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Palewing! :D #1
I'm actually amazed that Black Mesa got accepted, or even entered for that matter. I never even thought of free games being put on Greenlight. Hopefully a lot more F2P or freeware games get put onto Steam through Greenlight and generally make friend invites a lot easier in multiplayer modes. Just think if the developers used Steam Workshop, even easier to find user generated content. #1
YES! #6
Okay, but make sure it has a single player mode? #12
Necrovision is awesome, especially if you're a fan of the Painkiller series and made with most of the same key members of the first one. Never really considered it 'indie'.
Can't wait to play 'Lost Company.

Still, in a turn of fortune, Farm 51 are making Painkiller Hell and Damnation. #1
Loving this collection. "Just one more planet.", I say. "Whoops, just went through half the game."

Can't wait for Gladiator HD. #5
Bit disappointed with the lack of actual Painkiller weapon in the demo and the Soul Catcher really needs tweaking, it's like a unlimited charge Link Gun from the UT series. #1
Oh man, Inversion was a great one and a bit of an underrated game full of brilliant concepts. Seriously if you mean to play Inversion, DON'T read this article. #1
I love Ratchet, it's single handedly kept the days of Sony having many platform/action adventure exclusives. Personally I miss those days, that's what Sony was all about once. Great action adventure series and all were comically battling against each other. I never even had a chance to play Sly last generation because I was basically a Jak fanboy and discovered Ratchet very, very late last gen.

But Ratchet? Insomniac can make as many Ratchets as they want. I don't... #18
Never considered Far Cry 2 as a sequel, this on the other hand looks like a true follow up to the first one. #3
Bit of a shame really. I liked the Pixar/Team Fortress style they were going for when it was Overstrike. #2.1
That's nuts! Why didn't Sony publish their own sequel there?

Anyway, I'm holding out for a new Driver. San Fransisco was just amazing. Not sure how they'd pull off Shift again though. #6.2.2
Ape Escape wasn't Ubi... #6.2
Jak X has to be done. Totally essential to the series, if you ask me. #1.2.1
MDK really needs to come back and what a fine way of explaining it. Good comparison with the action of Halo. #10
Totally awesome, I was just thinking when more of this would be revealed since the Japanese teaser stuck at the end of the R&C Collection's trailer. #1
And this is why I love Playstation platformers. #9
Awesome! #2
That wouldn't be out of place in a game like Painkiller. #1
That HAS be be Overstrike. #3
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