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Not enough games. Except for that, love it. #3
Don't mind the game myself. It's kind of like a kids God of War at times. Levels in caves with relics really remind me of precursor technology levels in Jak and Daxter.

Hideo's right though, there isn't much next gen shine except for the particle physics for Knack himself. I would say the PS3 Ratchets look on par with Knack, which is not what you expect for a launch title to show the graphical fidelity of a new console.

It makes a great Vita g... #9
Marlow Briggs does not deserve to be on this list. Actually really, quite entertaining with decent quality development. #16
Pretty happy with this. Totally unexpected for the end of the year. #35
Should be better than Kudo. I liked what I saw. #7
This is my personal PS4 killer app, it's about time Sony had launch platformers again. I've always seen Sony as the best to offer platformer franchises on systems next to Nintendo, but only Insomniac and some HD ports carried the bastion this gen. #6
Too right. The prison bit felt like an entirely different game. #3.1
So, no Dini, no Conroy, No Hamill, no Rocksteady...and this is supposed to be a continuation of the game franchise? #25
Personally, can't wait. #17
Hell yes! #2
TBH, it looked like a joke. #2
This is a bit of a poor article and doesn't actually mention any of the so called 'More Game Studios Going Under' or even any remotely in danger, or even any theory why. Just a round up of 2012's which has been covered in the past numerous times. #4
Brilliant that Sony have realised that a lot of Playstation's brand identity are quality platformers/action adventures. Mark Cerny? Wow. #16
Yeah! Keeping the franchise alive! #25
I would actually like that, DI was awesome, sits next to the God of War games on my shelf. #5.2
PS2, the platformers and action adventure games. #11
Fantastic game, needs a HD re-release. #11
F**k you Atari. This was going to be given for free. Just keep on sitting on an IP and doing nothing with it. #1
Certainly hope so. My 60GB died after a reflow a few weeks back. #15
Everyone's forgetting that Square Enix also owns all the games under the previous Eido's brand. Personally as a publisher they've done pretty well and not at all wasted a generation with DE:HR and Hitman. As a homegrown developer doing what people expect them to do they haven't done too great. #22
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