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When Steam were holding the same sale, I noticed that Driver: San Fransico still had Ubi's DRM anyway. I've already got it planned to get this on Sunday, even if I have to be online all the time to play it anyway. Not making a habit of it though but one DRMs better than two. #1.1.2
PCF were fairly independent just publishing under Dreamcatcher before Epic took them up. I think the last thing they expected was to be made to develop spinoffs of IP they didn't create.

Personally I thought that Bulletstorm was great and shame on Epic not making a sequel. #3.1.1
Sounds like People Can Fly is losing all it's personality as a studio. Hopefully these guys find their way into The Farm51 or Flying Wild Hog where they'd be appreciated instead of working on games where the members have to dumb down. #4
Can't wait for this, perhaps a fresh beginning for Painkiller. #1
Please join The Farm51 or Flying Wild Hog. #1
Personally, I quite enjoyed the PoP movie, wasn't half bad, only problem is that it was such a good adaption, it left little originality in the storyline department and just turned out to be a retelling of 'Sands start to finish. #5
Addition? I'm not even thinking addition, he should be in it as one of the main rosters FULLSTOP.

Just imagine Sir Dan and Kratos facing off. #2.1
Worse, by far worse, in the case of CoD mp, someone came along with a hoover and sucked out all of the fun. #9
Because Volition had too much on their plate and are better doing things such as Saints Row. Besides, Insane just sounded plain, rubbish. #8
Jak 4
Doom 4
Quake 5
Armed and Dangerous 2
Psi-Ops 2
Powerstone 3
Rollcage 3
Medievil 3
Haven 2 #19
...sigh. #1
Family friendly's fine. Just don't forget to make actual GAMES. Not just sims or overhyped experiments which only 5 year olds will enjoy. #13
Nice! I loved the menu and GUI presentation for GRiD. Just managed to have the right balance of arcade and racing sim. #6
Hell yes. #1
Yeah, I want this site to take back what they said/presumed about Travelers Tales. Even Wrath of Cortex by them was a decent entry. Next up, Vicarious Visions wasn't that bad, but only on the GBA, Crash Nitro Kart lacked what CTR had. Any Crash by Radical, eugh, horrible. #6.1
Not Starbreeze's best game. The original Syndicate played a bit like a more tactical Cannon Fodder. I rented this and played through all of it with little fulfillment. I do like the fact that they kept so much of the universe from the original game such as the corporations, etc.

Although, I did enjoy the hacking of turrets in the game and the chain reactions caused by exploding guns was pretty decent too.

Now, Watch_Dogs, that looks like a real follow up... #3
Make a new Powerstone then. #4
I lol'd, but I do like bugs in serious content games. #5
Deliberately? #1
Oh man, I've got Blast Works, it's got ports of all of Kenta Cho's classic freeware games too. #1
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