(Im)patiently waiting for that English localisation of EDF 5

Cajun Chicken

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This is a bit s**t. Are companies TRYING to make me give up gaming as a hobby and source of entertainment?

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Awesome read! Never knew Sir Dan came from the same mind of James Pond!

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Yes! It actually happened. Do not want the cartoony light-hearted feel of Resurrection though. I want the dark Burtonesque version with black humour on the PSOne back. Maybe orchestral music back from PSP.

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This looks utterly brilliant. The monster design and movement seriously reminds me of an underrated Painkiller like FPS named NecroVision by Farm 51.

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Would love this to come PC Vive. Don't see a Jap VR release doing that.

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Can't believe this exists. it Came From the Desert trailer looks better.

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My God. Funko even managed to mess THESE up!

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Anyone remember Day Z, where did that go? That's PUBG's popularity in about a year and a half.

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Thinking about it; Batman Beyond would be far better.

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It would have to have the Animated Series voice cast.

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Easily the Crackdown of the Xbox One. Really, MS, stop dropping the ball with open world games. Had a total blast with this game, can't believe you dumped Insomniac.

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As long as we allow games to change their set out maps and 'nerf' classes to their hearts content until it becomes a different game and eventually abandoned by users, probably, worst case scenario. Most people seem unusually happy with that. Gaming to be is all about the single player experience and solely focusing on anything else is a devolution of what developers have achieved, especially art departments and narrative.

Difference is you can't patch a bad sing...

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The problem is that they did. If you look back last gen, we basically had two choices, Mario or Ratchet and Clank. So basically Ratchet and Clank was solely keeping the platformer alive on non-Nintendo platforms and I commend Insomniac for that hefty task.

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Good, that means a sequel.

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I have tried VorpX for a few titles and DOOM was one of those that worked fantastically well, except for a few screen cropping, menu and HUD issues. But it's no good putting the gestures or controls in if the game isn't built FOR VR. A lot of games are virtually unplayable with VorpX because they map the headset to what should be the movement of the mouse, this means that you aim the crosshair with your head in games whilst still being able to look around and this is seriously confusi...

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Can't wait for both of these. Serious Sam FE and SE VR proved that VR core games can be a thing instead of simple on-rails shooters with the occasional teleporting (which is usually shoehorned in awkwardly because most people can't process moving whilst being stood still or making smaller movements than onscreen) instead of controller based locomotion. I honestly prefer locomotion, despite the occasional sickness after 4 hours or so of playing.

Even though I have ab...

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I view the rise of online gaming much like board-gaming such as Cluedo or Monopoly, limited pieces and left to play with them. In my honest opinion, online gaming such as CoD, DayZ, PUBG, Overwatch (or whatever game is the fad of the month). It's a step back from what we achieved with making games cinematic and more focused, most would say linear, but you don't hear people saying that a movie or a book is linear.
It also gives a chance to flesh out a world with focused artis...

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Brilliant sequel, a mix of Jak and Daxter and God of War, this time done right. Incredible sense of scale, brilliant pacing, really keeps you on your toes near the end.

Wouldn't mind another sequel.

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Finished it today, whole lot of fun, top notch platforming. GoW for pre-teens, with Jak and Daxter traits but in a good way. Surprisingly good sequel. MUCH better than the first. Wouldn't mind a third.

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Well, looks like I'm buying a Switch after all. Love me some Travis Touchdown. Not sure how it'll work without the Wiimote, that was half the experience and that terrible (but always funny) recharging visual gag.

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