(Im)patiently waiting for that English localisation of EDF 5

Cajun Chicken

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Freaked out elderly residents a many.

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That's interesting. I had no idea about that either. Better make sure I have 4GB left if not, anyone know if a partitioned section on a USB drive would work?

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This is perfectly possible if they find ways to replace models animated keyframes with multiple smears. If I'm honest, I've found that Frames Per Second don't really matter as you can't tell the difference unless you're in First Person Perspective in an FPS.

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I'm going to patiently wait to see what Shopto offer. I did go with Zavvi for the LE of GTAIV though.

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I still dig the bank box and the keyring, shame the zipper for the duffel bag is broken now.

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You know what would be insane? Truly an insane move? Duke Nukem crossover, items or character. Dares ya.

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Now this is an interesting one. I'm no expert but I don't think that the level was censored, but more like; edited.

Since the purchase of Id by Bethesda, I think that Bethesda bought every IP of Id's but Wolfenstein.
Sure, Wolf 3D was in Rage...or WAS it? Personally, I only saw a low textured blue and grey wall...hmm. Plus Activision published Wolfenstein developed by Raven more or less around the time of the Id buyout and when you add the fact that Wolfenst...

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Halo 1 for sure. Even played great when it came to Anniversary edition.

Followed by Halo 3, then Reach.

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I don't get how this series could be confusing. Except for the spinoffs which are more or less a midquel or a sequel. I guess God of War's story is confusing for some too.

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You're one hoopy frood.

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Not bad.

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Sorry, but MW ended with MW3. It had the perfect ending, tied up all loose ends of the trilogy and I really don't expect to see Price again.

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Excellent game. Loved ripping pipes off walls, the limited ammo. Raw brutality without making that it's focus, unlike Manhunt.

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Probably moves the Singstar app everyone's been complaining about. I've got to admit, it is kind of annoying the way when you boot up it's the first icon on the XMB.

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Still waiting for Dyad too.

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Gonna get myself HoTD 3&4 me thinks. Kind of expected Infamous Festival of Blood to be on sale for Halloween, oh well!

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Interesting, it's like Resistance meets Bulletstorm meets Borderlands. I'm intrigued.

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I'll get around to getting this, because the BreakQuest Mini port was pretty awesome.

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I don't see myself buying BFG edition for PC as I already have both Doom 3 games and sourceports available for Doom 1&2 are a lot better. TBH, I never really saw any reason why I would want to buy Doom 3 again for PC.

HOWEVER, the PS3 version of the game is the definitive console version of the series. Because of the slight adjustments revolving around the light being mounted and with limited rechargeable power ala Halo:CE, Doom 3 actually does go back more to it's t...

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