(Im)patiently waiting for that English localisation of EDF 5

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Loved the new games. Heck, even loved Mankind Divided, my first experience in the franchise was playing Deus EX: Invisible War on Xbox and basically trading it in after a day of frustration. Human Revolution was a fantastic soft reboot of the series for me pretty unfamiliar with what the franchise should had stood for.
But I think as an open world first person RPG experience with multiple ways to problem solve, the new Prey really took the crown and that's what any future games ...

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Nobody mentions it much but MDK seriously needs a revisiting.

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Xbox One. I'm not finishing the fight of a disjointed trilogy on a new system.

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Never going to happen. Multiplayer games are kind of like those board games that you get bought at Christmas and everyone fusses over them until they get bored of it and move to the next one. Except, MP games DIE. Servers close, begin from square one on a new game and can be compared to trends such as when Pogs, Pokemon cards, Yo-Yos even fidget spinners were cool. Single player games are like film or animation, all 3 are narrative mediums and all 3 can be revisited as an experience. Not ever...

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Ridiculously short. I loved the universe though!

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The Condemned games are brilliant. More melee survival horror than first person shooter. But any game Monolith made with a first person view is worth playing.
You could say that the evolution of Condemned were games like Dead Island and Dying Light as they both had similar melee and weapons breaking down after use but made by totally different developers.

I even found a few sections in Farcry 5 reminded me of Condemned too. I do really miss the series.

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I have to correct you there. The humour was dark, very,very dark with Kratos total disregard for any other human life in his path. The fisherman for example, great running joke.

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I enjoyed them, but the series never knew what it wanted to be. I loved the first, the second one was a bit all over the place, but the third redeemed itself. The best part about the series were the weapons, I'd like to see those again, at least.

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This was such a good game. Less movies next time though. The hybrid game/TV show idea didn't work. The game however, brilliant and there's a lot more mysteries about the original story to be explored.

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That grunt and deadly silence after Kratos asks Atreus about the Norse God Baldur. Made me laugh with history repeating itself.

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This guy has introduced me to titles and made me support developers of so many games I wouldn't had even considered buying. A remarkable, passionate game critic which came up with the perfect way to review games for people slightly curious about a title, 'WTF is...' without any nonsensical 'comedy' skits and straight to the point of a game's strong points, qualities and constructive criticism without being cruel on the makers. A major loss for the game reviewing commun...

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This was a great game and one of the first games to do the whole kind of 'nature takes back modern civilisation' design trope before The Last of Us and Horizon Zero Dawn. Those two games artistically have a lot to thank the Enslaved concept team for. If you remember rightly, even on this site, people were commenting how early details of The Last of Us looked like Enslaved. Even if you look at it, the player controlling two characters on a journey at different sections even rubbed off ...

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Well, we're getting there for EDF5 being localised. I admit I didn't expect this spinoff to be released outside of Japan.

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Hasn't Olly Moss left though? He pretty much handled art direction.

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What Crackdown did first, games like Prototype, Infamous, Saints Row 4 and Sunset Overdrive did better. But Crackdown was one of those turning point games that proved that sandbox games in cities, didn't have to be mission based like GTA and superhero games, or games with superhero abilities didn't have to be licensed. That is why people didn't really like Crackdown 2, myself included. Prototype and Infamous started expanding upon what you could do with core Crackdown 1 gameplay a...

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If a new Doom movie was to made in the same vein as the 2016 reboot, I think it would be safe in the director of Hardcore Henry's hands. BUT and a big but. There isn't a lot of story or character to play with to really aim for a commercial blockbuster movie. I love DOOM, but it isn't movie material. and when they stray from what makes Doom Doom, the original Doom movie came out.

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Aww, checked my case and non reversible cover.

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Jeez How could I forget The Last of Us and Heavy Rain?!?

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No it doesn't. It harkens back to the PS2 days. With amazing studios making exclusive games in entirely different worlds. Not to say that the PS3 era was bad, Uncharted and Infamous series are brilliant, Resistance and Killzone were both confused franchises which tried different approaches each game. LBP too, but the scale for that was toned down except for the user generated content.

But games like Horizon Zero Dawn and this new God of War has really raised the stakes....

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A lot of people love God of War 3 for it's finale, graphics and scale. But honestly, IMO, Cory directed the best original GoW game with God of War 2 start to finish. It is so pleasing to see him directing such a successful game in the same franchise again this many years apart.

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