(Im)patiently waiting for that English localisation of EDF 5

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I have a really bad feeling about this game. It's just thematically too near to The Last of Us franchise and being made in Unreal Engine, middleware for an exclusive just makes it seem like a less focused title. I know the game director is trying to play this down, by all means, he's right, but it just seems a little bit to similar and I think this will seriously hurt it, it's kind of like how last gen that Resistance and Killzone were competing against each other. I hope I'm ...

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Oh hell yeah! Just posting about this being Xbox'es main exclusive the other day.

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No, it's Sunset Overdrive purely for the fact it is an 100% exclusive and I believe that MS owns the IP not Insomniac also it's not even on PC like QB is.

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Mighty Interesting. Personally I still think that IW delivered the goods with Infinite Warfare's campaign and without key members or help from Sledgehammer. I was very satisfied with the end result of CoD doing Killzone after all the years of the other way around, but that's just me.

But on the flipside, Titanfall 2's campaign was just unexpected brilliance and I never cared for an AI so much since Cortana in Halo.

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I said about a few months ago this is why the game is taking it's time.

Killer app for PSVR, I'd say.

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Strange thing to attack.

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Can't wait for this. Prey was a massive surprise by how great it was, I hadn't had such a cinematic sci-fi experience since Dead Space 1&2. The crafting mechanic was genius and like nothing I had ever seen before, as were the mimics placing a new type of strategy how you entered each seemingly isolated room. I never really liked the depressing universe of Dishonored so Arkane really surprised me here.

I can honestly say although totally different and just using ...

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You say that, but Titanfall 2 had a stellar campaign years later.

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The plural makes me incredibly worried this is PCF going online multiplayer. I really hope not, I love their brand of madness 'Me against the world' gameplay ethic, a bit like Croteam.

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Never liked CoD campaigns from B-Teams like Black Ops or Ghosts anyway, much prefer Infinity Ward, even Infinite Warfare was pretty great. Although Sledgehammer did a great job on Advanced Warfare but i have honestly never played a CoD for it's MP, that's just me. Campaign is king.

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This is going to be awesome. Love getting lost exploring for hours in No Man's Sky every update expands this game to it's original vision.

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I'm up for Dragonball after Super, but the canocity of this is going to be equally as awkward as GT. Also, I don't want Yu Gi Oh style thrown in my face in fighting Shonen anime form.

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Honestly thought they did ages ago. Think I only own EDF2: Invaders From Space on card. Always bought digital or used cross play titles on a big memory card, also used remote playback as much as possible. Sad to see the start of the official end of the best handheld console ever made.

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An unexpected result of something that was expected.

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It looks rather good in first person, doesn't it? Honestly thought it was Id Tech again.

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Loved Halo 4 for sticking to the formula. Hated Halo 5 because they went their own direction, put forced AI controlled teams in it, shortened the campaign, screwed the story and gave us a new terribly uninteresting lead (Locke) and cut out much of what made Halo, like splitscreen and putting reviving downed teammates in when they just should had just respawned later on.

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I'm all for this! Hope the crafting system is still intact.

Also, has anyone noticed that 'The Ranger' sounds suspiciously and plays like (pre-reboot) Prey 2 before they cancelled it?

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Do not shove multiplayer in this.

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Never expected this developer to handle it. Mad Max was decent to play, so I'd like to see how this works out. They must by all means keep the crafting from the first one. I loved making exploding RC cars!

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