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Doom will NEVER die.

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THE F**K?!?

Bad decision Sony, BAD decision.

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"PROMPTLESS MINI-GAMES – Context-sensitive quick-time events are simplified, giving players more control and freedom over finishing moves and cinematic kills"

Wow, that's concerning. Do the finishing move QTEs really need to be simplified?

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Agree on all counts with MikeCosgrove.

I'm a huge fan of the original Prey and removing Tommy, portals and shifting gravity is ripping out all the soul of Prey. Prey 2 was never a sequel.

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Kind of glad, this brings opportunity for a real Prey 2 with more portals and simulated gravity.

But, odd thing is, it looks like people'll Have everything from the trailer in Prey 2, it's called Dishonoured.

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Wait, Iron Sky getting a videogame? This is fantastic! I wonder what kind of game it'll be, I'm not a fan of RTS'es.

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Ladybird books told me otherwise.

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Rubbish, still waiting for a GTA with a female protagonist, just to see how things would be shaken up.

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It's really odd how both of these games seem to continue the themes behind the original Syndicate game. Paranoia cyberpunk sandbox to become a new genre?

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When Steam were holding the same sale, I noticed that Driver: San Fransico still had Ubi's DRM anyway. I've already got it planned to get this on Sunday, even if I have to be online all the time to play it anyway. Not making a habit of it though but one DRMs better than two.

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PCF were fairly independent just publishing under Dreamcatcher before Epic took them up. I think the last thing they expected was to be made to develop spinoffs of IP they didn't create.

Personally I thought that Bulletstorm was great and shame on Epic not making a sequel.

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Sounds like People Can Fly is losing all it's personality as a studio. Hopefully these guys find their way into The Farm51 or Flying Wild Hog where they'd be appreciated instead of working on games where the members have to dumb down.

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Can't wait for this, perhaps a fresh beginning for Painkiller.

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Please join The Farm51 or Flying Wild Hog.

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Personally, I quite enjoyed the PoP movie, wasn't half bad, only problem is that it was such a good adaption, it left little originality in the storyline department and just turned out to be a retelling of 'Sands start to finish.

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Addition? I'm not even thinking addition, he should be in it as one of the main rosters FULLSTOP.

Just imagine Sir Dan and Kratos facing off.

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Worse, by far worse, in the case of CoD mp, someone came along with a hoover and sucked out all of the fun.

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Because Volition had too much on their plate and are better doing things such as Saints Row. Besides, Insane just sounded plain, rubbish.

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Jak 4
Doom 4
Quake 5
Armed and Dangerous 2
Psi-Ops 2
Powerstone 3
Rollcage 3
Medievil 3
Haven 2

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