Tennis was a demo stunt to get people excited for RAGE implementation in GTAIV.

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See, I forgot to count Max Payne because Rockstar didn't develop the first two and nor did they develop State of Emergency, same as Oni from Bungie. I never valued Midnight Club or Smuggler's Run, but that's just me.

I'd be bluntly honest, as a publishing house with multiple risk taking IPs, Devolver Digital are the new Rockstar.

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First two games were amazing. Started loving Monolith during this series and Condemned.

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Arguably, per generation, it has been a low IP studio.

PS2: GTA, Manhunt, Bully

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Looking mighty forward to a new Crash in the vain of the original trilogy. Still want CTR and Crash Bash HD though.

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This is why I outright refuse to participate in this trend of online gaming which is supposed to merge the online with the multiplayer. Online games are disposable, do you think that collectors will want to buy rare copies of games of games which servers closed and are unplayable in the future? You are essentially buying a blank disc except for maybe a title screen.

The fact of the matter is that the publishers and even developers KNOW their game are short term and disposab...

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