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Wow. I admire the effort of all this done in Doom3's engine, but seriously, Darkplaces looks a lot, lot better, even in lighting. #1
Microsoft; Chucking another oxymoron your way. #4
Grasshopper remind people of what console games should be. #12
Nice. #1
How? MW3 ended the story perfectly. #24
Oh I love Dizzy. Never got around to completing any of them on Amiga as a kid, but a few weeks ago I finally got to the end Prince of the Yolkfolk using WinUAE emulator (and save states). #1
Seriously makes me wonder why they didn't just close Evolution, I've never once been wow'd by Motorstorm and I'm pretty sure Wipeout sold more.

Maybe Sony'll start doing something with all the IPs that they own since the Psygnosis buyout (except for Lemmings), but personally, the death of this studio is a nail in the coffin for what the Plsyatstion stands for and I am not at all happy with this overall decision. #7
Doom will NEVER die. #22
Ridiculous. #7
THE F**K?!?

Bad decision Sony, BAD decision. #8
"PROMPTLESS MINI-GAMES – Context-sensitive quick-time events are simplified, giving players more control and freedom over finishing moves and cinematic kills"

Wow, that's concerning. Do the finishing move QTEs really need to be simplified? #1
Agree on all counts with MikeCosgrove.

I'm a huge fan of the original Prey and removing Tommy, portals and shifting gravity is ripping out all the soul of Prey. Prey 2 was never a sequel. #1.2
Kind of glad, this brings opportunity for a real Prey 2 with more portals and simulated gravity.

But, odd thing is, it looks like people'll Have everything from the trailer in Prey 2, it's called Dishonoured. #10
Wait, Iron Sky getting a videogame? This is fantastic! I wonder what kind of game it'll be, I'm not a fan of RTS'es. #1
Ladybird books told me otherwise. #3
Rubbish, still waiting for a GTA with a female protagonist, just to see how things would be shaken up. #10
It's really odd how both of these games seem to continue the themes behind the original Syndicate game. Paranoia cyberpunk sandbox to become a new genre? #2
When Steam were holding the same sale, I noticed that Driver: San Fransico still had Ubi's DRM anyway. I've already got it planned to get this on Sunday, even if I have to be online all the time to play it anyway. Not making a habit of it though but one DRMs better than two. #1.1.2
PCF were fairly independent just publishing under Dreamcatcher before Epic took them up. I think the last thing they expected was to be made to develop spinoffs of IP they didn't create.

Personally I thought that Bulletstorm was great and shame on Epic not making a sequel. #3.1.1
Sounds like People Can Fly is losing all it's personality as a studio. Hopefully these guys find their way into The Farm51 or Flying Wild Hog where they'd be appreciated instead of working on games where the members have to dumb down. #4
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