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First thing to do, a reboot of Red Faction equally as inventive as Guerrilla. #7
This is only the next move from buying 'gun and armour packs' like in DS1 or DS2. We have nothing but our accepting demographic to blame. #4
Arrgh. I really want a Vita now. #3
YES. #20
Still such a shame this isn't ported on Steam. Up to Activision, I guess. #6
Hmm, not so keen. I prefer Visceral making action/adventure third person games. #16
This game is actually pretty great, I've had it for a while, but just getting the best results can take some real planning.

Just to clarify, I've had the PC version on Steam for about a year. #2
Still wanting my sequel for this. With level editor please and more amazing Module soundtrack. #2
Totally awesome and vastly underrated game. #5
Still a ridiculous closure. #1
That's really weird as it actually looks similar to the design of Charles Zembillas' original concept sketches for the first ever game.
Bear in mind with me here, CONCEPT art.

If Charles is involved again you'll definitely find a return to form for Crash.

PS. He also designed Spyro the Dragon. #21
A true successor to Crytek's original Farcry. #2
Good. Wouldn't expect anything less. Don't do a Halo 2 and drop the ball because of that gap. #4
lol, no. Epic won't stop being the top seller of middleware for games of all publishers. Just don't see it happening. #42
Only thing that puts me off Rage is it being so massive in storage on everything, 2 discs on 360, 7GB on PS3 (very tight on a mostly used 60GB PS3) and something like 25GB for a direct download on PC through Steam.

But I would love to play it again. Nice and chunky shooter which isn't too far off the kind of missions Borderlands gives you. #1
I think maybe they did a bad thing with rechargeable health and only 2 weapons at a time (later patched to 4 in PC version)

But, I've got to admit, 'The Doctor Who Cloned Me' DLC was pretty damned good, shame it wasn't a part of the game. #1.1
Reluctant hero. #8
Pointless petition. It'll be on PC for sure, every GTA is on PC because of the mod scene and improvements such as replays. That isn't going to change. Rockstar just want it on consoles for about a year or so as usual. #9
I call Doom 4, Doom 3 BFG Edition just had source code released. Little more than coincidence. #27
"Here’s what they’re basically saying to gamers. “You pay for Internet service, so what. You’re giving Netflix $7.99 a month, who cares. You just paid $63 for a new game with a ton of online features, all right. Well, if you want to use these things on your Xbox 360 – you owe us $60 a year.”

QFT! #81
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